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  1. The Glutenator

    Ttg Levels

    That is what I am worried about now too. I have also heard that ttg can be elevated in liver diseases too. I am just...
  2. The Glutenator

    Ttg Levels

    Hello, I really need some advice, please. I was diagnosed based on elevated Ttg levels (about 53) then a positive...
  3. There is Udi's in the GTA! Portions in Guelph now carries it. They have 2 types of bread, muffins, bagels, and pizza...
  4. The Glutenator

    Udis In Canada

    Yeah, it is expensive. And I know all the American's are raving about it, but I really do like our (Canadian Pride)...
  5. The Glutenator

    Udis In Canada

    That is right, fellow Canucks, I have found the infamous Udi's white bread, whole grain bread, and 3 types of muffins...
  6. The Glutenator


    Oh, these are delicious and I highly recommend them. I have made them with the kneading step and without, and didn't...
  7. The Glutenator


    Quick question to all you excellent bakers: do you need to knead gluten-free dough that does not have yeast in it? ...
  8. The Glutenator

    In A Slump And Need Some Help

    Thanks for all the support. Maybe this guy isn't the one, but the right guy will accept me for who I am. I may not...
  9. The Glutenator

    In A Slump And Need Some Help

    Thank you so much for your support, I really need it and it feels good. You are right, I need to just be confident with...
  10. Oh, it is "one of those weeks" for me with the celiac. I went on a second date for drinks on the weekend, after a first...
  11. The Glutenator

    What Were Your Antibody Levels....

    My TtG, IgA is still in the 70s after 7 months on a 100% gluten-free diet :S
  12. The Glutenator

    What To Do After Accidentally Eating Gluten?

    I asked my GI about the Immodium conundrum. He said to go ahead and take it. It makes life after glutenation more manageable...
  13. The Glutenator

    Refactory Celiac

    I am in the same position after 7 months gluten free. My Ab levels have not dropped at all, and after a second set of...
  14. The Glutenator

    Where To Draw The Line

    I have been gluten free since March, so almost 7 months (and have been 100% dedicated to the diet). It is just a bit...