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  1. Hey! I think it would be a good idea to sit down and have a heart to heart with your parents. Are they aware that you are experiencing this level of anxiety? I think that would be a good place to start. Secondly, do you have a good family doctor? I would recommend you go and have a chat with him/her to discuss your concerns and work out a way to help with your anxiety. I agree with GFinDC, it could be something as 'simple' (I use that term lightly!) as experiencing stress from trying to control your environment from Gluten. Or there could be another issue that your GP could help to address.
  2. Thanks for your reply! My blood test was: Gliadin Iga Abs: Results 2 (range 0 - 20) tTG IgA/IgG: Results 2 (range 0 - 20) Then I am heterozygous for the DRB1*07-DQA1*02-DQB1*02 haplotype. My signature (which said 95% gluten & dairy free) is very old. I just deleted it Either way, I think I have learnt the lesson that my body prefers not to be glutened! It's just hard to figure out. If I went on a diet and eliminated .... oranges, would I throw it up if I ate one two weeks later? I know that's a over generalization and that gluten is a much different ... beast ... to an orange .. it's just confusing!
  3. Hello! So, I have DQ2 although have not tested positive to celiac testing. Original investigations were due to atypical neurological symptoms that had no logical cause. My doctor has advised me to be gluten free. I have been gluten free in the past and oddly, my symptoms improved greatly! And then I began to cheat I have not ever had typical gastro type issues with gluten. Due to infertility issues I have decided to go gluten free again. I have been gluten free for two weeks. Last night I decided to cheat, a lot ... I had some 'party food' mini sausage roll and piece of fairy bread. Four hours later I threw it up. The people who also are the same food stayed at my house and they were not sick. I never throw up. I don't even know when I last threw up! My question is; does this or does it not confirm a sensativity? I have been told it may not, as anyone who cuts out gluten could expect a reaction either way. I'm just confused, that is an extreme reaction for me personally. Thanks! Bec
  4. Oh my .. I read your reply last night although I was too upset to answer. Your story, is almost exactly my story. It really upsets me to think that you have gone through this as well. But - I am so amazed and over the moon to hear from you! I totally understand what you are saying about living in your head. Everything is so inward, and scary - that everything that is external is just to much to even consider. How old were you when it all started? I was about 17 (am now 28) when I had my first full time job out of school. Similar to you, it started slowly. I remember one day trying to walk to my office. It was about a 3 minute walk from the train station. I couldn't even make the walk. Everything was just to bizarre, weird, scary, horrific, horrible. I was told for about 5 or 6 years that it was just panic attacks. I went to shrinks, followed instructions - did everything they said but it never got rid of it. About 4 years ago I decided enough was enough and similar to you, I did ALL the EEG's, a 20 minute one, a 6 hour video one and I did a 5 day ambulatory one (I looked like a freak with the head bandage and wires running down my back!!) as, we thought it was temporal lobe epilespy .. the exact same thing as you, partial seizures. Everyone thought I was nuts as I was SOOO excited to have a name for it. I knew there was something wrong - at the point I just didn't care what it was. If it had a name, it could be treated. But all neuro investigations came up normal. Have you ever had panic attacks or any other type of 'attack' on top of it? I don't know what they are but I get these 'attacks' which as exactly like a temporal lobe seizure. Or it might be a panic attack. I'm still not sure about those - neither are the Dr's. I kinda begin to imagine how incredibly hard it must have been for you with two little ones to look after with all of this. I could hardly look after myself, yet a baby or two! You must be one tough cookie!!! Due to the whole muck around and empty promises from Dr's, and going untreated for so long - literally believing my life was over .. I have some pretty firm emotional responses to things. I had an awful week this week. I was wondering if I was pregnant and really excited. Then I got this really bad tummy bug (which I didnt know if it was a tummy bug or not), then I started wondering if it was morning sickness, and started freaking out that I was pregnant and thinking 'if this is morning sickness .. im not going to cope'. And I flipped out! I got super super bad anxiety but not with any of the Derealization symptoms. Although, apparently quitting smoking (cold turkey!), going off meds and getting a really bad stomach bug in all of two days will make you loopy! haha! I am lucky, in Australia we have a really good mental health community services - so the crisis team came out and spoke to me last week, and I went to a lady from there yesterday - so I am feeling much better now and my head has shut up! Back to work tomorrow! That was a really weird episode for me. It just jumped out of now where, but it seemed more emotional than if it was the migraines. But I went straight back on my meds and started smoking again. haha! Hmmm .. I think slow and steady wins the race. I think I was trying to do it all to quickly! Ive been on my gluten, wheat and dairy free diet since early Jan - and besides my little freak out this week, I have also never felt better! I am eating lots of raw foods, and lots of green vegis and fruit. I have the DQ2 gene but we haven't bothered doing the whole range of biopsys. I feel good, that's all that matters! I was also wondering; how did your family and husband kinda react to what you were going through before you started to get help? Even though I have a wonderful family .. they had no idea what was going on except for what the Dr's said which was 'there is nothing wrong' which caused huge arguments. This sounds so spastic, and I never write this on forums - but I am sending you HEAPS of love! tee hee hee.
  5. Luckily, my meds have a really short half life. So they are totally out of my system within 48 hours.
  6. Oh .. my ... gosh ... I have never ever found anyone with these problems! Where to start! All my problems started when I was about 17 years old (Im now 28). Long story short, I started feeling very strange things - that terrified me. I was told for many years that I had 'emotional problems' and that it was anxiety and panic attacks. I was young and naive - and went to a shrink regularly .. nothing ever helped. It tended to dip very badly, and then spontaneously vanish over periods of time. It got really bad about three times over the years, I couldn't work, function, socialise, I lost the majority of my friends. Even just watching TV was scary. As I got a bit older, I decided enough was enough as I had no quality of life. Neurologists ran tests, were no help - told me over and over that I had emotional problems. It was horrific. One Dr finally just decided to try me on Sandomigran (pizotifen) .. which I don't think is available in the US. Within two weeks I was a new girl. It was amazing. So ... its a migraine variant, or silent migraine as you say. Technically, prolonged aura (derealization) without infraction. So now that we want to have a baby I can't be on the meds. I tried to go off the meds just after Xmas and it was awful to say the least. Everything came back within days. So my GP/Dr put me on a Gluten, Dairy and Wheat free diet and did some genetic testing. I came back with the gene! I have been on the diet now since Jan, AND - IM OFF MY MEDS! I have to eat a lot of fruit and green leafy vegis, which was a hard transition but I love it now. So my symptoms were .. I would always generally have the derealization just .. there. Sometimes I would get these attacks on top off it ... it would feel like someone was pushing my head down, I would get heat at the bottom of my feet that would rush up my legs, my skin would feel dirty and grimy, I would get a quick ringing in my ear/s .. and some other stuff which I can't really explain. These attacks would peak and drop off in about 5 - 10 seconds. They would kinda leave me in shock and terrified, my muscles would just twitch after. Like, I was seriously just about to die. Due to the nature of them, Temporal Lobe Epilepsy was investigated but not likely. My Neuro still isn't 100% sure of what it all is exactly, but due to the meds response - migraine it is, to some extent. Although my Neuro agrees, there is nothing about my condition which is 'typical'. I would love to hear your story. I find it strangely exciting to hear from you!
  7. Hi! Thanks for that. I tend to agree, it sounds logical in a semi medical non-discript way! Im going to check out that website now. Thanks!!
  8. I was just wondering if there are any articles or study's on the internet about B12 creating a false positive, so I could send it to my Dr? I can't seem to find anything. I have googled!
  9. Hi! The headaches are only new to me. Even though my main possible symptom is technically 'migraine', I never get a headache with it at all. Its just neurological symptoms. The headache I get now, which I think it a result of gluten feels like my head is in a vice. And I get pain behind my eyes. And then I will get mini thunder clap pains on either side. Narziss, congrats on your diet. Feels strange saying congrats, but its such a triumph to persevere and reach such a wonderful result!
  10. Hey! This might be a long shot, but here is my suggestion ... If your craving cheese it might be the calcium that you are after. In dairy products, there needs to be equal amounts of magnesium to be able to absorb the calcium. But, in milk and cheese there isn;t enough magnesium so you don't really get the full benefits of the calcium! The best source for mag and calcium is dark, green leafy veges. Why don't you try making up a raw 'smoothie' with some dark green leafy veges and some frozen berries to cover up the green taste. Side note: I have these daily and my body it totally addicted to them.
  11. Hi! Thanks for your reply! But would it be that way with anyone who just decided to go off Gluten for any reason? Or might it be a bit more of a hint as to being Celiac or Gluten Sensitive?
  12. Hi Gals, So ... my husband and I are now keen for a baby. Thing is, I get these neurological issues (prolonged aura, 'derealization') which my Dr is trying to treat as I can't be on the meds if I want to be pregnant. And, past attempts to get off my meds have been horrible. Its been going on for about 12 years. Its been pretty bad. To the point I cant work or go out ... its pretty scary. My Dr took me off gluten, wheat and dairy about 7 weeks ago and we found I have DQ2. So I am starting to feel kinda good! We figure, I am going to start weening off my meds (as of last night) and maybe have our first 'go' at baby creation next week. tee hee hee. Im so scared though. I just want a baby. As I am 28 I think, almost every female I know is either pregnant or having a baby. It literally reduces me to tears. I just wish this could be the one thing that really goes right in my life. But I just know it's not. In the pit of my belly I have this really horrible feeling we just wont be able to get pregnant, or I wont be able to get off my meds. I was just wondering if anyone had any problems conceiving or had any insight, or would like to share thier experiences? Im not comfirmed Celiac but it is a definate possibility.
  13. Hi, I know this thread is for Mums with Celiac kids, but I was wondering if there were any pending Mums to be who have gluten and / or Celiac? I am desperate for our first baby. For years I have had neurological problems which we narrowed down to some sort of migraine, but not actually a migraine (prolonged aura / derealization). Although I can't be pregnant on my abortive migraine meds. So my Dr started looking for a cause about 7 weeks ago and put me on a wheat, gluten and dairy free diet. Since then, we have found I have the gene .. and I have been doing quite well. I am starting to taper of my medication now. Fingers crossed! Anyhoo .. so I was wondering if there is anyone else out there wanting to have a baby and dealing with gluten problems at the same time.
  14. Hi Everyone, I just had a quick question. I have been dairy, wheat and gluten free for 6 weeks now. I have the gene, but unsure if I am sensitive or not as my possible symptoms aren't typical (migraine aura / derealization). Yesterday was a hard day diet wise as I was at my god daughters birthday party almost all day and I didn't really think ahead with my diet planning. I had a cup of tea with milk, a bread roll with a sausage, and a tiny little cup cake. By last night I had a really bad pressure headache to the point I took pain killers. And today my bowel movements aren't good. I have never experienced anything that I would call typical celiac or gluten reactions. So I was wondering if this could possible be a reaction. And could it just be a 'new' reaction as my body is no longer used to eating this or could it just a more pronounced relation as I am no gluten free ? Does that make sense? ha! Thanks!
  15. Thanks so much for your reply. Do you think I might be on the right track? If you both tend to think so, I think I might begin to feel a bit positive about the whole thing. I remembered a full blood count that I had a few years ago. The total of bloods, that indicate strange counts are as follows: Magnesium (super super low in urine collection) I take supplements for mag. Creatinine (pretty low in urine collection) Calicum - High in blood Albumin - High in blood Bicarbonate - Low in blood My iron has always been low - I take supplements And B12 has been low - I take supplements. Sodium and Potassium were each 1 mmol/L within the low range. Does this tell any story?? Or can most people be like this? Is there any point in trying to understand the genes I have? Will it give any clearer indication in any way? Or should I just be happy with the limited knowledge I have, yes - there is something there .. and that is that. I can't find any information that I can actually understand on the internet.
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