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  1. How do you deal with family members and friends who don't take you seriously? I discovered I have celiac disease and...
  2. I found the answer to my question... They are gluten free... thought I'd post it here in case anyone else was wondering...
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know if Maybelline Shiny-Licious lip glosses are gluten free? I found a few blogs that list...
  4. LePandaRouge

    Celiac Disease And Narcolepsy

    Yeah I know it's very common in celiacs, and of course whenever I get glutened the fatigue gets worse for a while......
  5. LePandaRouge

    Celiac Disease And Narcolepsy

    Hey! thanks for the reply. =) My doctor thought I might have B12 deficiency too, but I passed a blood test a month...
  6. I was doing some research and came across a few researches that link Narcolepsy to Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivity...
  7. Ohh, that's a very interesting piece of information. Thanks a lot for that! I think I might have just got closer to...
  8. Thanks for the replies! He didn't mention doing a biopsy/endoscopy. I expected him to suggest this as he initially...
  9. Hi there, As the title says, I was just tested for Celiac disease and got a negative result. I had never heard about...