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    Dancing, volunteering, traveling, baseball, running, writing, talking to random people in the grocery store in the pasta isle...or maybe even the produce department, being positive, using reusuable bags, perfecting my public speaking skills, bright colors and people, taking the baton and running wih it.

    I'd like to: learn to snowboard/ski, learn Chinese, travel to Europe, revisit Montreal, learn to belly dance and play the bag pipes (not at the same time), really learning to play the piano, reconnect with friends, learn to salsa/ballroom dance, write a book, inform, run a half-marathon, dance the funky chicken, make you smile...
  1. is keeping positive and loving acupuncture.

  2. I am not sure if this is gluten related just yet since I only started my gluten-free diet one week ago, but for the last year, I've had a puffy-feeling face that is red and I can feel it but others cannot see the puffyness, but I know its there. I had stomach problems before this and then was put...