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  1. Just a tip about Walmart. I had problems with them willing to take time out to call the company Sandoz so I could take the similiar antibiotic. They gave me the phone number instead of them being good customer service and them calling them...
  2. Just called Sandoz company which is a Generic Brand Walmart uses where I am at and the Azithromycin they carry said there is a product in it derived from WHEAT and that the final product didn't have gluten in it after processing. But he...
  3. celiacmom2

    Progresso Soup

    Another thought too, I just used my free soup coupons for Progresso at another store and the labels are stuck pretty good and don't budge. That label on that can I had was loose too. The Progresso guy may be right after all.
  4. celiacmom2

    Progresso Soup

    I just kept the fifth and kept saying "I don't know..." cause I don't know what happened...its kind of frustrating. Yes, they sent me some free coupons and a check for $10. I can't figure out if a label did fall off, and it...
  5. celiacmom2

    Progresso Soup

    Just received a phone call from Progresso, they said they have put a flag on those can numbers, the product inside the can matched the stamp code on the bottom,and since noone else has called and complained about the product they can't recall...
  6. celiacmom2

    Progresso Soup

    They are having the can picked up today.
  7. celiacmom2

    Progresso Soup

    Just received another phone call, they are going to be calling me to set up Fed Ex to come and get the soup and can. Hopefully they recall the soups soon.
  8. celiacmom2

    Progresso Soup

    My can numbers so others are aware right now...Progresso Traditional Chicken Cheese Enchilada flavor Gluten Free 13JUL2012 NV SCG-5 Below the nutrtrition facts at the bottom is a large number, the last 3 digits are 330.
  9. celiacmom2

    Progresso Soup

    I called progresso, they told me if they don't call back to throw it away...that is weird, if they don't call back I will probably try the FDA, this should be pulled and recalled...its not right...not sure if Progresso told me that because...
  10. celiacmom2

    Progresso Soup

    Called and they will call back and send me a package to send the frozen soup...still working on it.
  11. I just recently bought a can of Progresso gluten free Chicken cheese enchilada soup and noticed when I poured it into my pan that it had kidney beans, rice, and it was more a brown color and not the white color on the front of the can. I...
  12. I know this is probably just pulling stuff out of the air but I have read up on Dr. Weil and his advice of hair thinning, he reccommends Black Currant oil or evening Primrose oil(GLA's), I just bought some although some of my hair is already...
  13. I just want to say thank you who all posted, I just scrolled down through the replies and appreciate everyones input...it is now about 5 1/2 months after being diagnosed and must tell all that my iron skyrocketed to normal, vitamin D, and...
  14. I have recently noticed in the store that the Hills Bros. Cappuccino flavors no longer have gluten free listed on the front of their packages. Anyone know if they still are safe(gluten free) to drink? Its been awhile since I bought one...
  15. celiacmom2

    Crazy Balance Thing Going On...

    I usually get the off kilter problem in the Spring...I think mine is due to fluid in the ears. My doc always checks my ears and asks me what I am using as nose spray to get it drained and I am not using anything because the sprays all make...