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  1. Hi all!

    I am a loooooong time lurker, but decided to go ahead and ask my question. Like many other newbies, I am debating whether or not to get a Celiac diagnosis. Here's the deal - I tested positive for wheat allergy (among many others), but the issue is that it was via progressive intradermal testing. When I was tested via the skin prick test, no reaction occurred. Apparently the intradermal is supposed to be less accurate, but it is sometimes more accurate when it is progressive...confusing, I know. All I know is that I was stuck so many times I wanted to cry and they couldn't even finish the test because I was reacting so much.

    Despite the conflicting info, I went gluten-free and when I stick to it, I feel WAY better. Problem is, as we all know, it is a tough lifestyle to stick to.

    I am just looking for other opinions - is it even worth the effort to see if it is Celiac's? The only reason I am still doubting is the differing allergy test results.

    Thanks for any advice and have a great day!