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  1. Well...the blooswork came back negative.... .1 they say Im seeing my gastro tomorrow to get his opinion
  2. No,they don't say..but reading the ingredients made me wonder.
  3. michelley65

    Differential Diagnosis

    I have been seen by a neurologist due to migraines since I was 11..now 49,also seen a phsycologist foe depression,and...
  4. Thankyou....I didn't think two days was correct.
  5. That's what I thought. My Family dr is doing a celiac panel...shes the one who said two days. I am seeing my gastro in...
  6. michelley65


    I believe a gluten allergy is Celiac,where a gluten sensitivity is not.This is what I belive is wrong with me,and will...
  7. Hi......I am once again being tested through bloodwork and was told to eat gluten for 48 hours prior...is this correct...
  8. So you pretty much diagnosed yourself as far as a gluten sensitivity goes.I did the same...after seeing doctor after...
  9. michelley65

    How Fast Does Dh Show Up?

    Thankyou...I will check it out!
  10. michelley65

    How Fast Does Dh Show Up?

    Well,then the rash that I was referring to probably wasnt DH because it didnt leave purple scars,just very itchy..but...
  11. michelley65

    How Fast Does Dh Show Up?

    So...can I have the biopsy done even when I dont have the rash??That would be good being that it can take forever to...
  12. michelley65

    How Fast Does Dh Show Up?

    Im wondering the same thing.I went gluten free in March(well...not 100 percent because I was just learning about all...