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About Me

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease October 2009

Gluten Free September 2009

Since DX not much has improved, but many things have gotten worse.

I am continually looking for what things I might need to change in order for my body to be equipped to heal itself. And trying to be patient as I wait for that to happen.

  1. If you want a grain free bread try going to elanaspantry dot com. I believe she has a couple of grain free bread recipes I tried the more simple one of the two she had at the time and it was pretty good. A nice flavor, but it was more of a quick bread texture - though not quite as crumbly, and was...
  2. I just wanted to point out that msmini14 never said that anyone on this board "attacked" anyone. She just said that she could see why the OP might have felt attacked.
  3. Hi, I saw that you visited my profile. It is hard when you don't get the easy results that so many others seem to. It has been a long road for me.

  4. I agree too. I know that I have reacted through these types of exposures and I think that my children have too.
  5. Yes. Exactly! This is where I think some people are more, and some people are less sensitive - some will react to such small amounts of CC that you can't see it, while others seem to not react until they ingest a little more.
  6. I just wanted to say that I agree with Dilettantesteph. Some people really are more sensitive to gluten than others. When I was very new to this - only a couple of months into the diet, I didn't yet know how sensitive people could be. One night my daughter (who also has Celiac) was playing with a...
  7. It could be CC that built up in your system over time. Is it the Ancient grains quinoa? If you look up their site you can verify this, but I was having trouble with all quinoa products and I decided to see if there was a risk of CC from that company. If I remember correctly all of their products...
  8. I'm glad that helped you out a bit. I actually really liked the cashew and pecan variation - I think they are my favorite pick, but unfortunately I can't have nuts right now. I'm hoping that I will be able to add them back in after a while. Oh, and by the way, I just use a coffee grinder to grind...
  9. Brownies: Gluten Free and Flour Free 2/3 C. butter or coconut oil 1 12oz. package semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 1/2 C. sugar (you can cut down the sugar to half depending on what you like) 1/3 C. flax seed - ground 2/3 C. ground almonds or coconut flour (I have also used cashews and pecans...
  10. I have been thinking that I would do the same thing, so I am definitely going to keep an eye on this thread to see what people suggest. One thing I thought of while I have been trying to plan a strategy for how to eat without any grains is occasionally making brownies without any flours for those...
  11. Yes. That is one of the few symptoms that has gone away for me since I started the gluten free diet. I hope that you really are done with Restless Leg Syndrome. It is quite frustrating to put up with.