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  1. Puffee, I just posted something about this same problem! Pregnant-looking, severely bloated for over a year and a half. Cannot figure out what's causing it. Some days are better, but the bloating is taking over my life. I get very fatigued, sleepy, nauseated and unable to function. I cannot wear my clothes unless they have a stretchy waistband because I never know when it's going to swell.

    My food intolerances: wheat, soy, peanuts and aspartame

    Anyone else have a similar story or any advice for us?

    I have the same problem too with the depressing bloated belly that looks pregnant! It is sooooooooo extremely frustrating to only see my stomach flat and "normal" maybe once a month--it sucks that bloated tends to be my normal belly that I forget what it's really supposed to look like. I feel super uncomfortable with certain shirts/jeans b/c of it also. I'm attempting to be strict with no gluten--have not been diagnosed with anything besides IBS, hiatal hernia, and gastritis.

  2. Someone posted here that they did find villi damage with teh pill cam. She also had half a celiac gene, ans symptoms.

    I have also read on other forums that some who had ha dmultiple endoscopies, where they did not find anything conclusive, that they did find celiac lesions with the pill cam, and they got a diagnosis.

    Celiac is quite easy to see in the pill cam. Just google pill cam.

    Here tehy also say celiac can be seen, but this is another technique: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17577113

    Thanx for the input! I was reading up on it after I read the newspaper article and it sounded interesting. My endo. didn't show anything and I was considering looking into this- just to see for a clearer answer instead of "take miralax and prilosec and see me in June"

  3. I guess this would be one of my main symptoms after I eat wheat. Its almost as if my bowels completely shut down for four days (sometimes three), followed by a day or two of going to the bathroom three times or more, and then it returns to normal again. It is a very noticeable pattern. Of course I get very anxious, extremely tired, almost feel like I have a "mask" over my eyes, and get severe stomach pains as well following any accidental consumption. Just wondered if others are completely constipation predominant. I really feel like my system goes into 'shut down' mode rather than "get it out" mode as most celiacs suffer from.

    I can totally relate to you too. I fall into the category of being either Celiac or gluten intolerant and have dealt with constipation for yrs. now- with the occasional stoimach attacks in which I have diarrhea (which is rare). For about a yr 1/2 (stopped in Oct.), I actually went for colonics monthly and I could not believe the amt. that came outta me. I was literally 5 lbs. lighter after each one, but then I would think I'd be eating "healthy" the following day and would bloat right back up again.

  4. The visit was good, he understood what I was saying and ordered some tests. I said I want to go gluten way either way, because I had felt so good when I had done atkins and he was supportive.

    I have one friend I can talk to about bodily functions, it's awesome :D

    And yeah, I get the pregnant belly too. It's depressing when you wake up and it's normal and then by the end of the day it's distended and in pain.

    That's good about your Dr. visit. I think mine is satisfied with the IBS diagnosis. He just told me the other wk. to take Miralax and Prilosec for my heartburn. sO, I guess it's up to me now :P

    That's good you have a friend to share that stuff with. hehe. It helps

    The pregnant belly blows! I get the same way when I wake up like wOoHOo and then midday i'm like WTf?!

  5. rjh1017

    I'm a gluten-free mentor , if you would like help just send me a personal e-mail &I'll be glad to help you along... Ialso test market for gluten-free foods.



    I was just skimming through posts and came across yours. I have not yet been diagnosed with Celiac or Gluten intolerance, but fit into the category of having at least intolerance. A few people responded to a post that I had summarized my ordeal with alleged IBS and suggested I try a gluten-free diet. I feel a bit overwhelmed and noticed that you wrote you're a "gluten-free mentor." If you could provide any help, that'd be awesome :-)


  6. This sounds like me, constpiated but with diarhea, nausea here and there. It's nice we can talk about bathroom issues, I've never felt like I could talk to anyone about this and hear I read others with the same experiences.

    The kickboxing sounds like my mom, she has this puffy stomach she can't get rid of and she was diagnosed with IBF. She did kickboxing all the time and her stomach is still puffy. The woman is a size six!

    I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, but either way I am planning on going on the diet. I did atkins once and felt pretty good, but hated the lack of fruit and veggies. I've been eating meals without wheat and then eating ones with wheat and seeing how I feel, I notice that the stomach pains and the sickness come after a lot of wheat is consumed.

    Either way, just do the diet and see how you feel. That's the best tell. I'm looking forward to losing my puffball stomach :)

    YEah really! It's great to find so many people on here who have the same problems. It''s funny b/c my best friend has the same issues and we'll be like "YAyy i pooped today!" without being grossed out..anyone else would be like uhhh thanx for sharing :P

    Aww that sux your mom has the same problems after kickboxing! LAst month, I had a full week of non-bloating and every morning I was like "Omg Yay it's flat" lol my friends thinks I'm crazy when I say i'm feeling gross and bloated...I looked pregnant sometimes with the bloating, yet i'm like a size 1/2-3/4.

    How did the visit to the Dr. go the other day?

    We can work on losing the puffball Buddha BEllies! :-)

  7. Wow, these boards are excellent sources for examples of how having an M.D. doesn't prevent you from being an idiot.

    Anyways, sounds like it's time for you to take the real test, the diet test. Don't let a not always conclusive test (biopsy) get in the way of finding out what's really going on in your body. If gluten really is your problem then you won't have to worry about that bloating once you go gluten free.

    -Yeah seriously! That Dr. was such an idiot. He told my best friend to lose some weight when she complained of her bloating not improving (and she wasn't fat either). I'll work on the diet. I think my doctor is going to think I'm a crazy hypochondriac if I tell him I want more tests. lol I'm determined to eventually get a correct diagnosis, rather than just "OH you have IBS"

  8. Steph,

    It certainly seems you have the symptoms. So here are a couple of things to think about. You may very well be Celiac. The small intestine is over 30 ft long. It could be very easy to miss some of the damage. You may be gluten intolerant, which comes with all the symptoms of Celiac, but tests will always be negative.

    You've been so uncomfortable for so long, why not give the diet a strict try? you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    If you need help along the way in becoming gluten free, you will have plenty to friends here :P


    -ThanX for the info. I'm a teacher and off for spring break starting tomorrow, so i plan on researching what to eat/not eat while I'm off and try my best to be strict :-)

  9. Hi,

    This is my first time on here. I have not yet been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, but I have convinced myself that that is what is wrong with my stomach. On March 17th, I had an Endo. with biopsy done. This morning, I was told that my results were "negative," which I figured would end up being the case. Sorry if this bores anyone lol but I thoguht I'd ramble about my stomach probs. and see if anyone could provide any feedback. When I was in grammar school (I am 28 now), my parents were told that I had a "nervous stomach." Whenever I had a test or something to make me nervous, I would be dying in the bathroom with diarrhea. Also, if I had too much ice cream, I would be dying as well..yet, I was never told to watch lactose or anything. Throughout high school, I cannot recall any problems with my stomach. Around 2002 (give or take a yr.), I began suffering from chronic constipation. I self-diagnosed myself with having IBS since that was all I heard about and my G.I. prescribed Zelnorm & aciphex...Zelnorm was ineffective as time progressed. After a few yrs. with that Dr., I switched to a diff. G.I. Dr. (B/c when I told him I was bloated 24/7, he claimed I should do sit-ups b/c i had a "good 5inches of fat." It was not fat at all) lol anyways, with the 2nd dr. he prescribed Miralax and Zelnorm. I had a colonoscopy & endo. done back in 2005. The only results were Gastritis & hiatal hernia from the Endo. I was prescribed prevacid, which I used for a bit. After some time, I was not happy with the constant bloating/constipation and did not want to rely on meds., so I went to a nutritionist until my insurance visits ran out. About 2 yrs. ago, I went for monthly colonics to help "clean myself out" for about a yr 1/2 (I know people have mixed opinions on that.) Also, 2 yrs. ago, I began going to a therapist- I have generalized anxiety disorder- which I know contributes to my stomach issues.

    For a whole week in the fall and another week last spring, I had nausea and pretty bad diarrhea each morning, but the G.i. Dr. did not seem concerned. Typically, I'm bloated, constipated (currently taking miralax and that helps with constipation a bit), and gassy. I also was told I was anemic in December. From time to time (since I was in grammar school), I've had low iron (which was assumed b/c I didn't each veggies often enough.

    I've been going to kickboxing classes 3-5 times a wk. since November, so one would think my bloating would improve, but "eh" I still feel uncomfortable. On rare occasions, I will actually have "flat stomach days"...which I really miss. lol So sorry for rambling, but I'm convinced I have celiac disease and do not know which step to take next. I also have brittle nails that are usually peeling and my top front teeth seem to have the enamel wearing away (I read those are symptoms as well).

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback!

    -Steph :-)