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  1. Thank you, nogluten4me. (: Still having a little bit of a rough time, but I'll be fine. I'm sure of it. In reply to the first three responses though... definitely. Wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole. Frustrating, but I'll be able to find the right one, I'm sure. (:
  2. I honestly have to agree with you, ianm. While I'm still upset about it and think about her a lot, I'm now beginning to realize how cruel of a person she was. With all of her lying and her tricks, it just wasn't worth it. It's true when they say "blinded by love." As much as I hate to admit to that...
  3. My fiancee left me because of all this. 2.5 years together and she left me because I was sick. It's just so beyond me. I can't even imagine that someone is so uncaring and would do that. Ahhh. That was just over 7 weeks ago, so I'm still thinking about her daily and that's not helping. I wish I could...
  4. Germ-x hand sanitizer is gluten free too, and it smells FANTASTIC.