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  1. We have been eating paleo for the past year (plus) and try to be strict about it about 90% of the time.  We eat out a couple times a month so that's pretty unpaleo!   It took about 8 months before I really started to feel a big change and then literally one day I woke up and felt better, more energy, not as much (ahem) constipation,  off all heart burn meds.  I really believe in it, have read several books and can honestly see why we shouldn't be eating any kind of grains including the gluten free ones.  Yhe book I am reading right now is The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne.  It's pretty intense as far as details as to why you should or should not eat certain things.  Although I do make rice or tacos, etc. every once in a while I have every intentions of maintain a paleo life style.  And once you get into it, it is so easy to cook most of the recipes.  I do not bake though.  Nope.  Not at all.  Not a baker! 

  2. Hello, i read that oats are still being studied for the reactions they cause in some celiacs. Here in argentina oats are not safe for celiacs, the foods are labelled SIN TACC, that means in spanish without wheat, oats, barley or rye, anyway i think thats because of CC..

    I have also read that same thing, although I don't remember where so can't quote the source but it was just a month or so ago.  Also they can be difficult to digest.

  3. Rice, quinoa are in the grain family and they may not work for you right now as they can be difficult for some people to digest.  Perhaps some time down the line as your gut heals you may be able to reintroduce them into your diet if you wish.  My niece is a vegan and know she eats tons of veggies.  Is fish an option at all for you.  That's a tough one as even beans for protein can be very difficult to digest.    

  4. "Awkward" sort of goes along with celiac I think, especially in the beginning. My first dinner party with friends after diagnosis I took my own little plate of food. When I (and my plate) sat down there was total quiet as everyone stared at me. At that time I was not a cook in any way, shape or form! The only comment made by anyone was "Oh, what is that". sigh! lol It gets easier. Everyone, you and those around you, need time to get used to this new thing called celiac.

  5. I understand the need for the vet prescribed diet.... but I am going to object a little here. And some of you may disagree but that's ok, I'm going to stick my neck out here anyway!

    We currently have three dogs and prior to this had five, the oldest being 18. A couple of our furkids were given vet prescribed foods for various conditions. Once I went g.f. we put the kids on g.f. food as well, chucking the special pricey vet food. After doing a lot of research we felt that most dog foods, even the "pricey" ones are filled with useless grains ~ rice, wheat, oats, barley. Dogs were not meant to eat grains. Grains make for good food filler but do nothing for the overall health of the creatures. Once we went grain free for our pups skin issues went away, no more flaky itchy skin, tummy upsets went away and the two that had been on "special" diets got better.

    That said, and I know some will not agree with me, research the pet foods and then decide for yourself. I, personally, do not believe in vet prescribed foods and would cook for my pets before giving the vet foods to them.

  6. Pile your plate with lots of your own dressing, corn bread & desserts and be sure you go first. Even if it means scooping out your portions as it comes out of the oven. My first year filled my plate first I hid my plate in the laundry room till time to sit down! lol Get involved with the food prep so that you know exactly what you will be eating. And, if it makes you feel less anxious, take some meat & veggies of your own from home. Whatever it takes to make you feel safe!

  7. Mouth sore were one of my first symptoms before being diagnosed six to eight of them at a time.    I still get them from time to time now but usually they heal over night.  He might be getting some gluten from some place....  In the meantime you might ask the doctor for Miracle Mouth if his sore are over the top bad.  It's a prescription that numbs the mouth.  Might help when he has a really bad out break 

  8. There is a lot of meat for protein on the Paleo diet.  No beans as those are hard to digest.  If you choose to try it you could probably skip the beans, grains and dairy (which are harder to digest anyway) and load up on the veggies.  Maybe some fish ?  What I love about the Paleo way is the many ways of fixing veggies.  The book I suggested has wonderful stuff like pumpkin pancakes, cauliflower pizza, zucc pancakes.  Enough veggie dishes to get you started.  Being a non-cook I found the items pretty easy to prepare. 

  9. I don't understand "kinda sorta" celiac, however if gluten makes you sick then you don't eat it, right?  That would be enough of a diagnosis for me!

    If I am glutened it results in severe vomiting, diarrhea (followed by days of constipation)   and passing out so those symptoms are "normal". Although is anything normal when it comes to Celiac?  Seems like we all react somewhat differently.

    Low iron is not uncommon.  In my 60's and take 3 iron supps a day which my dr says I will probably always have to take.  I qam tested every 6 months just to be sure.  I follow a Paleo diet so get all the good stuff I should but sometimes our body just doesn't co-operate!