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  1. What irritates me about this scenario is that people who say they have celiac disease and then eat gluten make the people who REALLY have celiac disease and have to be a MILLION percent complaint seem like worry warts and obsessive. I don't care if that's what I look like, but it's hard not to call them out!

    My daughter sent me a cartoon from The New Yorker... two women having lunch and talking about another friend... "Oh, she thinks she's SO cool cause she has REAL celiac disease."  Ha ha ha!!

  2. I've been happily buying Jimmy John's "Unwiches" for several months now. The folks were incredibly nice when I asked the sandwich makers to change gloves. Now I always say, "I'm the one who always asks that the servers change their gloves," and they ask, "Oh, you're allergic to wheat?" "Sure," I say... "It makes me incredibly sick."

    Yesterday I went thru my usual shtick and then watched as the server put the lettuce leaves directly on the counter where bread's been touching. I make it a point to go nearly behind the counter to watch them make my lettuce wrap but this time he got started before I could get over there. "WHOA!!" I said, probably louder than I needed to. "Could you take new lettuce leaves and please make the wrap on top of paper so the lettuce isn't touching where bread has been?" I guess I've taken for granted that they always do it this way... they always have before. I thought to myself... why would I ask that you change gloves that have touched bread only to have you put the lettuce directly on the surface that's had bread on it??

    I'm still grateful to be able to go anywhere and buy occasional convenience food, but you really can never let your guard down for a second!!


  3. I still miss certain foods terribly. I've been gluten-free for more than 13 years but don't look forward to Thanksgiving anymore cause I can't have the stuffing that was the best part of the meal. I've tried about 13 different stuffing/dressing and it simply cannot be duplicated.

    Same with chocolate chip cookies. We made them so often and I've never had a gluten-free recipe come remotely close. Those are two foods I just don't make anymore.

    I know I'm healthy and would NEVER think of eating gluten... but boy... do I miss some things.

  4. That's my worst nightmare and why we almost NEVER eat out. I'd have been tempted to stay there and let them SEE what happens when they don't take your gluten free needs seriously... but, for me, it's so severe and explosive (from both ends... sorry for the TMI) that they'd have to scrape me off the floor!


    Did you contact the restaurant after the fact and let them know what happened?

  5. When hubs and I married in 2006, I made multiple recipes of the most delicious gluten-free carrot cake and baked them in 3 pans of graduating sizes... 3 tiers. I think the bottom tier (the biggest) took like 3 times the recipe, the middle 2 times and the top one recipe. Cream cheese frosting and flowers decorated it and it was delicious! One thing I'll say is that we had to put straws thru the layers to keep them stable... it was a dense and amazing cake. Wish I had a photo!!

  6. I was diagnosed at age 49 after only a month or two of huge digestive issues (unrelenting diarrhea). No one else in my immediate or extended family has it. One by one... my three daughters were diagnosed. Middle daughter was about 27. Her doc told her she was lucky to be diagnosed at such an early age because she would avoid lots of later health problems. She said, "Isn't that like saying it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day? Like what else can you say? It sucks to be you??" Youngest daughter was diagnosed next... and hindsight showed me that the stomach aches she had growing up were real and not just a way to get out of going to school. Hers was so severe and with so many debilitating symptoms, she lost 60 lbs. and through her OWN research and trials and errors (one of her docs said to her, "Oh great... you've been on the internet. Why don't YOU tell ME what you have?") she was able to remove foods (nightshades, oxylates, dairy, and many others) and allow her gut to heal. Oldest daughter was diagnosed at about age 30... while dealing with metastatic breast cancer.

    Thank goodness they grew up in a cooking home. Despite all of the difficulties and obstacles, they can cook and feed themselves well!

  7. My youngest daughter has had a medical marijuana 'scrip for years for symptoms like nausea and vomiting and to help stimulate her appetite when she was confined to only 5 foods she could tolerate.. She lives in Oregon, lucky girl. She once walked into a dispensary w/ her trash can in her hands and begged them to help her w/ the severe nausea. They sat her down and gave her a lozenge. Within minutes, she was better. I don't know if you're in one of those enlightened states, but the dispensaries are filled with really knowledgeable people.

  8. There's a gluten free bakery not too far from me.  I was disappointed on my first visit as I was expecting to be able to purchase gluten-free breads, rolls, etc., and that is not the case.  They make all sandwiches/burgers with Udi's gluten-free bread and buns.  This is not the same Udi's that can be purchased at the store.  When I turned up my nose, they offered me a piece of bread and a bun.  They are soft, domed (buns), and delicious - not unlike wheat products.  I was surprised.  I tried to buy them online, but not possible - restaurants only can order.  But, I can buy the buns or 2 slices of bread for $1.50.  When I'm in the area, I buy a few because they are so good.  I've been to a bbq place that uses the same buns - I recognized them.  They come individually wrapped and frozen.

    Ahhh!! That explains the incredibly delicious burger I had at Red Robin! Our server said it was a Udi's bun but it was so NOT the Udi's bun I can buy at the health food store! I made him SWEAR that it was gluten free cause it was just too pretty!!

  9. We're small town too... in Arkansas. While the two healthfood stores carry a lot of stuff... it's very expensive and I've ordered a lot of stuff from that online store named for that big So. America river over the years. Ordering things like Tinkyada pasta in bulk (12 packages) and the flour I like to use for baking (Better Batter) and bread mix (Pamela's) is less expensive that the stores and they bring it to my door! We don't eat out either. I've just had too many bad experiences... having the long conversation w/ waitstaff and managers only to get my order and finding it filled w/ flour tortilla strips or other no-nos. It's just not worth it. We eat simply and (mostly) freshly and rarely buy anything of a processed nature. It's difficult but doable!

  10. I have another observation. Hubs and I ate at Outback Steak House the other night. We NEVER eat out so it was a real treat. The staff was knowledgeable and I felt safe. What bugged me was the delicious looking loaf of bread they brought out for Hubs. I am not above picking it up and taking a huge whiff of the fabulous smell. I said to him, "Why can't they keep some Against the Grain baguettes (the best IMO) in their freezer and toast one up for celiacs to also enjoy bread w/ the meal?


    Our library has an awesome café connected and they offer some amazing sounding sandwiches. I asked if they could handle gluten-free and they said, "Sure... we have a few loaves of Udi's bread in the freezer and can prepare your sandwich on that." I was happy to hear it, but didn't even begin to ask how they'd toast that bread and keep other CC issues at bay. It's a start, tho...

  11. My at-home frustration is the ridiculous cost of good gluten-free flour blends. I love Better Batter flour blend but it is absurdly expensive. As far as eating out goes... we don't go. I'll eat at PF Changs and Outback Steak House on very rare occasions ... with trepidation as wait staff and managers can be as awesome as ever but behind the kitchen closed doors... all bets are off, but we live in pretty rural Arkansas. We don't eat out here. I make bread mixes like Pamela's (I like Udi's and Rudi's ready-made bread but am so unhappy with loaves of bread... that cost an arm and a leg... w/ a huge air bubble that goes thru the entire loaf!!


    I'm not a fan of gluten-free convenience foods but would like to continue baking from a "from scratch" perspective without having to mortgage the house for the ingredients!

  12. Welcome Autumn. Here is where you'll find the information you need. Unfortunately, doctors don't seem to have nearly as much as the peeps here do... who live w/ celiac every day... and have the one million different symptoms!!


    My 3 daughters and I all have celiac. I was diagnosed first at age 49. When my youngest was diagnosed, she was so ill she lost 60 lbs., had interstitial cystitis symptoms and it was ONLY though her own extensive elimination diet that she finally was able to heal her gut. Interesting note... she spent her first 5 years on antibiotics for chronic ear infections and, from what I've read, this likely seriously compromised her gut health.


    She went to GI docs who berated her for asking more questions than they could answer. She'd leave in tears. Seriously... it was her own research here and in other places that helped her survive. She ate FIVE foods for nearly 2 years... eggs, plain chicken (no spices whatsoever), apples, white rice, and cauliflower. Can you imagine?? Thankfully, those foods are good for you! Several years later, she's been able to bring back many foods, but will always be dairy free, citrus free, some nightshade veggies free, and several other frees (I think).


    I hope you find some answers! Just know that the peeps here are amazingly knowledgeable and so helpful!!

  13. I make sandwiches on toast... turkey or tuna or whatever... and put it in my flexible lunch bag with a bottle of frozen water. I have 2 bottles of water that go from my lunch bag back into the freezer... I don't drink the many times refrozen water. Last weekend I made individual chicken pot pies and froze them after cooking/cooling. They heat up well in the microwave. I often take leftovers and nuke them. Salads always work. As it gets colder, I'll take leftover chili or soups. I have some big crockery mugs w/ lids so I don't have to reheat in plastic.

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