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  1. sa1937: I'm not too excited about this dr. I was checked in by the nurse that does the testing, and she said the best way to test for foods was to eliminate and then challenge them. Then the Dr. came in and said, "oh great, you want to be tested for food allergies? ok, which ones?" I mentioned I have Celiac, and am probably intolerant to soy and cumin, and his response is that "ok, so you're allergic to gluten, soy, and cumin." dry.gif The sheet about the testing I got said they will send out for blood tests for food, but that doesn't seem to make sense if they are asking me which ones to test for???? mad.gif

    I'll admit that I don't have a clue about allergy testing. Obviously the RAST test I had was not the right one. I'll be anxious to hear how everything turns out for you.

    Is the Dr. you're seeing an allergist?

  2. I got it I think at fred meyer and normally would look around, but yeah....4.79 made me croak. ohmy.gif

    I checked amazon, and nothing yet there. it is not at our safeway yet either. I did not see it at wal-mart either, but I don't go there very often.

    $4.79 would make me croak, too. lol I'm sure distribution of new products like this take time to roll out to the stores that stock General Mills products.

    I really had to search for it at Wal-Mart in Waynesboro, PA. It was buried on the very bottom shelf next to the reduced fat Bisquick. Just one row of the gluten free Bisquick and it was almost gone. Picture me practically on my hands and knees trying to reach it. tongue.gif They certainly didn't give it much shelf space.

  3. So, for $4.79 we got about 2 1/2 to 3 cups of mix ohmy.gif

    But, we got 10 biscuits out of it. it has around 5 recipes on the box for different items.

    We did biscuits, so used 2 cups of the mix unsure.gif and they turned out great. my other son who is not on a gluten-free diet (yet) devoured them and normally he turns his nose up to anything we make that is gluten-free after trying it. blink.gif Everyone enjoyed them!

    So, other than the price, they were a HUGE hit.

    Holy cow! That is expensive. Where did you buy it? I paid $3.84 at my local Wal-Mart (still expensive considering the inexpensive ingredients that are in it). I was surprised to see that it came in a tiny 16 oz. box. I guess I was expecting it to be a much larger box.

    Glad to hear the biscuits turned out well. I haven't made anything yet but am thinking of making pancakes tomorrow morning.

  4. I'm curious to know just what type of test(s) your allergist ordered?

    I'm still having problems and had a basic RAST test for food allergies (wheat, milk, soy, peanuts, etc) and everything came back negative. I just picked up the test results this week and notice it was for IgE allergies, which I suspect are "true" food allergies. I don't have an anaphylactic reaction or break out in hives, etc. from any of those basic foods. I am diagnosed as having celiac through a positive celiac blood panel followed by an EGD/biopsy (also positive).

    Were your tests for IgG allergies or intolerances? I'd really like to know what types of foods are setting me off but honestly don't know where to start (yes, an elmination diet was discussed) but if there's an easier way, I'd sure like to know about it. Maybe I should ask for a referral to an allergist...

    Looking forward to your responses.

  5. I think I'll skip it as I have enough problems as it is. We could probably make our own using Herb-Ox instant beef bouillon and dried instant minced onions. It's just so darn convenient to have the onion soup mix on hand, not that I use that much of it.

    I just noticed that it also contains soy (also true for the Herb-Ox chicken bouillon)...just what I need when I'm trying to figure out what my problems are. ph34r.gif

  6. I tried popcorn about a month after going gluten free and it did bother me. I figured there might just have been too much fiber for my tender tummy to handle.

    And I made my own...plain Orville Redenbacher's jarred popcorn popped in a Presto Power Pop in my microwave after which I added olive oil and salt. That was 3 months ago and I haven't tried it since. Popcorn used to be my favorite snack.

  7. Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but I don't think it requires eggs. When using a recipe whereby one bakes from scratch, and uses separate ingredients, one would possibly need eggs, flour, salt, sugar, baking powder, butter or shortening, etc.

    With the modern miracle that is Bisquick however, one needs only milk or water. Thus the "quick" in Bisquick.

    Now, as to whether there are eggs already IN Bisquick may be another question. One I don't know the answer to.

    best regards, lm

    This ain't your mama's Bisquick! In fact, it doesn't resemble the original Bisquick at all. Nor does it have any shortening in it. Every recipe on the box calls for eggs. The main ingredients are rice flour, sugar, leavening, modified potato starch, salt and xanthan gum.

    At $3.84 a box (Wal-Mart) I think it's rather expensive considering the cheap ingredients in it. I did buy some but have not tried it yet.

  8. I take NuFerm FermPlus capsules when I need a probiotic and it's never given me trouble. I do take a lower dose the first week because a while back I did have D from a full dose of a different probiotic.

    Is the one you're taking definitely gluten-free?

    I may have to switch to a lower dose for awhile. At least I'm home and don't have anywhere I absolutely need to go.

    Yes free everything...no yeast, wheat, corn, salt, binders, fillers or artificial ingredients. And the capsule dissolves in the intestines, not the stomach. The health food store owner knows I have celiac and is very knowledgeable about it.

  9. Tht happened to me when I took the 50! Try and get a lower dose for daily use. I was taking a theraputic amount when I first went Gluten Free in 2007. And over about 6 months I noticed my body really starting to heal! But just for daily use- see if you can find the 6 bil wink.gif


    Interesting! There were several different varieties from Renew Life. Since I have no plans for the next few days, for now I'll stick with it for a few more days and see what happens. I asked the health food store owner if I should expect any problems and she didn't think so. A lot of her customers take this product. I liked the idea of getting so many strains of bacteria in a capsule I could take just once a day.

    Maybe there's a little intestinal war going on in there...like little Pac-man characters fighting each other. tongue.gif Hopefully the good guys will win!!! lol

  10. I'm wondering how many of you who have a confirmed Celiac diagnosis that have also had a RAST allergy test that included wheat. I understand that Celiac is NOT an allergy, but I am wondering if a Celiac person would always test positive on a RAST for wheat or if a wheat reaction is a SECONDARY actual allergy? Does that make any sense?

    I'm curious because my Celiac son had tested positive on the RAST for wheat so I'm wondering if he really is allergic to it in addition to Celiac. Or if him being Celiac makes him predisposed to test positive? I realize a RAST test is not an accurate test, but it still has me curious...

    That would be me. I had a positive celiac blood panel followed by an EGD and positive biopsy that confirmed celiac.

    I just got the results of my basic RAST test yesterday (wheat, milk, eggs, etc.) that came up with no allergies in spite of my celiac diagnosis (the supposed "gold standard"). It was an IgE test so obviously was either not the right test or just a waste of Medicare dollars. So I'm just not sure what a RAST test is supposed to reveal unless someone would have an anaphylactic reaction to something like peanuts. Since celiac is an autoimmune disease, I don't know that it would show up anything on a RAST test. I'm guessing that someone could have an allergic reaction to wheat in addition to having celiac.

    Curious to read what other replies you get...

  11. The probiotics I use are called "Renew Life, Florasmart" I take 6 bil a day- I absolutely love the strains she uses in her probiotics. They are allergen free- dairy free. I pay 15.95 for a 30-day supply. You can get them @ Super Supplements.

    As far as enzymes- I eat fresh pineapples and papaya! cool.gif

    Good luck!!! smile.gif


    The probiotic I bought yesterday is "Renew Life, Ultimate Flora Critical Colon BifidoMAX", which includes 14 probiotic strains (80 billion). I've only taken two so far and noticed my D is worse today. Is this normal as the bacteria are working hard to rid my intestinal tract of bad bacteria? I figure I'll give it a shot for 30 days and hopefully it'll do something to get me back to normal. God only knows I have no idea what normal even means anymore!!!

    Would love to hear of others experiences as they started taking probiotics for the first time...

  12. Sa1937... I'm curious to know what you find out yourself from your testing. I myself have had a lactose intolerance for the past 10 years, and oddly enough, that progressed into a full-blown dairy allergy over the years. I don't know if that's just because my body got used to living dairy-free and then didn't know what to do when i ingested lactose free dairy products, but it certainly was a start to inhibiting my food intake. I always though that was a pain until a few weeks ago when going gluten-free. That's a tough combo when going out to restaurants. Here, in West Palm Beach, I'm finding that if I go to a restaurant, most servers look at me like I have two heads when I question whether or not a dish has dairy or gluten in it. You're spot on. It's a gigantic pain in the a$$.

    Well, that was a complete waste of Medicare dollars! The RAST test I had was for the basic foods (milk, wheat, eggs, shellfish, peanuts, etc.) and everything came back negative. Obviously it was not the right test, if there is such a thing, as it was for IgE allergies. I already know I have celiac as I was diagnosed with a positive celiac blood panel followed on April 9 by an EGD/intestinal biopsy (also positive).

    I do need to add Vitamin D3 and my Dr. suggested a probiotic, which I bought yesterday afternoon at my local health food store. It's a once-a-day capsule that contains 14 different bacteria and needs to be kept in the fridge. I'm hoping it works! In the meantime I plan to eliminate any prepared foods entirely and shop the outer rim of the grocery store. If that doesn't work, it'll be time to go on an elimination diet to see where that might lead. I'm hoping I don't have to go that route but I don't think I should be having daily D over 4 months into a gluten free diet. That really is my only problem except for a short time after going gluten free and then wham! It came back again as it does for so many of us.

    Let us know how you make out on any testing you might have...

  13. I believe, but am not certain, that autolyzed yeast process removes the offending protein, which is dangerous to those with Celiac, regardless of the source.

    I will research and post what I find.

    Thanks, Lisa! I'll look forward to reading what you find out. The word "barley" certainly sends up red flags for me.

    I also have an older unopened box of this soup mix and the ingredient list has definitely changed. At least Unilever is good about listing the ingredients. I bought the new box without even looking at the ingredients after a recent discussion on this list about regular Lipton onion soup still being safe (but not the Kosher). Regardless of any box or can, I always re-read the ingredient list of any product before I use it.

  14. What is a RAST test? Is this different than the skin scratch tests?

    Connie, It's a blood test rather than a scratch test. No clue whether it's any good or not.

    Anyone else on this forum have any input on this type of testing??? I know there was a thread about food allergy testing but, alas, my other computer crashed about a week ago and is now in for replacement of the hard drive...

  15. Will skin contact with things containing gluten cause reactions? I'm curious, because Matt has been dairy/soy free for 10 days now but is not getting better. Yesterday, about 10 hours after his bath he had worse diarrhea and he vomited. But there was a lot of white raised bumps all over his back and chest where the shampoo was. We use Aveeno, so that got me wondering.

    When I was browsing in Wally World yesterday, I saw Aveeno products and oats is listed on the front label (at least on the products I glanced at).

  16. I've successfully eaten gluten-free/CF at Outback twice now! The menu is great, the service has been great - I've been thoroughly impressed!!

    I have heard that the salads are all tossed in the same bowl, with croutons. So it's very difficult to order a salad and know that it's not CC. So, I have not ordered salads at Outback.

    I ordered a regular dinner salad (without croutons) with dressing on the side. That type of salad is not tossed in a bowl or if I had wanted the other kind, you can request that they use a clean bowl (per our waitress).

  17. gluten-free since the 3rd of July now... and still trying to debate whether or not I am feeling better. I understand that it has only been 2.5 weeks, but what I find odd is that within 2 days, my stomach was feeling considerably better, and then, after 5 days, it has gone back to where it was.

    Has anyone been here before? Felt better right away, and then started getting back into the original slump of it all? Could I be on the right track? Checking meds, all foods, liquid or solid....

    Thanks for reading, and hopefully telling me that I'm not losing my mind!


    Sean, if you're losing your mind, so am I. ph34r.gif I felt amazingly well within 3 days of going gluten free and then after a few more days, my symptoms started again. I've now been gluten free for slightly over 4 months. For me that means daily D. I've checked everything, including meds, replaced a bunch of kitchen stuff (including buying a new toaster), cleaned out my pantry, etc. and I can't put a figure on what my problem is. It's very frustrating.

    I have a Dr. appt. this afternoon and will find out the results of some blood tests and a RAST test checking for basic food intolerances. No clue what will become of that but feel I'll probably have more questions than answers, which will probably lead to more testing. At least it's a starting point. This disease is a total pain in the a$$!

  18. It is a Betty Crocker product. I found it last week at Wal-Mart in Waynesboro, PA. I really had to search for it as it was buried on the bottom shelf next to the reduced fat Bisquick. Very minimal shelf space was devoted to it and it was almost sold out. A 16 oz. box was $3.84, which seems rather expensive considering the inexpensive ingredients. It is made in Canada in a gluten-free facility.

    Neither this Wal-Mart or the one in Chambersburg, PA have much of anything marked gluten free so I was happy to be able to find it there. I never used that much Bisquick in the past but I'm anxious to try the gluten free version now that my choices are so much more limited after going gluten free.

  19. Has anyone tried ordering from the Gluten-Free menu at any of the Outback Steakhouse restaurants? It is the only restaurant menu I've ever seen where you can custom order virtually most of the items on the regular menu based on a written recommendation by the restaurant on what to avoid for a Gluten-Free meal. Go to http://www.outback.com/menu/ and download the menu. I wish more restaurants offered this type of service, and I won't be surprised if more do it in the very near future.

    They do have a very nice gluten free menu and seem very knowledgeable.

    My son and DIL took me to our local Outback for my recent birthday and I did have problems afterwards...this was the first time I've eaten out since going gluten free on April 9. Not sure I can blame Outback as I'm sure I ate more than normal, I got ranch dressing on the side for my salad (didn't realize they added shredded cheese...I should have asked more questions) or I possibly got glutened. I also had a rib eye steak and garlic mashed potatoes, all from the gluten free menu. The meal was delicious and the restaurant is always crazy busy even though we had a very early dinner.

    So who knows what happened. I've been trying to avoid dairy, which obviously didn't happen with my menu choices. I have a dr. appt. tomorrow afternoon and will find out the results of the basic RAST test for food intolerances (not sure how accurate they are but it's a starting point as I still have daily issues). Maybe it's just too early in the healing process to consider eating out.