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DQ6/DQ8 Celiac Sprue. Enterolab HLA-DQ B allele 1 *0302:HLA-DQ B allele 2 *0602. This genotype combination gives a strong predispositions to Type 1 Diabetes, Celiac Disease and Leaky Gut Syndrome. One male sibling has Type 1 Diabetes. The DQ6 gives some protection for developing Type 1 Diabetes which lessens with age.

Diagnosed in 2006 at age 70 but have had symptoms of gluten sensitivity all of my life. During the years I was undiagnosed I learned to use many alternative methods to cope with the developing problems of Celiac Disease. Most of these health promoting methods came from the book 'The Cure for All Diseases' by Hulda Clark, PhD, ND and helped keep me functioning and active over the last 25 years. These procedures did not stop the damage caused by gluten so I have had a lot of healing to do but by understanding the underlying problem I am in much better health now than I was 4 years ago.

I have been criticized by the moderators and warned not to refer people to certain alternative websites and not to make diagnoses since I am not a qualified/licensed medical practitioner.

  1. Welcome To PPA Physician's Plasma Alliance is made up of healthcare professionals collecting and distributing specialized blood/plasma and other biological products throughout the world www.physiciansplasma.com Follow the link to find out all the diseases they are interested in and more information...
  2. About 4 years ago I remember seeing messages from 2 people who had your combination of autoimmune problems. I searched for 'hemochromatosis celiac' - sone of the websites Celiac Disease and Liver Disorders Case histories show that iron overload and diagnosis of hereditary hemochromatosis...
  3. I also have a Type 1 diabetic sib and have 'low sugar' spells even gluten-free. I also recommend the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It is a good idea add fiber to your food, I use gluten-free oat bran from Montana Monster Munchies online. I add it to all my meals. I have found eating grapefruit after...
  4. Hello Philippa - I had endrmetriosis when I was young and sometimes very heavy periods. In my 40's I had my second d&c and shortly after that I did a herbal program to kill parasites. My next pap was negative and no more problems. It also got rid of the white plaque in my mouth. However I have...
  5. I can't tolerate alleve and use tylenol and take turmeric as an antinflammatory. Years ago I would have episodes of painful swolen ankles and feet. It turned out to be a delayed allergic reaction to cow's milk. I've been gluten-free and casein free for more than 4 years and recently ate some butter...
  6. What's happening is that the food you eat is putrifying in your gut. This is caused by bacteria which are digesting the protein in your food. There are various bacteria which do this and indicates that your intestinal bacteria are unbalanced. If this happened after you ate dairy the bacteria is most...
  7. I was able to eat grain-free using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I find this diet satisfying - my staple foods were vegetables, winter squash, meats and poultry and found a source of organic, gluten-free goat's milk yogurt. There is a recepie book available. Using this diet I have been able to...
  8. Several years ago a woman in the Army who had celiac disease wrote in. She had been deployed to Afganistan or Iraq to train Afgan/Iraqui soldiers out away from any city and was trying to live of the army diet and was having increasing problems. I think she was an officer and did not want her problem...
  9. I wake up mornings with swollen eyes and bags and have not found that being off gluten has helped much. The only things which have helped was when I did a whole year or so of internal body cleanses (parasite, kidney, liver flushes and various liver support and toxin removing herbal programs). Its...