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    My 2 feline "children", music (mostly listening; I'm open to all genres of music); reading; "esoteric" / metaphysical things~ most specifically, astrology, crystals, tarot cards & animal totems; nature; walks; making beaded jewelry; true crime; good conversations with unique people; meeting others w/ celiac!
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  1. Question: I seem to recall reading that Off is NOT gluten-free. I'm brutally allergic to mosquitos (stupid things!), and I LOVE taking walks in the field next to my house, as well as having fires in my back yard fire bowl at night. Being outside & walking is critical to my mental well-being, and I've tried other insect repellents in the past-- none work (in fact, I typically use the Deep Woods Off, which has the highest DEET concentration). I'm pretty compulsive about washing it away when I come inside, as I don't want any chemicals to get on my feline "kids". Is there any way it might still be safe to use Off? Or does anyone have any suggestions for a good insect repellent that works? Thanks for any feedback!!!
  2. GarAndTeed

    Udi's Bread

    Add me to the agreement gang! Udi's is pricey, but worth it, IMO. Makes great grilled cheese & hummus sandwiches! I always buy 2 or 3 loaves when it's on sale (and I, too, prefer the whole grain).
  3. GarAndTeed

    Salad Bar In Grocery Store?

    Thanks to all who replied! I figured it wasn't smart to risk the salad bar, and that I was getting nailed by using it... when I went to the store Friday after posting this, I ran into a woman there who has celiac & works in the gluten-free section. She said the same as all of you. She even mentioned that when the gluten-free products were shelved next to non gluten-free items, people complained of getting "glutenized" & requested the gluten-free items be in a completely different area. This disease teaches me something new (and not always *fun*) almost every day. Again, many thanks from a reformed salad bar user!!!
  4. Hi All, My apologies if this has been discussed (I don't remember seeing it)...does anyone know if salad bars are typically cross-contaminated? I've been getting fruit from the one at my grocery store & something has been stirring things up-- I'm wondering if this may be it? Thanks for any feedback!
  5. GarAndTeed

    Cat Food?

    LOL...great observations! My kids actually give kisses, and are all over me & most everything else all the time (of course, I wouldn't have it any other way)! Wash my hands after every touch? I'd have no flesh left!~ Thanks for your reply, and your delightful cat humor!
  6. GarAndTeed

    Cat Food?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH psawyer!!! I'm beyond relieved that I don't have to mess with my "kids'" food! Gratefully, C*)
  7. Ok, I'm still a relative newbie, but in the worst category, I feel compelled to add: Glutino frozen Mac & Cheese-- looked like Stouffer's; I would probably be banned if I said what it seemed to taste like! One small bite; whole container outside in the garbage. Blech! And BIG ditto on the brown rice pasta; mushy, nasty tasting stuff - I hope I never experience anything even similar again. On the plus side, Glutino chocolate truffle brownies; my non-celiac friends had no idea they were gluten-free! I always keep a couple small bags of Ener-g pretzels around. Also, Edy's real fruit bars-- they are frozen, like popsicles, but all fruit; the lemon, lime, & tangerine are AMAZING (and fat-free, too). Oh, and Sunkist Fruit Gems are delicious (you'll find them w/ Jelly-Bellys). I'm sure I'll think of more soon...
  8. Hi All, In one of the threads I read the other day (I'm clueless as to which--sorry!) someone mentioned feeding cats/ "pets" gluten-free food. I feed my kids-- feline, that is-- BG food, both wet & dry. I'm very picky about their food; can anyone tell me how important it is to use gluten-free cat food? I just emailed the company to check gluten status. Any cat food recommendations would be great... Thanks!
  9. Bragg's is AWESOME!!! I liked it better than other brands before I was dx'd...for what it's worth. Thx!
  10. GarAndTeed

    Potato Chips

    Hi All, I buy Kettle Chips; the label specifically says gluten-free. The BBQ chips are great; actually, so are the other flavors. Not really much more pricey than Lays, either. Thanks!
  11. GarAndTeed

    Is Shampoo W/ Gluten Ok?

    Hi Tarnelberry! Any suggestions for lotion?? My skin is brutally dry; I've been using Neutrogena unscented body oil after showers, but also lots of scented stuff. I looked on the web for 3 hours the other night; Burt's Bees has been taken over by clorox(!), and I'm having a heck of a hard time finding something. Thanks!
  12. GarAndTeed


    Hi Tarnelberry, Topomax is a great idea; I'll ask my internist about getting a script. I really appreciate everyone's feedback! I hear you on the rebound headaches (David...I think that was you!). After reading the forum the other day, I realized I haven't been using gluten-free personal care products...I'm trying to get supplied w/ those. Have many of you noticed a difference using them? Thanks again!
  13. GarAndTeed

    New Here...In Iowa.

    Hi Bobbijo! Boy, I'm still learning myself! I ordered a couple of books; I'd highly recommend (not positive on title; friend is reading it)..I think it's The Gluten Free Bible...the author is a female, first name Jax. I got it used from Amazon; saved big $. Also, I was reading this forum the other day & I found a thread about personal care products (make-up, shampoo, lotion, etc.)...I keep getting sick & I think it may be from not using gluten-free products. I'm still trying to find companies who make gluten free stuff like that. Please feel free to email or give me a shout; I CAN tell you that eating gluten free has made a HUGE difference! BTW, I'm in IC... where are you? Hope to hear back, C*)
  14. GarAndTeed


    Hi All, I started getting occasional migraines in my late 20's on the first day of my period. I've been post-menopausal for several years, and I don't take any hormones. During the "trauma" period leading up to the onset of celiac, I started getting migraines more often. Since I was diagnosed about 1 1/2 years ago, my migraines have been out of control. I get at least 2 per week, and the maximum allowed dosage of Imitrex barely touches them. Does anyone know if migraines are related to celiac? I have been gluten-free for probably 6 months now (I was using the Walmart brand of Lactaid occasionally, never thinking it might--and DOES-- contain wheat). Thanks for any feedback!
  15. GarAndTeed

    Picture On Profile

    HELP! Trying to upload photo; I keep getting "photo is too large" message. I'm confused (not unusual!); if I recall correctly, the info given states that photo will be made smaller if necessary. I'm hopeless w/ pixels, etc....any advice? Many thanks!