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  1. If it would put your mind at ease and if you feel you can afford it, I'd buy an inexpensive set of nonstick cookware to use for gluten free foods. Have you replaced or have duplicates of any other things that might create a problem for your son? (wooden spoons, toaster, separate condiments, etc.)

    I am getting rid of a mish-mash of old stuff (i.e., ancient) and am going to do a complete gluten free kitchen. Much easier for me since I live alone and then I don't have to worry about cross contamination. That's my project for this next week after just having my endo/biopsy on Fri.

  2. Bev, I just had my endoscopy/biopsy on Fri. My GI doc diagnosed me with gastritis and duodenitis by visual examination. I need to wait 3 weeks for a follow-up appt. as he will be out of town for two weeks so I won't know the biopsy results until then, even through they'll be available in a week.

    He did tell me to go gluten free until then. So here I am wondering where I stand. I do not have stomach pain, acid reflux or anything like that so the gastritis/duodenitis was a complete surprise to me.

    So I don't know if I will be diagnosed with celiac or not. Nor do I know how long it will take to see if the gluten free diet will make a difference or if 3 weeks is long enough to see any results. I had a very positive celiac panel in Dec., which pretty well tells me I do have celiac regardless of biopsy results. It just seems to take so long while waiting for a referral to a GI doc and then scheduling the endoscopy. A colonoscopy is definitely in my future. I just want to get rid of the Big D.

    I'm so glad everything went well for you!!! biggrin.gif

  3. Speaking of Betty Crocker gluten free brownies...I made some for lunch yesterday and added extra chocolate chips and a small pack of pecan chips and my son and daughter-in-law loved them. They do not have celiac and could not tell they were gluten free.

    I haven't tasted them yet as I made them for lunch yesterday after we got home from my having an endo/biopsy. Didn't think I should push it by having chocolate so I'll try them today.

  4. I tried something similar to this called German Pancakes. I did use Bob's Red Mill gluten free AP flour for it (no xanthan gum needed).


    Very simple recipe and the only change I'd make is to add a dash or two of salt. I dumped all the ingredients in my blender and blended for a very short period of time. I see no reason the recipe wouldn't easily double to make in a 9 x 13" glass baking dish.

    The success of this dish is dependent on melting the butter in the baking dish in the oven and then pouring the batter in the hot baking dish. Don't open the oven door and peak until it's done! Now I need to find a recipe for gluten free popovers (very similiar type of batter)

    Back in the 70's a friend gave me a recipe called "Hootenanys"...basically the same type of puffed pancake recipe and my kids loved it...I think they still make it today.

  5. Today I found an incredibly good loaf of bread (frozen) at my local health food store in Greencastle, PA. It's made by The Grainless Baker and is called Flax Seed Bread. It was expensive at $7.99 a loaf but it is sooo good. I toasted a piece when I got home and just slathered butter on it. Yummy! http://thegrainlessbaker.com

    I figured worse case scenario that I would make bread crumbs out of it if I found it to be inedible. It's possible that Martin's/Giant may carry it as they have a lot of gluten-free products and the company is located in PA. I don't eat a lot of bread but sometimes I just want it. I love whole grain breads and didn't want the plain ol' sandwich breads.

  6. Does your MIL have any health issues? If I ate out five nights a week, I'm sure I'd have a lot of health problems and probably weigh a ton! She should be grateful that you make her son happy, not to mention well-fed with healthy meals at home.

    There's no excuse for her behavior and the woman obviously has many problems that have nothing to do with you.

    Remember ... What goes around, comes around!!!

  7. I need to go through all my misc. plasticware, too...have lots of odds and ends. Lately I've been picking up a lot of new ZipLoc containers in various sizes. I love how they stack in the freezer for soup, rice, pasta sauces, etc. The small ones are just the right size for spaghetti sauce by filling them about 3/4 full to allow room for expansion when frozen. Hopefully by getting rid of a lot of old stuff, it'll free up room in my cabinets for some of the newer and bulkier things I've been buying lately. I need to freeze things in single serving sizes for just me...nice when I don't feel like cooking.

    Oh, I need to clean my microwave, too.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your glutening...I'm not yet gluten free but this will definitely be a concern for me as I so want to feel better. My advantage is that I live alone and can do an entire gluten free kitchen. I've had a blast buying some new things as some of mine are pretty ancient.

    Is there any way that your husband will go completely gluten free so the entire family will be? It would make it so much easier. Do you have to cook separate meals or will he eat the gluten free pasta, etc. so you don't have to worry about it. Also what about condiments - peanut butter, jelly, mustard, mayo, butter, etc? Do you have your own or isn't that an issue?

    Dr. Peter Green mentions in his book, Celiac Disease, a Hidden Epidemic that he is a strong believer in soap and water - "they may be the cheapest part of the gluten free diet". I highly recommend his book. I plan to give my kitchen a good scrubbing plus clean my oven and have replaced my colander, toaster, cutting boards, strainer, wooden spoons, bought some new non-stick cookware, etc., much as you have done already. I will also go through my entire pantry and donate any items that aren't "safe".

    I am not going to replace my crock pots...they are in excellent condition (ceramic/pottery inserts) and are already clean and are not damaged in any way. Same goes for my CorningWare/Pyrex. My Calphalon hard anodized aluminum will be given a good scrubbing with a ScotchBrite pad and Comet cleanser (they're not nonstick and I have no intention of getting rid of hundreds of dollars worth of perfectly good cookware). I'm not concerned about my silverware as it is already clean.

    I'm also concerned about the possiblity of cross contamination and that my sensitivies will get worse as time goes on.

  9. Some people just don't get it and they probably never will!!! Not everything in life is black and white...the older I get, the more I see a lot of gray. And since I'm not yet gluten free (I can't wait to feel better, especially to get rid of the Big D). I have no idea how sensitive I'll be or possibly become once I get this poison out of my body. Or if I'll have other food intolerances that I don't even yet know about.

    She also doesn't understand why I won't ever eat at Cracker Barrel. I have a lot of educating to do...most of my friends aren't so opinionated on subjects they really know nothing about.

    Nor do I give a rat's arse as to what people think! biggrin.gif

  10. I have already bought a number of things prior to my going gluten free next Fri., April 9 (following endo/biopsy), including my Tupperware colander plus a well-worn set of Tupperware mixing bowls, which I can't believe I'd ever get clean after using them since the 1960's. Also bought a new toaster a couple of days ago. I have a friend who thinks I've completely gone off the deep end. It's my health...not hers. So her opinions don't mean anything to me. ph34r.gif

    I may very well be paranoid right away as I turn to this new lifestyle. She also thinks cross contamination is a big joke. Oh well, who cares!!!

  11. My dog is on Nutro Lite Lamb & Rice (dry dog food) with rice being the only grain. So no problems there. My vet had me switch to that following her chronic ear infections, which he attributed to beef.

    For treats she gets MilkBone so I'm going to have to be careful about washing my hands after giving those to her (after I go gluten free on April 9)

  12. Jason, I think I'm safe to say that everyone on here is rooting for you!!! smile.gif I do hope you get to the bottom of your problems and consistently get to feel better every single day. I can so relate to ignorant people. I just told friends this week (we get together once every week and that involves food) that I am going to do a totally gluten free kitchen (I live alone so why not!) and that I need to buy a bunch of new things including a new toaster...mine works fine but is from the mid-90's...but there is no way I could get the gluteny crumbs out of it. One especially vocal friend thinks I've gone completely off the deep end. Like just open the thingy and shake the crumbs out. Hellooooooo!!! Never mind that she is 5"2" and weighs 190, just had a mastectomy and is about to undergo radiation plus she's on oxygen all the time including a sleep machine at night (the lung problem is something she's had since birth but it certainly isn't doing her any good to carry around that 50-lb. bag of cement ever day). She admits she is obese and lives to eat so please understand I'm not knocking people who are overweight. She also thinks I have a negative attitude and that cross contamination is a joke...in reality I just want to feel better. Another friend said that she heard I was going on that "nasty" diet. I corrected her and said that I will be eating pure wholesome food...something that we should all be doing all the time. So nothing nasty about it. Oh boy! I have my work cut out for me to educate my friends that Celiac isn't the end of the world and that I need to do this to get healthy again. I'm sure none of them have gone to the bathroom 4 or 5 times by 9 a.m. this morning. Right now I'm still consuming gluten waiting for my endo/biopsy on April 9 after having a very positive celiac panel done in mid-Dec. and I'm worse today than I was then. No matter what the results of the endo/biopsy, I'm going gluten free.

  13. This is so good to know! My daughter told me that Stapleton is just a stone's throw from where they live. Hopefully I'll be able to get to Denver this summer...but first I need to get to the point where I don't need to be three seconds away from a bathroom!!!

    Do you have any other good recommendations for gluten free dining in Denver? How fortunate you are to live in a large city with so many options!

  14. I'm glad to hear good feedback on Elizabeth Barbone's Easy Gluten-Free Baking. I picked up this book on a whim as I needed to add something to my order to get free shipping.

    She has a whole section at the end entitled "Tastes Like" that includes some very popular items like graham crackers, ginger snaps, Thin Mint GS Cookies, Oreos, Twinkies, vanilla wafers, saltines plus lots more. I haven't tried anything as I'm not yet gluten free but am looking forward to using the recipes from her book.

    Have you tried any of her yeast bread recipes?

  15. Thanks for your replies! I have to say that I'm not normally into attending these party plans with their assortments of grossly overpriced items. I haven't yet made a decision if I'll attend as I canceled a dental appt. today because I felt like crap (literally!)

    Once I go gluten free, I'm sure I'll be cooking pretty simple things and shopping the outer rims of grocery stores for fresh veggies, fruit and meats.

  16. I've been invited to a Tastefully Simple party Fri. evening at one of my neighbors. Do you know if they have any products that are gluten free?

    This is from their website:

    Q. Do Tastefully Simple products contain gluten?

    A. A number of Tastefully Simple products contain gluten. The best source of ingredient information is always the product label. We recommend that you check the label on each product to determine whether our scrumptious, easy-to-prepare products are the best fit for your particular needs.

    Now that doesn't tell me a helluva lot. While I am not yet gluten free (waiting enco/biopsy on April 9 after which I am going gluten free), I certainly don't want to purchase anything that I may not be able to have.

    Any input you have would be appreciated...

  17. kareng, I bought new pots and pans today, too! biggrin.gif I have a very good (read: expensive) set of Calphalon, but I wanted to get some new nonstick. They didn't cost me an arm and a leg as I don't believe investing that much on nonstick as it seems I've bought quite a bit of it over the years only to have it get scratched, etc.

    I've also gotten some new small cakepans as I figure I deserve it (I know this dates me but my old ones are 50 years old...lol) I've also gotten a new acrylic cutting board. Still need to get a new toaster, strainers and colander plus a few other things I haven't thought of yet.

    Right now I'm still consuming gluten but plan to go gluten free after my endoscopy on April 9 so I still have time. I won't use my new things until after that.