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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. What irritates me about this scenario is that people who say they have celiac disease and then eat gluten make the people who REALLY have celiac disease and have to be a MILLION percent complaint seem like worry warts and obsessive. I don't care if that's what I look like, but it's hard not to call them out! My daughter sent me a cartoon from The New Yorker... two women having lunch and talking about another friend... "Oh, she thinks she's SO cool cause she has REAL celiac disease." Ha ha ha!!
  2. My rule is that if I don't make it, I won't eat it. I take all of my own food to work and won't even use cooking stuff there. I have two friends I trust to cook for me... real foodies who totally get gluten-free.
  3. I've been happily buying Jimmy John's "Unwiches" for several months now. The folks were incredibly nice when I asked the sandwich makers to change gloves. Now I always say, "I'm the one who always asks that the servers change their gloves," and they ask, "Oh, you're allergic to wheat?" "Sure," I say... "It makes me incredibly sick." Yesterday I went thru my usual shtick and then watched as the server put the lettuce leaves directly on the counter where bread's been touching. I make it a point to go nearly behind the counter to watch them make my lettuce wrap but this time he got started before I could get over there. "WHOA!!" I said, probably louder than I needed to. "Could you take new lettuce leaves and please make the wrap on top of paper so the lettuce isn't touching where bread has been?" I guess I've taken for granted that they always do it this way... they always have before. I thought to myself... why would I ask that you change gloves that have touched bread only to have you put the lettuce directly on the surface that's had bread on it?? I'm still grateful to be able to go anywhere and buy occasional convenience food, but you really can never let your guard down for a second!!
  4. Gluten Free At Fast Food Place?

    I've eaten McD's French fries more times than I care to admit and have never had a single problem... and I am SUPER sensitive. I believe them when they say their French fries are fried in a dedicated fryer. One mistake and I'll be ALL OVER THEM!!
  5. I still miss certain foods terribly. I've been gluten-free for more than 13 years but don't look forward to Thanksgiving anymore cause I can't have the stuffing that was the best part of the meal. I've tried about 13 different stuffing/dressing and it simply cannot be duplicated. Same with chocolate chip cookies. We made them so often and I've never had a gluten-free recipe come remotely close. Those are two foods I just don't make anymore. I know I'm healthy and would NEVER think of eating gluten... but boy... do I miss some things.
  6. Oh, how I MISS Olga's gyros!! I can't wait to try this!!
  7. That's my worst nightmare and why we almost NEVER eat out. I'd have been tempted to stay there and let them SEE what happens when they don't take your gluten free needs seriously... but, for me, it's so severe and explosive (from both ends... sorry for the TMI) that they'd have to scrape me off the floor! Did you contact the restaurant after the fact and let them know what happened?
  8. When hubs and I married in 2006, I made multiple recipes of the most delicious gluten-free carrot cake and baked them in 3 pans of graduating sizes... 3 tiers. I think the bottom tier (the biggest) took like 3 times the recipe, the middle 2 times and the top one recipe. Cream cheese frosting and flowers decorated it and it was delicious! One thing I'll say is that we had to put straws thru the layers to keep them stable... it was a dense and amazing cake. Wish I had a photo!!
  9. I'm not doing actual low carb, but I'm always trying hard to avoid things like bread, pasta, and obvious simple carbs. I'm such an addict!! I try hard to go for lean proteins, tons of veggies and lots of fruit, and occasional small portions of rice, etc.
  10. My youngest daughter... the one who ended up with the most severe celiac of all of us (me first and then, over time, all 3 of my daughters) used to complain of tummy aches all the time. I used to tell her that if it wasn't flying out of her mouth or I could see it in the toilet... she was off to school. Poor thing probably suffered for all those years.
  11. I like Better Batter the best. Right now I'm using Cup4cup.
  12. I love the Namaste crust mix. The entire bag is supposed to make 2 big crusts but I make it into about 5 or 6 smaller ones, par-bake, and freeze them. If I don't have parchment, I put them on the aluminum foil with a non-stick side. They both work beautifully.
  13. I was diagnosed at age 49 after only a month or two of huge digestive issues (unrelenting diarrhea). No one else in my immediate or extended family has it. One by one... my three daughters were diagnosed. Middle daughter was about 27. Her doc told her she was lucky to be diagnosed at such an early age because she would avoid lots of later health problems. She said, "Isn't that like saying it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day? Like what else can you say? It sucks to be you??" Youngest daughter was diagnosed next... and hindsight showed me that the stomach aches she had growing up were real and not just a way to get out of going to school. Hers was so severe and with so many debilitating symptoms, she lost 60 lbs. and through her OWN research and trials and errors (one of her docs said to her, "Oh great... you've been on the internet. Why don't YOU tell ME what you have?") she was able to remove foods (nightshades, oxylates, dairy, and many others) and allow her gut to heal. Oldest daughter was diagnosed at about age 30... while dealing with metastatic breast cancer. Thank goodness they grew up in a cooking home. Despite all of the difficulties and obstacles, they can cook and feed themselves well!
  14. Dealing With People At Work

    I simply tell people that if I don't cook it, I can't eat it. That gets well-meaning friends off the hook. Call me paranoid... I don't care! I have two friends/neighbors who are amazing cooks and absolutely "get" the whole process... I'll happily eat at their homes, but otherwise I bring my own.
  15. I can't believe they haven't found a way to make the Thin Mints gluten free!! I'd buy tons!!