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  1. Didn't see a separate toaster?
  2. meatslayer

    What Do You Eat?

    I always travel well stocked with these products nutritional shakes and bars. http://myvega.com/products
  3. If you ate a lot of processed foods before this could be a great opportunity to have a better diet, wholesome healthy...
  4. meatslayer

    Whey Protein

    I really like this entire product line. http://shopca.sequelnaturals.com/sequel-estore/Performance
  5. meatslayer

    What If I Ignore It?

    Why a long slow road? It's your choice but here is a list: (Research and or get help don't eat these things be healthy...
  6. meatslayer

    Rectal Administration Of Vitamines?

    Day 1 Wheat cinnamon/sugar toast for breakfast Ramen noodles for lunch and dinner. 2 packages 1 column of ritz crackers...
  7. meatslayer

    What If I Ignore It?

    I did not see one. I have always been very aware and knowledgable of what I eat from a health side of things. When I...
  8. meatslayer

    What If I Ignore It?

    Yes sensitivity varies huge from person to person. It's not the immediate effects of being glutened that are a major...
  9. meatslayer

    What If I Ignore It?

    If you enjoy being sick and getting sicker sure just keep eating gluten. Really it's not that hard to eliminate from...
  10. I'm another red wine drinker, I'm sure I drink to much of it.... never had any issues being glutened. Dave
  11. Dragging up this old post but I was searching around and it TISS the season: From there site... "Our chocolates have...
  12. meatslayer

    Gluten-free Fast Foods?

    I just ate New York fries, not sitting so well. I never eat deep fried, so maybe that is it but I looked it up from NY...
  13. Anyone know if there is a definite difference? I try to stay away from both as you don't really know whats in Natural...
  14. As mentioned above vitamin B12 I go for injections once a month at a doctor, it helps a ton. As it starts wearing down...