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  1. I just got back from the gastroenterologist and am a bit confused. Before going gluten-free, my antibody levels were 53 when normal is 2 - 5 and anything above 18 is celiac. Needless to say I was a strong positive! About 6 weeks after going gluten-free I went for a second blood test and have finally gone for a follow up to get the results. My levels are the exact same! I am pretty sure I am completely gluten-free with my diet, because when I have been cc'd or glutneated boy do I know it! Are there any other reasons my antibody levels are the same? The doctor said I may have a very very sensitive immune system and that this level may be a plateau for me. Is this dangerous for my health? Any other explanations? I am a bit concerned right now and would love some feedback.

    I'm questioning the short length of time you've been gluten free to be already testing for antibodies and expecting them to drop if you had significant damage at diagnosis. That being said, I really don't know what is recommended although my gastro suggested being retested in 6 months to a year.

    I'm interested to see what others have to say about this, too...I've only been gluten free since April 9 and have not yet been retested.

  2. I've been reading how CC is an issue when bbq'ing. When i've been bbq'ing this summer, i've been making sure to scrape the grill off really well before putting my meat on the bbq, than make sure nothing else is touching my meat and make sure no bread is around it. I also use my own flipper for my meat. Is that still not good enough? How can I be sure the bbq is clean w/out wrapping my meat up?? I always get bloated w/in minutes of being glutened, but haven't had any problems with bbq's yet so I'm confused! thx in advance!!!

    If you're not being glutened, you're probably doing something right! biggrin.gif

    Some people do use oven cleaner on the grates of the grill to get them clean (not to be used on the other parts of the grill though)

  3. I have to agree with ravenwoodglass. This forum is the best place to learn about this disease. I've learned more here than anywhere else. Just ask a question and someone will respond who has already been there, done that.

    Recently I subscribed to Living Without. Just got my second issue. Well worth the money and they have a lot of info and recipes on their website, too. I got an introductory rate of $19.95 for a year (don't recall if it was from their website or Facebook).

  4. I had one recently and it was called a RAST test. I asked if it was the same or similar to the ELISA and the doc said yes. Doc took 5 vials of blood and is testing about 80 foods. Haven't gotten the results yet. I've been on a low fructose diet in addition to being gluten, dairy and soy free. I hope the results don't come back with too many positives because the list of foods I can eat is already shrinking.

    Thanks, Kayo! I'll ask my Dr. about the RAST test although I doubt I'll get anywhere. Will be anxious to hear the results of your test...hope it doesn't show up too much.

    I am going to ask him for a blood test to check for malabsorption since I've had D every day except for a few short days following my EGD on April 9. Well, that is, except today. No D. It's like taking in my car that makes a strange noise or problem, except when I pull into the auto repair shop and it does nothing. lol blink.gif

    I figure I'm lactose intolerant and have been buying Lactaid milk. Lactaid tablets do nothing for me if I eat dairy. I did have butter yesterday although it's probably low-lactose to begin with compared to milk, cheese, ice cream or other dairy products. Such a puzzle! I didn't realize I'd miss cheese so much!

    Maybe I'll have to just make a big pot of chicken-rice soup and eat it for a week straight and then start reintroducing foods one by one to see if I can pinpoint what's bothering me.

  5. I have everything except the flax seed meal. Would cost a little over $30 with shipping. Sound good? Oh I can grind flax seeds into meal with a coffee grinder. Add + brown flax seed for 2.79. Now I just need another coffee grinder to grind the seeds, unless there is an easier way.

    I think their prices are excellent. I finally got my order yesterday but haven't had a chance to play around with RiceGuy's recipe yet. Before ordering I did check my small local health food store but they didn't have the items I wanted except for the guar gum, which was $4.99 for 2 oz. Compare that to $2.05 for 8 oz. from Barry Farm which will last a long while.

    I also have a local Mennonite store not too far from here. They do have some pre-packaged bulk-type items pretty cheap and also carry Bob's Red Mill flours, which are much higher priced than Barry Farms flours. I also have a store that carries some Asian foods (ownership recently changed). They were at market the day I stopped in so I'm not sure what all they do have but got white rice flour as well as glutinous (sweet) rice flour dirt cheap.

    Would a blender work to grind flax seeds? I've never tried it for that.

    I'm also looking for a gluten-free bread that tastes good. I may have to try Roben Ryberg's recipe

  6. I have a doctor's appt. tomorrow afternoon and would like your suggestions. I know I must have other food intolerances since I am still having D every day (mostly a.m.) even though I've been gluten free for 3 months. As far as I know, I am very compliant with the diet and except for being tired and having D, I actually feel pretty good (I know it's still early in the game and don't expect complete recovery over night).

    My Dr. isn't familiar with any blood tests to check for food intolerances...I'm sure I've read here that there is an ELISA test of some sort and would like to get my hands on some info I could print out and show him. He is a D.O., which is to my advantage and following my positive celiac blood panel, he told me I had celiac in Jan. at which point I asked for a referral to a GI doc and had an EGD/biopsy in April (also positive).

    Thanks in advance! I know this is a great place to come for info. biggrin.gif

  7. You know, that may work great for you, although 'not believing in this cross contamination business' has gotten a whole lot of people on this website quite sick. It's pretty easy to know you've been glutened when you get a rash that only comes from gluten, and 'this utensil business' has certainly gotten my gluten-caused dermatitis herpetiformis to flare up more than once.

    I do believe in cross contamination. I don't have DH but have had enough digestive problems. My feeling is "better safe than sorry". I've lived alone since my husband died in 1999 so can control what's in my kitchen. My dog gets MilkBone and I make sure I wash my hands well after I give her treats at night. I've replaced a lot of things...not everything is very expensive either like cutting boards, plastic containers, etc. I got rid of a lot of Tupperware as I knew 1960's Tupperware mixing bowls would never get clean. A friend thought I had totally gone off the deep end when I bought a new toaster..."just shake the crumbs out". DUH! ph34r.gif

  8. I use them all. Love the chocolate chip cookies. I usually mix the dough and let it sit for 10 minutes before cooking it. Seems to be not so dry that way.

    Hawaiian Cake:Using the yellow cake I have mixed it with drained canned pineapple, coconut and pecans. Frosted it with whipped cream sprinkled with coconut.

    Cherry Surprise: using yellow cake mix have dropped spoons of canned cherry pie filling over the mix before cooking. Then dusted it with powered sugar when cool.

    Black Forest Cake. Same as the cherry surprise but with the chocolate cake mix and no powered sugar.

    Mississippi Mud Cake: Using the brownie mix I have added coconut and pecans. Then I frosted it with marshmallow fluff as soon as it was taken out of the oven. Once cooled I frosted it with chocolate frosting.

    I've only tried the brownie mix and added extra mini chocolate chips...very yummy! My non gluten free son and daughter-in-law would never have guessed it was gluten free.

    Do you use a whole can of cherry pie filling for these two cakes?

    There was also a recipe posted (I think on this forum) adding instant pudding mix and a couple of other things to a cake mix to make it moist (I think the recipe was for cupcakes)

    The Live Gluten Freely website has a a lot of recipes that sound good...you can also sign up for their newsletter: http://www.liveglute...om/default.aspx

  9. I'm so glad to see the experimentation going on with this bread. I ordered my flours, etc. a week ago today and Barry Farm just shipped it today (priority mail) so hopefully I get it this weekend so I can play around with it. I'll definitely experiment with the 1/2 cup size. I only ordered a lb. of each.

    If you can tolerate dairy, would it work to lightly brush the top of the bun with butter prior to letting it rise to get a browner crust?

    Also, have you ever tried adding sunflower and flax seeds to the bun before baking (maybe a tsp. of each)? I'm thinking of a bread I bought made by The Grainless Baker that I really like and I think it's because of the addition of seeds. Of course, it was frozen since I live in Small Town, USA.

  10. Celiac is genetic, and the single highest risk factor for it is a first degree relative (parent, sibling, or child) with celiac. I can't put a number on it for you but maybe someone else has run across them. Allergies seem to be genetic as well, and they also seem to be on the rise.

    From the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, 1 in 22 is the risk factor for first degree relatives and 1 in 39 for second degree relatives. http://www.uchospita.../uch_007937.pdf

    I'm convinced my daughter also has it but she needs to do a gluten challenge, which is not going to be easy as she generally eats gluten free already. Also difficult that she's in grad school taking a class this summer.

    My Dr. was ready to put me on a gluten free diet following my positive celiac panel in Dec. but I asked for a referral to a GI doc and had a EGD/biopsy on April 9, which was positive for celiac. I was afraid if I didn't get official results, she wouldn't take it seriously. I asked her the other day if she felt she needed an "official" diagnosis to take the diet seriously and she indicated that she did. Egads, now to get her tested and have a positive result!!! It's scary to think that she might have terrible consequences down the road if she doesn't go 100% gluten free. (She's also hypo-thyroid).

  11. Has anyone seen the Gluten free Hamburger helpers in stores yet? I'm crossing my fingers and hoping the stores don't pull one on us and mark them up, just for having the words "gluten free" on them....

    I bought the gluten free Asian Chicken Helper a couple of weeks ago at Wal-Mart and on Weds. they had the gluten free Asian Beef Helper (both are fried rice) and both were priced at $1.50 each. You do have to provide the meat and two eggs. I'm sure I could do it from scratch just as easily. I haven't yet tried the one I bought.

    No gluten free Bisquick yet and I keep watching for it...it's supposed to be out sometime this summer.