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  1. if it can be of any help/ interest to someone: I think I don't react to the tapioca flour or other ingredient in pamelas mix, as I've eaten other things with them w/o a problem... but it may as well be the buckwheat! not 100% sure yet, but it seems like it... it isn't easy to figure out these things! but I feel like I am doing progress here
  2. thanks so much for your input! I just realize now that I've had buckwheat (Pocono Kasha) about a month ago...didn't seem to have a reaction back then (but I had very little, when these last days I've had a lot of stuff w/ buckwheat flour in it...) I still have some at home so I will try to recover first, and then try the Kasha again...trying to make sure if it's the buckwheat or the shared equipment. thanks again; gosh this is tricky, sometimes, to figure out what is going on!!
  3. thanks to both of you. I think you're right, I'll try one made on dedicated equipment & see if it works better for me!
  4. Hi all I am 3 months gluten-free now, and doing much much better -most of the time. It's been a few days I feel like crap again (BM problems, skin rash, fatigue, brain fog...) and looking back at my food diary, I am thinking arrowhead mills buckwheat flour is the culprit (bought a pack last week, since then I baked quite some stuff with it. after a few days the reaction began, now worse than ever...stopped eating anything I baked with it yesterday; hope I am going to get better soon!) this is also the only new thing I introduced in my diet these last 2 weeks. I just wanted to ask if anyone have had a reaction to it before? I thought it was safe 'cause I understand they use a shared facility but clean the equipment in between, plus throw the first batches away...didn't want to be "too paranoid" about it but I guess I will have to! Any advice for finding a safe buckwheat flour?? I really like it, would love to continue using buckwheat! thank you all! Sophie
  5. hi! sorry I haven't come here for a while... I never sorted out if the mix got me or if it was something else...I just went back to baking my brownies from scratch and I am fine:) the basic recipe I use is pretty simple: melt chocolate (180g) & butter (150g) / mix eggs (3), sugar (150g) & flour (60g) / mix these two mixes, and then bake ~20min @ 180 deg C (~400 deg F). the important thing is to avoid cooking it too much (I love it all tender inside), so usually after ~18min I check it (it depends on the oven...) it is ready when the top begins to 'crack'. I tend to put less sugar but that's according to your taste (I also don't measure ingredients precisely) Since gluten-free I tried this w/ different flours/ mixes and it was always fine. first try I did potato starch and it was great, except it became dry very quick (the day after or so), so better to eat it fast. Lately I've used w/ gluten-free pantry all purpose flour and it was fine too...I think flour is not a big problem since it isn't the important ingredient in this recipe (and for chocolate I use ghirardelli quite often, never had a problem) so now you have all the info...enjoy the brownies Sophie
  6. hypersof

    How About Positive Family Support?

    Yep! My brother and SIL had bought a BUNCH of nice french food for hubby & me, when we came back to Paris to visit the family a few months ago -like, 3 days after my diagnosis! I told them right away about the diagnosis & diet, they went with me through all the labels to see what I could have, put me a portion apart before serving things to everybody else, let me cook whatever I wanted for myself, and came back with a gluten-free dessert cookbook a couple days later )
  7. Hi all I am writing because I'm planning to go out for dinner (couldn't have imagined being stressed by eating out a few months ago ) first time since going gluten-free. I just want to take my husband out for a nice dinner for his birthday in a couple of weeks -we're french so we love good food, plus I think the whole gluten-free thing has been tough for him, too -so he deserved it As I recently heard Fleming's steakhouse had a gluten-free menu, I decided on that place (also because of the meat abundance; he's a huge fan!) And so I began by just stopping by this afternoon, and asking them if indeed, they had a gluten-free menu/ if they were familiar with the care you got to take when preparing a gluten-free meal...and they seemed great about it! didn't get alot of details yet, but they showed me the gluten-free menu and seemed very comfy with it...so I am a bit less scared about all this! Now, I know I'll still have to be very careful, mentioning it when making the reservation, and then be specific & precise when ordering; but it was my first "confrontation" with some restaurant's staff and it went well so I feel relieved... Any advice will be greatly appreciated! I never did it before, and I am not sure how I can summarize 3 months of learning the gluten-free diet in a couple minutes (...or at least, the info needed to get a safe meal!) I am sure this is going to be fine, yet this is stressful for me and so I thought writing/ chatting about it here could help me, and maybe other people too? Thanks in advance for the support!!
  8. hypersof

    Ibs And Celiac?

    Yep, I agree. I think a lot of us have been diagnosed w/ IBS before discovering the celiac thing... I am "only" gluten intolerant/ sensitive/ whatever, but I have to point out that before going gluten-free, absolutely NOTHING I tried -for several years- to relieve the IBS symptoms worked (be it water/ fiber intake, eating a very balanced diet, not too much fat/ spicy food, always eating small amounts and slowly, exercising, relaxing...really, I was trying hard!) but it just kept getting worse. Then, removing gluten from my diet reversed the process and I am now getting better. Not all 100% perfect, but it is definitely going the right way so I have hope (I have been gluten-free for 10 weeks now) So, my two cents are, either IBS is really celiac and it is going to get better on a gluten-free diet; or if the symptoms persist, maybe they are caused by something else?
  9. hi there I am really not a specialist about make up, since gluten gives me skin problems I avoided it a lot... But just in case it helps (?), here are the two products I use: -100% pure lip & cheek tint -it is gluten-free, though I know they have some other products with gluten in them (CC?). I use it for cheeks & eyes and haven't had a problem. this one is gluten-free & vegetarian, not vegan I believe because of the presence of beeswax...but they have blush, eye shadow and probably more products that are gluten-free and vegan...maybe worth having a look? -ecco bella mascara; this one has parabens (evil!) but this was the only mascara I found when I went gluten-free, and I really don't use it much...so it is ok until I find better! ...I am also still looking around, so I'll post back if I find anything interesting... Sophie
  10. hypersof

    Your Significant Other

    I am sorry for you! it turns out, this is going OK for us -hubby came back 10 days ago... I had a hard time explaining cc and not looking like I'm completely paranoid to him...and he decided to stick to his first idea of being gluten-free with me (at home only) because he feels he would be overwhelmed if he had to watch all of his movements (cleaning the crumbs, not kissing me after beer, washing his gluteny hands etc.) being gluten-free at home means he only needs to wash his hands/ teeth when he comes back home from work; so much easier! on the other hand, I cook gluten-free bread & sweets so he doesn't feel deprived (and for myself, too and at times, I think he still wonders if I really GOT to be so careful...though he also sees how much better I feel now, so I think (hope?) he will eventually understand it is not just me over-reacting. ...so it is fine, but you gotta work hard to make it work hope this is going to work out for you too! can you try to insist more on the "cleaning the crumbs after you" thing? doesn't it work if he sees you getting sick from cc? keep us posted!! Sophie
  11. Hi all! I have been "diagnosed" almost 2 months ago...actually no firm diagnosis. My GP was not knowledgeable enough about celiac disease to test me for anything else than TTG antibodies I believe, which came back neg. In the mean time, he told me to go gluten-free and see. He was wise enough though, to tell me I probably am "intolerant, sensitive" or whatever I wanna call it, and since I feel clearly better, I should definitely stay off gluten. So I am a happy gluten-free girl, except I don't really have a "gold" biopsy diagnosis -though I really can't imagine going back to the misery of gluten to get a biopsy, that could also come back neg. Now, looking back, I am wondering if all my skins problems could be related. I always had a sensitive/ reactive skin, that progressively got much worse when the digestive symptoms arrived and worsened. Docs have always had a vague explanation (sensitive skin, stress, acne due to IUD, dyshidrosis, dermatitis/ allergic reaction of unknown origin etc.) >>could some of this be DH??!! (I am thinking of the itchy rashes on my hairline & face, mostly) So I am thinking, I could go to a dermatologist, now that I know I have a problem with gluten...but I guess it is hard to find one who knows more than me about gluten, as usual? I also don't know if it can be diagnosed after going gluten-free, but it seems to take longer to disappear than the digestive symptoms (although it is better now that I am gluten-free) So if anyone knows where I can find a knowledgeable dermatologist in the Salt Lake area...any advice will be greatly appreciated!! thanks Sophie
  12. hypersof

    Girl Question

    Same here, I think if this persists you should talk to the doc...but it's probably nothing. 2 years I've thought my disappearing periods were due to my IUD (hormonal; this tend to be a secondary effect of it) But since (recent) gluten diagnosis, I've come to realize the periods thing began happening when I began noticing GI symptoms. Of course I was not questioning the IUD theory before, since I had no clue about gluten until a few months ago! But I think gluten might as well be the culprit/ participating to this, since I normally have very heavy/long/painful periods and IUD will, in most cases, just lightens heavy periods...plus, since going gluten-free it seems to change -slowly though (had light periods again last month/ no blood but typical pain this month...sorry if TMI ) I've lost 20+ lbs since symptoms appear/ began noticeable, and show signs of malabsorption, that's why I suspect gluten -Dr tend to tell me they don't know/ to prefer the IUD theory...who knows? Hope all of this made sense to you? Sophie
  13. hypersof

    Is Shampoo W/ Gluten Ok?

    Thanks for the advice! I spent a fair amount of time the other day, shopping for some new products... I think gluten isn't in THAT many products, but with the gazilion unpronouncable ingredients they put in it...I never know! Anyway, I think I found some safe: face cream (weleda)/ shampoo (everyday shea)/ hand cream (desert essence)/ handsoap (kiss my face, it's a simple olive oil soap)...I then double-checked googling /surfing on their websites and/ or emailing them afterwards and they're fine -except for everyday shea shampoo, no solid confirmation yet, but there's really not a whole lot of ingredients there -anyone knows if Cocamidopropyl Betaine/ Decyl Polyglucose are a potential problem regarding gluten? couldn't find out much about those, but if I understood well they have nothing to do w/ gluten I also contacted ShiKai: all their products (including borage dry skin therapy) are gluten-free, EXCEPT for the moisturizing shower gels...I thought it might be of interest for people like me -I was struggling already before going gluten-free, imagine now...well, at least I don't have anymore a million different products to try before finding one that works for my crazy dry skin (so I am probably going to go buy/ or order some of this borage cream & give it a try...I'll post my feedback if some are interested) ...So this isn't easy, but I feel like I am making progress!! Good luck to all of you Sophie edit: just found out there is paraben in borage, don't like that but there is still california baby I haven't tried! I also bought a badger lip balm, gluten-free, very few ingredients, no strange/ unpronoucable ones...got the "moccha cocoa", love it
  14. hypersof

    Is Shampoo W/ Gluten Ok?

    Jason, I agree w/ the above!! I am currently trying to find out about all my Burt's bees products...read some positive things about the lip balm/ creams & shampoo that I use...but as for the ingredients, I am still doubting the Tocopherol/ vitamin E, as I didn't get an answer if it was made from wheat...anyone knows?? Otherwise, I am very interested in Shikai's dry skin therapy...so it is gluten-free? (didn't find the ingredients info on the website...am I just too tired??) (I tried pure coconut oil, great for the body but it won't do for my hands!) Thanks for the advice!
  15. hypersof

    Your Significant Other

    That's adorable