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  1. nowheatpete

    Travelling And Living In Germany

    Oh, and theres a good German celiac forum here. If you can register I'm sure there are loads of people that can help...
  2. nowheatpete

    Travelling And Living In Germany

    Hi I've posted this before (with just a couple of edits) and thought it might be helpful. This is a decent restaurant...
  3. nowheatpete

    Travelling To San Diego

    You could also check www.allergyeats.com, they should have a few reviews for restaurants in San Diego
  4. Thats great pawlski, I'm sure lots of people will find your tips really helpful
  5. nowheatpete

    When You Travel

    I guess that 2nd website is not in this forums good books then?
  6. nowheatpete

    When You Travel

    Toaster bags are deinitely a good option. Also if you stick to basic things like cheese and fresh fruit you will avoid...
  7. nowheatpete

    Gluten Free Dining In Salzburg

    If you go to this website and search in Salzburg State you get a couple of restaurant and hotel suggestions http://www...
  8. nowheatpete

    Allergy Cards

    This forum might be able to help http://www.ipacific.com/forum/index.php?board=12.0 Alternatively you could try your...
  9. nowheatpete

    Cologne, Germany

    Hi I noticed that that one of the links I posted before wasn't working. www.glutenfrei-unterwegs.de/ as I said its...
  10. nowheatpete

    Gluten Free In Italy?

    Italy is great for celiac disease, it is a recognised disease there and sufferers get free gluten free food. Maybe the...
  11. just remembered that there is this site too, it hasn't been active since december last year though http://gfrestaurants...
  12. nowheatpete

    France And Spain...can I Make It A Month?

    Maybe these vocab print-outs would be helpful? http://www.food-info.net/allergy.htm In Germany you can find gluten...
  13. in general, celiac restaurant cards can be helpful, you can send them in advance to restaurants if you want to book a...
  14. nowheatpete

    Poland Gluten-Free

    This word list may also be helpful http://www.food-info.net/allergy/en-pl.pdf
  15. nowheatpete

    Poland Gluten-Free

    Heres another handy website maybe, they make gluten free products http://www.glutenex.com.pl http://www.balviten...