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  1. Much to my surprise, Tostitos multigrain scoops are gluten free. What a fun treat! HOWEVER, tostitos multigrain "normal" chips are not!!!!! Guess who figured this out the hard way, and too late, of course.

    It's one of the things that was burned into my head when I was first diagnosed - always always always read labels. Formulations change, etc. Anyone I know can tell you that after almost 10 years diagnosed I am still always reading labels. Even if it says gluten free on it, because I have other food sensitivities. And the second I drop the gdddmmnn ball I am paying for it, dearly.

    I am extremely frustrated because the packaging is so similar between the two products. Not only that, they are both called "multigrain"!! :o

    On the other hand, I did this to myself because the ingredient list clearly stated wheat. :(

  2. I am sorry to hear this. I think that these replenishment drinks are best when you have them during or after your workout. I would stay away from powerade if you don't really like it, but I would also suggest that you rehydrate immediately after your workout with your chosen electrolyte drink. And you are right, after a lot of sweating you DO need more than water. And, if you wait hours before using a sports drink, it takes much longer to recoup and your system feels much much worse.

    I am a fan of gatorade. I also have taken to sucking on clif shot blocks. Gu also makes a "chomp" which is another one of those solid electrolye sqaures.

    There is also something called infinit - in which you can completely customize your own sports drink. If you google it, infinit nutrition should be one of the first links. That way you can control exactly what goes in - how much sugar & electrolyes, how strong the flavor, caffiene (if you want it), protein (if you want it). It's a pretty cool concept.

    Hope you find something that works!!

  3. I second Adalaide in that you just have to figure out what works for you. For me, I have to avoid flax meal because it makes me bloated and gassy like you said. Sucks because flax is in a lot of gluten free stuff now, but oh well...! I'll cross my fingers for you though!!

  4. I have colitis, and when it flares up I can't tolerate fruits or veggies. Sometimes lots of raw fruits/veggies can trigger a colitis flare up. I also can't handle stuff like flax or inulin. Beans are pretty much out, and I harbor an almost irrational fear of lentils. I can have wine sometimes, other times it messes me up BAD.

    But ultimately for me, the celiac is one issue and that is focused on the small intestine. I can tell you that I went from being completely flat when I was diagnosed to being all back to normal as indicated by an endo last year. The colon is a whole other issue. I am no doctor but I might think your issues could be due to a sensitive colon, not the small intestine?

  5. When I had my endo done, I was sick, but it was only for a few weeks. I was sure I had some crazy bug, because before that i was relatively ok. Although looking back I did get sick on and off mysteriously, although not often. point is, I was flat as a pancake too. But I just had another endo done last year (6-7 years post diagnosis) and everything had grown back beautifully. I have been able to be very physically active, completing 3 ironmans all AFTER my diagnosis. So, don't lose hope. :) But do keep in mind that everyone is different, and it's a good idea to be extra nice to yourself and *very vigilant* about the diet.

  6. I totally feel your pain. It's so frustrating! I too, have problems with other foods sometimes, even if they are gluten free. But ultimately I just pay attention, like you are, and note that maybe the veggie/garlic combo is not for you and avoid it in the future. Maybe you can pick off the veggies & garlic for lunch? It's all kind of lame, but it's a learning process, this whole taking care of your body thing... Depending on how bad the D is, you can pick up some pedialtye as it works better to rehydrate you than gatorade. Here's to you bouncing back quickly!

  7. I know what you feel like, being afraid of food. It totally sucks. But I would advise not to go overboard with your conclusions. Along the way you will find there are just some foods your body just doesn't like. Quinoa may just be one. Maybe there's too much protein in it for your body to handle in that form. who knows. Give yourself plenty of time to rest from the experience, eat your trusted foods for a bit, and then try something else. I personally, can't have oats, even gluten free ones. And that is just that. Don't worry about the whole grain picture just yet. Sometimes, it just is what it is, and you can't kill yourself overthinking it. I hope you feel better soon!

  8. One comment about bringing your own food. I have had problems in the past where restaurants (several different ones) have *not* let me bring my own food. They say it's a liability or some weird thing. I don't understand really. And believe you me, it's awful to be stuck in *that* situation. One restaurant did allow me to bring my own food but they made me sign a release form. this makes NO sense, but I was happy to sign. I'm just saying - if you want to bring your own food, check the place out to see how you think it might go.

  9. oh this is tough. I second the above post. Make sure you eat your most favorite yummiest, delectable meal you can think of beforehand. whatever you want. And dessert waiting is key. I am so so sorry that your friends are not more supportive at the moment.

    I've wrestled with the whole eating out question before and my answer often varies. Sometimes I am cool with just going and hanging out because the food doesn't really appeal to me for whatever reason. other times I honestly just don't go if I can't eat comfortably (I never tell them that), but then make it a point to meet some other way later, or reschedule around a restaurant that I can go to.

    Hope you have a great time!!

  10. Hi! I am not 100% sure I understand your question. You were wondering if not being able to have gluten impeded gains with exercise? Because at the end of your post you said that you can now jog every day when you used to not be able to. That's a gain, isn't it?

    I can say for me personally, I've gotten much stronger and faster after getting into the gluten free diet. I think you will find a lot of people who do as well. Of course everyone is different and everyone has different amounts of healing they need to do, so the healing and improvement time course is going to be highly varied...

  11. To answer a few questions... we do have rules about the fridge in terms of cleanup, but not the freezer. There were 4 (now 3) items in the freezer: my muffins, someone's ice pack, and some else's toaster waffles. It's really clean and not high traffic in the freezer. I know that someone didn't just throw them out thinking they were old because they took the whoopie pie but left the muffins. Both labeled "gluten free creations," in very similar clear containers. Many people I work with know that I am the gluten free girl around.

    Ultimately I have calmed down a bit. I don't even feel like spending money on ex lax, although I still kind of like the salt idea. Oh, that could be funny.

    I do keep some non-perishable stuff in my drawers as well, so I won't ever really be up a creek with *no* paddle. However the non-perishable stuff is not quite as yummy. I was upset because of the principle, :angry: and the stuff from this bakery is really really a treat for me. :( :(

    And part of the irony is that I really love to bake, and I am constantly bringing in my experiments to share with people at work. Usually they disappear within the hour. Over the holidays I slowed up because I was so busy. Guess they couldn't wait, eh? :o

    OH WELL.

    Thanks for your thoughts and letting me vent!!

  12. We have at work, a shared fridge and freezer. I never put my stuff in the fridge, but because the freezer is really empty, I keep some "emergency" snacks there for me. There were two, each in a labeled container from GLUTEN FREE creations (in Arizona - I live in California mind you, so these are not easy to get). I was in there on friday and they were there and today one was GONE! I AM SO HOPPING MAD that someone would take my food. It's not like I can just run to the cafeteria and get another muffin. I am disgusted.

    I am still so mad I can't even find words anymore.

  13. There is a kit you can buy called EZ gluten. You should be able to google it because I am not sure the following link will post. http://www.ezgluten.com/

    I tried it on something I knew was gluten free and something I knew contained gluten and it gave me the appropriate responses. Kind of a cool idea I think. Others may have different experiences with this kit - I haven't used it too much. This was you can test whatever you want, whenever you want. :) Hope this helps!!

  14. Darwin? DAWRIN? If you want to talk "dawrin" those guys would be offed via low intellegence alone. Did they get shots as a kid? Who is to say how they would have fared? I heard once in a talk given at a university that the gene for celiac disease may survived because it conferred an evolutionary advantage by protecting from bacterial infection. Go tell them THAT.

    My source is from right here at "home"


    Nothing irks me as a scientist than people running around quoting science who don't understand it, or take the time to understand it.

  15. I'd say kick him out because he is creepy and you don't feel safe around him. All gluten issues aside, you shouldn't have to live with someone you are afraid of. Your home is supposed to be a place of peace not fear and worry. Finding a roomie on craigslist may work for many people, but I think it's a crap shoot. Is there no other network that you can turn to in order to help with the search? friends of friends or family? church? sports teams? hobby groups?