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  1. I'd stay gluten-free until you have a diagnosis indicating otherwise. If, for example, you come back with a Crohn's...
  2. sb2178

    What's For Breakfast Today?

    Butternut squash soup... then half an udi's bagel w/ PB and fig jam later in the morning.
  3. Frittatas are great one-dish meals that are good cold or hot.
  4. sb2178

    The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Original

    Deadlines are all in the Dec 15 to Jan 15 range. Still struggling a bit to figure out where I would fit well with faculty...
  5. sb2178

    Waffle Iron Blues

    Never tried it, but perhaps you could bake it in the oven instead?
  6. Not enough! Was supposed to teach a canning class tomorrow; fortunately, it was canceled as I'm beat and need the down...
  7. sb2178

    The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Original

    wow, must pop back in more often. just spent a few weeks pre-GRE studying (kicked that baby over the moon) and haven...
  8. sb2178

    gluten-free Recipes To Freeze?

    I freeze lentil soup and curried chickpeas with carrots like they are going out of fashion. Basically, any soup or stew...
  9. sb2178

    Saw My New Pcp Today..

    I'd take in some info from really classic medical sources: Mayo Clinic (search as a provider, rather than as a patient...
  10. sb2178

    5-Yr-Old ... Need Help

    "his system adjusting"?! Really, fat malabsorption is abnormal. A PCP should be able to order the blood tests, so...
  11. sb2178

    What's For Breakfast Today?

    Leftover pasta and veg with tuna. 'twas quite good.
  12. I eat the dark chocolate hazelnut ones in very limited quantities, but have not contacted them. Typically, I don't react...
  13. sb2178

    18 Weeks Pregnant B-12 Very Low

    at 18w, the critical point for folate is past (not that you shouldn't fix any deficiencies, just that it's not incredibly...
  14. sb2178

    I'm Miffed - Need Advice

    I actually do really well eating at one grandmother's house because she makes that classic steak and potatoes food that...
  15. There's a blog called Eat the Damn Cake that you should really pop over to and add a comment. She recently did a brief...