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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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    Dancing, volunteering, traveling, baseball, running, writing, talking to random people in the grocery store in the pasta isle...or maybe even the produce department, being positive, using reusuable bags, perfecting my public speaking skills, bright colors and people, taking the baton and running wih it.

    I'd like to: learn to snowboard/ski, learn Chinese, travel to Europe, revisit Montreal, learn to belly dance and play the bag pipes (not at the same time), really learning to play the piano, reconnect with friends, learn to salsa/ballroom dance, write a book, inform, run a half-marathon, dance the funky chicken, make you smile...
  1. Anyone Around Albany Ny?

    Hi - i'm in Southern Vermont too! Near Bennington! Its hard to find restuarants around here that have options but Hannaford has a lot of good choices.
  2. Western Mass?

    I'm in southern Vermont but am hoping to get well sooner than later so I can move to Western Mass. I have a lot of friends in that area and love the Berkshires. Its harder in southern Vermont to find gluten-free restaurants or even options but its definitely not hard at the supermarket. Hope you are well!
  3. Just wanted to say hello to other gluten-free'ers!
  4. Thanks for replying! Did you ever feel like you could taste the smells on your tongue and you couldn't get rid of them unless you went out of the house for a while and took in fresh air or you spit out the "taste"?
  5. is keeping positive and loving acupuncture.

  6. Does anyone else have sensitivities to other chemicals or medications thought to be tied to their gluten intolerance/allergy? Anyone have a strong (I mean STRONG) sense of smell? I can smell things that my family cannot smell at ALL! I also have an Italian nose, but its been stronger in the last year, so I don't think I can blame it on the schnaze. And, did anyone notice if these sensitivities go away when they went gluten free?
  7. Does anyone ever feel like there is a "lump" in their throat or feel like there is a gas bubble there? I can swallow okay but it feels like something is in there even though I went to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor and they don't see anything with their testing scope. I'm thinking it could be anything - dry heat (we have a wood furnace), my myofascial pain syndrome, chemicals in my home or mold or anything really, but I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this or had any insight. Thanks!
  8. I'm sorry we are both experiencing that but its good to know we are not alone. Thanks for replying!
  9. Does anyone experience itchyness on their stomach but it feels like it is coming from their intestines? Its not hive-ish or rash-ish there but it literally feels like its coming from the intestines and going to my stomach skin layer.
  10. Hi - I've been dealing with a 13 month migraine because of a strong antibiotic kicking it off and the possibility that I also have a gluten intolerance. I have been getting acupuncture and taking chinese herbs from my acupuncturist for the last few months and its safe to say that my migraine is almost gone. I was at the point of not being safe enough to drive too. The acupuncture doesn't hurt one bit and it hashelped with so many other issues I've had. I reccomment it highly and I look forward to it each week...it is amazing and helps you feel wonderful! Good luck!
  11. Did anyone ever have burning feeling face or puffy-feeling face and or lips from eating gluten?
  12. I am not sure if this is gluten related just yet since I only started my gluten-free diet one week ago, but for the last year, I've had a puffy-feeling face that is red and I can feel it but others cannot see the puffyness, but I know its there. I had stomach problems before this and then was put on flagyl which made things much worse, so my face could still be having side-affects from the flagyl or the gluten or both. Hopefully we will both see changes soon. It is frustrating but we have to stay positive. You are a strong person!
  13. Hello all, I have not had a Gastroenterologist confirm that I have Celiacs Disease, since my body is too weak for a Colonoscopy at this time, but he thinks I either have celiac disease or IBS. I have had blood work done which came back negative, but that doesn't mean I might not have a gluten intolerance. I'm hoping someone else out there can offer any insight or help with my current issue or just someone who has a similar situation to reach out and say hello. I was having stomach bloating, pain, gas, constipation and diahrea on and off for about a year and went to my (former) primary care doctor and he thought I had Giardia so he gave me flagyl. The stool tests came back negative for the Giardia but it was too late - I was already taking the Flagyl. It messed up my system pretty bad and gave me a 13 month migraine, numbness in my feet and hands, chills, naseau, weakness, metalic taste in my tongue, depersonalization (brain fog - I am unsafe to drive at this time), jittery arms & legs, forgetfullness, no energy, hives on skin and in private areas, puffy feeling face even though its hard for others to spot, redness on my skin, excessive sweating and a pungeant body odor and so many other things. My thought was that maybe I had a gluten-intolerance and the doctor missed it and gave me the Flagyl which made my whole system MUCH worse. I am getting acupuncture treatment and taking chinese herbs for the relief of some of my symptoms. My migraine is almost gone and some of my naseau has resolved but there are many symptoms that are still there. I don't like medications and try to do things naturally and I'm sure you can understand why. I have just taken the gluten out of my diet last Sunday so its one week today. I am noticing a little reduction in my hives but I'm not quite sure yet. I'm hoping its the gluten that is making things worse, but I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket so I don't get down if this is not the case. How long do people generally see a change in their stomach and other symptoms when they go gluten-free? I do realize every body is different, but I'm just looking for others opinions. Thank you and have a wonderful day!