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  1. I'm not super sensitive when it comes to cross contamination so I thought I'd be safe with this one. I was so happy to read that the distilling process would make this gluten-free enough for me to drink! Well, after one, I started feeling gurgly. Not thinking about it too much, I had another one the next night with the same reaction. There's enough gluten in there to cause my body to react and I'm one of those who can share a glutened peanut butter jar, a knife, a toaster without any issues.

  2. I'm still a new gluten free girl. Before being diagnosed with celiac disease I had *NONE* of the gastro issues often associated with the disease. I've been diliberately gluten-free since my diagnosis last month. I'm wondering if I was accidentally glutened by tonight's dinner. What are your symptoms of being glutened?

    Two hours after eating, I got a sharp, almost labor like pain in my stomach. Now I just feel like I've got a big lump in there. I'm not nauseous or anything else. Wondering if that's what it is or if I have some other issue altogether. :P

  3. I'm feeling better today, but so cranky! My poor DH has to deal with my PMS and now my pseudo-pms :P I've noticed my hunger has gone way down, probably because my normal snacking items are off limits now. I'm sooo ready for the head fog to be gone. I've chalked it up to having babies for the past few years, but now I know it's due to celiac disease. Thanks for responding :)

  4. I've been thinking about getting a bread machine, too. I looked at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday and there were only two on the floor. One was pretty simple and only $70 and the other was a bit more involved and had a special "gluten free" setting and was something like $130. Anyone know if that's even necessary? I'm thinking a bread machine would be better than just oven baking since I moved from sea level to 7000' above sea level and still have no clue how to make things that don't deflate in the oven :lol:

  5. I've been gluten-free for exactly a week. Just this afternoon a headache came on like a freight train. We were at Home Depot and I thought I was going to be sick. I had to get outside, and then it subsided a bit. I thought the headache was just from all of the chemicals in HD (which have never bothered me before). It's been six hours and I still have what feels like a dehydration headache (I'm not dehydrated). My stomach is also not feeling great. Anyone else had anything similar when going gluten-free?

  6. I was just diagnosed with celiac disease last Monday and it came as a total shock since I didn't have any of the stomach or digestive problems. I've wondered, too, about having a bit of gluten here and there. I asked my doctor about it and she said I could every now and then but just to know that it would take my body 4-5 days to heal. I've been really good with my gluten-free diet and just today the headache came out of nowhere. It feels like a dehydration headache. I'm hoping it doesn't stick around too long.