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  1. Ehlers Danlos is a connective tissue disorder, not autoimmune. It is an actual genetic defect in the make up of collagen in the body. I have EDS as well as Celiac Disease, my oldest son has both also. My daughter has mild EDS and carries the genetic marker for Celiac Disease. My youngest son...
  2. Yes, I knew. He was dx in Nov. of 04. He was very colicky as a baby! He had RSV at 13 months which is a real health set back for any baby. Then he was hospitalized again at 18 months and at about 2 1/2. He's just never been much at fighting infection. He also has asthma and chronic ear trouble ...
  3. My 7 year old, who has celiac, had it about a month ago. One minute he was fine, the next minute one very sick little boy. Christi