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    I am a young, otherwise healthy mother and active duty Air Force wife. I love my son and playing outside with him, as well as reading and playing sports.
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    Robins AFB, GA

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  1. Thanks so much guys, I missed having all of you to ask questions/share vents on sharing a kitchen (my inlaws fed my kid wheat the whole time we were there! THEN suggested I allow wheat into MY kitchen ... yeah... no.). I could see the board but only on my iphone so it was tiiiny.

    So SO happy to be home, and breastfeeding is going well this time. I ran out of milk by 3 weeks with Collin and had lost 24 pounds. This time I am holding steady at 180 and breastfeeding VERY well. SO glad I got diagnosed before I had another baby.

    So! What have I missed???

  2. Hey guys! I'm so sorry I have been away for a few months, the wifi at my inlaws was spotty at best. Anyway, I had the baby on 9/28/11 and brought all my own gluten-free food to the hospital- they weren't sure how to feed me so they went to PUBLIX and bought an Amys bowl! I was like "Um, I hope you didn't bill my insurance for that..."

    Jacob was 9 pounds, 11 oz... amazing what a healthy diet can do for you AND your kiddos! I can't wait to jump back in now that I am home. The husband is still deployed (and may be extended) soooo... I guess I'll just have to cook to keep busy haha

  3. I TOTALLY understand, it makes me so mad! Or, my favorite is "Oh, there's no wheat in there so I can eat it" by the people who are supposed to be gluten-free..and then they totally just eat it.

    CELIAC IS WHEAT, BARLEY and RYE. Idiots. Then people look at ME like *I'M* being overly picky and snarky about my food because the fake gluten-free eater is like "Oh a little bit won't hurt me!"

    Excuse me, but I am 6 months pregnant and DO NOT need a reaction right now. THATS why I am so careful!!!

  4. I'm headed to Florida and will be 6 months pregnant and traveling with a toddler... I am planning on packing my cooler full of PB&J, Udi's, fruit, cereal, some milk... And I'll get some fries at Chick fil A if my pregnancy cravings get the best of me LOL

    Anyway, I'm planning on surviving in thai kitchen stuff once I'm there...jsut gotta get down there...

  5. So, a few weeks ago I had a major reaction, and I posted hoping you guys could help me sort it out...

    I figured it out.

    I had been eating fruit snacks with my son, and I had read the box and everything seemed fine...

    Until I went a bought a case of them at the case sale at the commissary!

    Motts by Brachs fruit snacks: Processed on equipment that may have trace amounts of wheat .

    You've got to be kidding me.

    Now I have a case of 56... why would the little box not say that?!