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    I am a young, otherwise healthy mother and active duty Air Force wife. I love my son and playing outside with him, as well as reading and playing sports.
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    Robins AFB, GA

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  1. grilled cheese, with a side of zofran LOL my morning sickness has migrated to evenings today.
  2. Now that I am pregnant, I eat a bowl of Udi's cranberry granola, I split an Udi's bagel with butter and strawberry with my son, and I have a cup of coffee. I also have been known to add a string cheese to the equation Before that it was usually yogurt, orange juice, and toast and butter (Udi...
  3. I think it's in your head lol Water is water.
  4. After I gave birth to my son the first thing I asked for was a 4 pack of Boylans LOL
  5. I'm 6 weeks pregnant now and I know what you mean with the saltines. I got Glutino gluten-free crackers and drink Reeds ginger beer. It really helps me. I am hoping to escape the extreme morning sickness this time around (I was hospitalized twice with my son). Hugs and I hope it helps!
  6. I drink Dunkin Donuts coffee at home and it's fine. I haven't tried buying a cup though.
  7. Finals! Study study study!

  8. This is interesting because I had some smoked brisket last night at a friends house. Her dad cooked it on a brand new grill, her mom has celiac so he has learned how to work around it. There was food with gluten in it around but I only had the meat. Today my stomach is upset but that's all I have...
  9. It depends, I got glutened at the beach but it was all CC and took 2 days to get REALLY sick. Other times I have been sick within 2 hours of eating it.
  10. Nice to see you around the forum K8ling! :-)

  11. I have swelling too, although it isn't as severe as yours is! I'm so sorry you have to deal with that! My doctor told me that MY swelling is a result of my allergic reaction (I also get hives when I get glutened). I really hope they can find a solution for you. Maybe it IS the Diet Coke?