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  1. Much to my surprise, Tostitos multigrain scoops are gluten free. What a fun treat! HOWEVER, tostitos multigrain "normal...
  2. tictax707

    Newly Diagnosed

    There is a really good group in LA. It's a yahoo group, and they meet about once a month in various places. I am going...
  3. tictax707

    Grrrrr Powerade

    I am sorry to hear this. I think that these replenishment drinks are best when you have them during or after your workout...
  4. I don't know why either, but know you are not alone. I hate how I feel thatI am just getting more and more sensitive...
  5. tictax707

    Flax Meal

    I second Adalaide in that you just have to figure out what works for you. For me, I have to avoid flax meal because...
  6. I have colitis, and when it flares up I can't tolerate fruits or veggies. Sometimes lots of raw fruits/veggies can trigger...
  7. tictax707

    Shocked At Endoscopy Results

    When I had my endo done, I was sick, but it was only for a few weeks. I was sure I had some crazy bug, because before...
  8. tictax707

    What Do You Eat When You Have An Upset Stomach

    If saltines used to work then I would suggest gluten free pretzels - glutino makes some good ones as goes ener-g. because...
  9. tictax707

    Really Depressed...i Hate My Stomach!

    I totally feel your pain. It's so frustrating! I too, have problems with other foods sometimes, even if they are gluten...
  10. I know what you feel like, being afraid of food. It totally sucks. But I would advise not to go overboard with your...
  11. tictax707

    Very Amusing Celiac Video

    I posted this on my facebook page. SO FUNNY! watch, it'll go viral.
  12. tictax707

    Awkward Meals Out

    One comment about bringing your own food. I have had problems in the past where restaurants (several different ones...
  13. tictax707

    Awkward Meals Out

    oh this is tough. I second the above post. Make sure you eat your most favorite yummiest, delectable meal you can think...
  14. Hi! I am not 100% sure I understand your question. You were wondering if not being able to have gluten impeded gains...
  15. tictax707

    Food Stealers At Work

    LOL!!! So true!! I'd make a big huge sandwich with lots of meat and good extras, and then the e-nerg bread. Or a rich...