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  1. veggiemomma

    Getting A Biopsy For Possible Dh On Son?

    Thank you. I took him to the dermatologist for a biopsy today. The doctor took a punch of the blister and another...
  2. My two year old has a rash originally diagnosed as eczema that developed when he was six months old with the start of...
  3. Does the Total Serum IgA have to be above the normal range in order to be positive for celiac? I was positive in recent...
  4. veggiemomma

    Hello All~ Introduction

    Hello All~ I am a very newly diagnosed Celiac with postive bloodwork, living in IN. My children are presently undergoing...
  5. A very interesting topic. I was at Trader Joe's today purchasing a few Gluten Free packaged items. I noticed the...
  6. Hello All~ And thanks in advance for any feedback. My oldest has had a host of celiac symptoms that go back for a...