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  1. nyctexangal

    Completely Grain Free

    Thank you!
  2. nyctexangal

    Completely Grain Free

    Ps- I'm starting grain free as of today. Eek. We shall see how this goes!
  3. nyctexangal

    Completely Grain Free

    Is Rice Flour considered a grain? This is a great article, talks a bit about grains... http://articles.mercola.com...
  4. nyctexangal

    Test Results Negative

    I'd do the gene testing for sure...and go from there.
  5. nyctexangal

    Excessive Weight Gain Since Starting Diet

    I'd look into food intolerance's and vitamin/mineral deficiencies. I was starving until I had a food dietitian check...
  6. nyctexangal


    Earlier this week, I had tons of neruo issues. Got tons of blood work with a Celiac dietitian. I learned I was not absorbing...
  7. nyctexangal

    Need Easily Digestable Foods?

    My Celiac dietician has me eating some of the following: never the same foods 2 days in row digestive ensymes Lifeway...
  8. nyctexangal


    My Celiac dietitian told me yesterday that my recurrent sinus/allergy problems is a vitamin A deficiency due to Celiac...
  9. nyctexangal

    Glutened Vent

    I has similar experiences. Finally found out that it was all food intolerances, egg yolks, soy, dairy, and oils. I kept...
  10. nyctexangal


    Thank you both sooooo much! I just went out and bought the PB8! Looking forward to trying it out.
  11. nyctexangal


    Hi Everyone! I'm a Celiac and I'm currently soy, gluten, dairy, egg, oil, and egg free...and looking for a probiotic...
  12. nyctexangal

    Is Soy Next?

    I'm a newbie as well...and my last symptoms have only started to get better after cutting out soy, legumes, and beans...
  13. nyctexangal

    gluten-free Vitamins

    I take: Nature's plus Adults Chewables Youngevity's EFA's, calcium/Magnesium/Zinc pills, Selenium pills,and Mineral...
  14. I have lost 7 pounds since going gluten free in 3 months. So if you are overweight- you're body will love being gluten...
  15. nyctexangal

    Question About Beauty Products

    For sure, all gluten free products. No need to risk it.