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  1. From everything I've read, any product from General Mills that states "Gluten Free" is made in a dedicated facility....
  2. The problem is... arguing that Mcdonalds fries are safer for a celiac is crazy! Maybe if she brought him some gluten...
  3. It's against the health code in many states to allow any outside food to be brought into a restaurant. They aren't being...
  4. I got this email yesterday and thought I should share: May 23, 2012 Dear Katie, Thank you for visiting our web...
  5. There is ketchup and probably mustard in baked beans. My guess is that is why you got a positive. My family is gluten...
  6. Samsclub chicken is gluten free. It says so right on the package and we have NEVER had any reaction to it. We buy a lot...
  7. katerzz

    Can Kids Outgrow Gluten Intolerance?

    Do you also give her gluten free sugary foods like cake? I mean, I know my 10 month old would react to eating cupcakes...
  8. katerzz

    Something Is Still Not Right :(

    After thinking about this more.. have you not had a follow up with the doctor?? Have them do another biopsy.... perhaps...
  9. katerzz

    Something Is Still Not Right :(

    First off... get to an allergist. My son was diagnosed with Celiacs at 18 months but the first step the doctor wanted...
  10. Try better Batter gluten free flour... by far the best success I've had so far. Their website has tons of recipes too...
  11. I have a 2 1/2 year old with celiacs. I also have a 3 1/2 year old without. I try to provide cost friendly food for them...
  12. katerzz

    Bj's Pizza Ok?

    Hubby & son have had gluten-free pizza three times now from BJs and was great both times, no effects. It is amazing...
  13. katerzz

    Taco Bell

    As far as fast foods: Wendy's has the best gluten free menu. Their patties are gluten-free, chili, potatoes, many...
  14. katerzz

    I Need Ideas For Toddler Snacks!

    We give our toddler rice cakes and he loves them!
  15. katerzz

    High Igg Gliadin But Neg Everything Else

    Blood tests are not the golden ticket for diagnosing celiac. We were told by the gastro doctor that especially in kids...