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An avid cook and gardener, I spend most of my time thinking about food from seed to compost. My education was an eclectic blend of liberal arts and scince, and my graduate degree was a nutrition degree. Currently, I work in research and am working on publishing my first cookbook (http://onebowlcookbook.com). Once the cookbook baby is done, I'm planning to head back for a PhD or find myself a nice cabin with access to good hiking, gardening, and kayaking for a quieter semi-rural life. Spare time will be spent on fiber arts, primarily spinning yarn.

And, perhaps, some fuzzy little chicks of my own!

  1. pizza topped with tuna and sauteed mushrooms w/ lots of garlic and herbs
  2. i'm liking that idea for the rice! I have dried cranberries, rosemary, and rice bubbling away in the rice cooker now and just ate a few lactofermented pickles (persian cukes + carrot sticks) to hold off the hunger until food is actually prepared. i'm having rice, broccoli (cooked) and some form...
  3. Salmon Artichoke Patties (retro with a post-millenium twist) Summer Smashed Red Potatoes Peas (freezer, sadly, the garden was too wet to pick from) Chocolate First serious cooked meal in almost a week-- I've been furiously working on final edits on my cooking for one cookbook. It's almost...
  4. baked beans cucumber pickled kohlrabi quick raspberry compote
  5. Multigrain Pilaf with Lentils Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese Steamed Spinach Microwave Fresh Raspberry-Blueberry Compote
  6. collards in garlic broth corn tortillas chocolate mousse with sweet peanut swirl after-dinner drink pending...?
  7. Actual food works too: PB, almond butter, hard boiled eggs, deli meat, tuna, etc for protein and then fruit/dairy/grains for carbs. Cold boiled potatoes a fav for me pre-run.
  8. Raw snow peas and carrots (I grew 'em... first year with true carrot success EVER!) Goat cheese mozzarella chocolate chips
  9. wild rice/brown rice/lentil pilaf fennel goat cheese mozzarella more fennel chocolate chips and... a gin and tonic, with flat tonic water, unfortunately.
  10. Soup: quinoa corn pasta, turnip and kohlrabi greens, baby turnip, a baby yellow squash, gigantes beans, lots of herbs, olive oil, and a shot of chili garlic vinegar.
  11. http://www.elanaspantry.com/lemon-rosemary-mini-muffins/ blueberries (weird summer eating-- tend to eat major meal at lunch and large snack around 4, so not much for supper)
  12. Also kinda grazed: raw snow peas raw romano beans (purple green beans!) baked beans blueberries chocolate chips maybe a piece of toast or a muffin at some point...
  13. As I was somewhat remiss in the vegetable area towards the end of last week, I'm starting this week off on a green note: Fresh Pea and Artichoke Soup Collards, nuked in the microwave Coconut Flour Waffle with Plum Preserves ... rather a lot of snow peas while stringing them for tomorrow ...
  14. Spinach (nuked), with chopped marinated artichoke hearts Wild rice, brown rice, and lentil pilaf Sunbutter Bars with chocolate chips (boy, do I wish I had measured when I made these. darn it.) Blueberries Lavender Mint Lemonade