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  1. gary'sgirl

    So What Is Going On?

    Interesting thought Bartfull, I have had similar thoughts. It does seem like things just don't add up too much of the...
  2. Our bodies are made up of trillions of bacteria, and adding to all the beneficial ones with good probiotics can only...
  3. Hey CynthiaST, I've been gluten free for four years, but it took me a while to find all the weird little things that...
  4. gary'sgirl

    Millet Flour

    Hey there! Just wanted to point out that "Buchwheat" is not actually "Wheat" and it IS a gluten free grain. I wasn...
  5. Kareng and IrishHeart, Thanks for the responses about the validity of enterolab. I'm interested to read about...
  6. Some people have used Enterolab to verify that they had a gluten sensitivity, and this is done with a stool sample. If...
  7. Oh, one other thing CynthiaST, Are you pretty sure that your rice source is not contaminated with gluten? I'ld check...
  8. Hi CynthiaST, I did the SCD/Gaps diet for a while too, and the yogurt that you make for it was the first experience...
  9. gary'sgirl

    Favorite Coconut Flour Recipes?

    We really like the coconut flour cupcake recipes from elanaspantry. http://www.elanaspantry.com/paleo-chocolate-cupcakes...
  10. I do that (ferment brown rice with vinegar) too, for my family. I sometimes have a few bites, but although it makes it...
  11. Okay, so I guess this isn't too hot of a topic. I still hope that people will join this discussion, because I think...
  12. Hi All, I was just wondering if any of you have had much experience with and/or success with cultured foods. Have...
  13. gary'sgirl

    Yeast Free Bread

    If you want a grain free bread try going to elanaspantry dot com. I believe she has a couple of grain free bread recipes...
  14. gary'sgirl

    Gained Over 60Lbs And Cant Loose It.

    Hey there Cindy, I really think that with the weight issue it's just depends on the person and what all is going...
  15. gary'sgirl

    Need Opinions

    Reading your symptoms first brought to mind "gallbladder attack", in particular the pain that you describe under the...