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  1. I have appreciated the kind and often times gentle advice on this board. I think that especially when a newbie we wonder if everything in the world is out to gluten us. I worry about every crumb and fuss over packing my lunch (sealed in zip-locs) in the same picnic basket with my partner's wheat sandwich. Which may be over board but it's all such a learning experience. I feel safe grumbling here knowing that others can relate. (My dogs receive far fewer treats now cause i hate washing my hands alll day long too!). Thanks board members for all of your support!!!

  2. I have been gluten-free for 5 months and for the past 6 weeks or so I have been having bad dreams at least once a week or more. My spouse has to wake me as I am yelping in my sleep. Usually someone chasing me & I am trying to escape. Also I am so exhausted during the day even after sleeping 9 or 10 hours. I am usually ready for bed around 4:00 - I make myself wait till 9 or so. !! The "Honey are you ready for bed" at 4 in the afternoon gets me The Look! lol

  3. So glad I stumbled on this as I don't feel so alone! C has been my biggest issue since I was very little. I drink water, walk daily, take fish oil and magneseum, eat dairy little to never, eat lots of fruit (could add more veggies), have never really cared for banana. Two stool softeners in the morning and two in the evening were working for awhile (6 weeks maybe) and now I am back to nothing. Three dulcolax at night will do it but I hate to get hooked on those. Grrr. I too used to always think that I was starting my period and only now know that I was C. Now that I was regular for that brief period of time i feel miserable if I miss one day. Recently i have been drinking more coffee than normal as I am so darn tired all the time (my iron is low and I am on supplements) so wonder if the coffee could be part of it.

  4. if you eat something that makes you sick why would you want to continue eating it? I am almost 60 years old and only 5 months into this and it is very hard to change that many years of eating and Yes! I hate it. I hate it because I really really dislike cooking however I really really love life so guess it is almost a no brainer for me. I don't like getting sick so for me there is just no choice. I hope that you will think it over cause if you continue to gluten yourself you may suffer greatly when you are older.

  5. your posts on dog food have been so helpful! We have 5 dogs and I struggle with the gluten food ~ I understand the hand washing constantly! I don't mind the cooking for all of them it's the amounts to give them. How much per pound. The smallest dog is 12 lbs & the largest is 85 lbs. Also how much % meat, veggies etc. Whew! Celiac can be so over whelming at times.

  6. Takala ~ your posting was a few months ago and am hoping that you will see this. (I'm sort of new here & not sure how this all works!) I saw your reference to gluten-free dog food and am wondering what brand you use. I have 5 dogs and want to switch them all over more for my sake than theirs really. We travel a lot in a fifth wheel, all of us together which makes doggie dinner time a little tough. I visualize doggie gluten dust floating through the air in our small space! Any advice for a good gluten-free dog food?

  7. I am 5 month into this and I bought the Gluten Free Grocery Shopping Guide which has been a life saver although you still have to read all the ingredients. Made me feel like I could eat regular stuff again.

    As for the grief part ~ yeah, well I am still working on that! It is the hardest when the family want to go to a pizza place. We are out of state visiting with my daughter & family who I only see once a year and that was their choice. That tested me to the very limit as pizza is my favorite! I ate my salad and didn't look at their plates. The same tonight only it was Mexican which I also love. This is hard although tell me it gets better! It's hard to insist on a gluten-free place when you are with all of the grandkids & the time with them is so limited. Oh well. I have a little private pity party and when no guests arrive I get over it. lol

  8. I can add nothing to what has already been said as I am a total newbie but want to tell you that I feel your pain, anger and frustration. I was diagnosed manic depressive years ago & have been on meds which i hate only because I don't like taking so much stuff. Don't give up. Let your mom help is she can. This site seems to be a wonderful place to go for support.