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  1. What irritates me about this scenario is that people who say they have celiac disease and then eat gluten make the people who REALLY have celiac disease and have to be a MILLION percent complaint seem like worry warts and obsessive. I don't care if that's what I look like, but it's hard not to call...
  2. My rule is that if I don't make it, I won't eat it. I take all of my own food to work and won't even use cooking stuff there. I have two friends I trust to cook for me... real foodies who totally get gluten-free.
  3. I've been happily buying Jimmy John's "Unwiches" for several months now. The folks were incredibly nice when I asked the sandwich makers to change gloves. Now I always say, "I'm the one who always asks that the servers change their gloves," and they ask, "Oh, you're allergic to wheat?" "Sure," I...
  4. I've read several articles over the last year linking GMOs and Monsanto crap and the incredible rise of celiac disease in people. It's made me more aware and willing to eat cleaner and healthier... no matter what the cost in my rural area of the U.S.
  5. I have another observation. Hubs and I ate at Outback Steak House the other night. We NEVER eat out so it was a real treat. The staff was knowledgeable and I felt safe. What bugged me was the delicious looking loaf of bread they brought out for Hubs. I am not above picking it up and taking a huge...
  6. My at-home frustration is the ridiculous cost of good gluten-free flour blends. I love Better Batter flour blend but it is absurdly expensive. As far as eating out goes... we don't go. I'll eat at PF Changs and Outback Steak House on very rare occasions ... with trepidation as wait staff and managers...
  7. There aren't any Sprouts... or any other stores where I live. We have WalMart... I get Namaste pizza crust mix from the health food store. It's great!
  8. Not to mention... Udi's pizza crusts are terrible!! I've been to pizza places where I trust their practices and they often used Against the Grain crusts (which are only for businesses... not individuals... to purchase). Those are awesome! Udi's... not so much.
  9. Papa Murphy's is the pizza place where you go in and choose the pizza toppings you like. Then you take the pizza home and bake it in your own oven. They've just come out w/ a Udi's gluten-free crust and are advertising they can give you a gluten-free pizza. Of course, there are tons of us commenting...
  10. I've read these articles and the scientific study posted in the Publications forum. It's SCARY. After reading them, I vowed to go GMO free, organic, to raise chickens for meat and eggs, to grow most, if not all, of our veggies. A few days later, when I'd calmed down a little (haha)... and found organic...
  11. I've been gluten-free for over 10 years and can count on one hand how many times I've been glutened. The last time was my own fault ... I ate a wheat hot dog bun thinking it was gluten-free (again... my own fault). Less than 2 hours later, my body just purged itself... constant vomiting and diarrhea...
  12. I've been gluten-free for 10 years. About a year in, I chowed down on a big hunk of crusty bread slathered w/ butter and NOTHING happened. I actually had thought of a "monthly cheat," but never did it. About 4 years in, I was glutened accidentally and just made it to the bathroom when the diarrhea...
  13. Not having anything to so w/ celiac but still makes me shudder is when I went to my OB/GYN pregnant w/ my first (of 3) daughters and told him I was felt so sick all the time I could barely eat because I was so nauseous and barfed so often that I was losing weight rather than gaining it. He literally...
  14. I've seen their commercials and sort of assumed the cantina bowl would be gluten-free, but I sure wouldn't trust it w/ the cross contamination issues.
  15. When my youngest was diagnosed w/ celiac she was also experiencing bladder symptoms. For example, she drank a glass of orange juice... and by the time the glass was empty she said it felt like she had glass shards in her urethra! She did a lot of research on interstitial cystitis and ultimately found...