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  1. afreeclimber74

    Bad Knee And Shin Pain Since Being Diagnosed?

    I had terrible iliotibial band pain (runner's knee) for years, even after going to physical therapy. It got to the point...
  2. afreeclimber74

    Taco Bell

    Last time I looked, Taco Bell's hot sauce packet had wheat in the ingredients
  3. afreeclimber74

    "But You Can Eat Whole Wheat, Right?"

    Me- I'd like to order off the gluten free menu. I'll have the steak. staff-what side do you want: veggies, potato...
  4. afreeclimber74

    Anyone Not Have Kids And Not Work Too?

    You do have that tiara on your head.
  5. It's good to talk about our embarrassments in life, because it helps us to get over them and stop giving them power over...
  6. afreeclimber74

    Testing After Being gluten-free For Six Months

    My doctor swears that the antibodies stay in your system for many years, even after eating gluten free. Same as the immune...
  7. afreeclimber74

    Glutened: Numb Hands

    Not me, but a local girl wrote about her trip to the ER with an entire side of her body paralyzed and it lasted many...
  8. afreeclimber74

    My Husband...

    From what you wrote in your post, I could understand how your husband might feel defensive and put up a wall, instead...
  9. It sounds like your family wants to spend time with you. Don't bow out because you think you'd be doing them a favor...
  10. afreeclimber74

    Stinky Solutions

    I didn't know La Choy was gluten free, so after reading your post I Googled it, hoping to try some. Without looking very...
  11. afreeclimber74

    Have A Date But Also Have A Problem

    I'm pretty sure she burps, farts, and poops too.
  12. afreeclimber74

    Blowing Money On Probiotics?

    I can't imagine anything worse than having to eat natto. That stuff is on my list of foods that I'll never eat again...
  13. afreeclimber74

    Shocking Places You've Found Gluten!

    It came right from the manager of the restaurant, who added that wheat was in all their sauces as thickeners and in all...
  14. afreeclimber74

    Shocking Places You've Found Gluten!

    My favorite chocolate brand is Lindt and almost all their products have barley malt powder. The other shocker was being...
  15. I know many on this forum have had symptoms all their life , while others started later in life, and I'd like to hear...