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  1. See my reply on your new thread. I think it helps to answer some of your questions.
  2. I found another paper that says that the anti-tTG levels usually drop in people with refractory celiac disease who are adhering to a gluten free diet. There is another substance that is characteristic of RCD. "Taken together, the antibodies...
  3. I found a couple of papers that dicussed failure to respond to a gluten free diet. One said this: "The case patient is among a small proportion of individuals with celiac disease whose illness does not respond to a gluten-free diet. The...
  4. poopedout

    On The Couch For 2 Days!

    Perhaps you have microscopic colitis. I read that anyone with celiac disease who does not respond to a gluten free diet should be tested for microscopic colitis.
  5. Thank you for the reply. You have answered my questions about the gluten sensitivity genes and now I know why I can't find information about them except from Enterolab. I did stop eating gluten before I knew anything about Enterolab and...
  6. Thanks for the great answer. That was just the kind of information I was looking for. I don't have any ataxia, but my husband might say my brain is missing something. I seem to have the genes that are commonly found in people with microscopic...
  7. What they say is that I have two copies of a gene that predisposes to gluten sensitivity so that means that each of my children will have one copy of the gene. What I am not sure of is whether there is a gene that predisposes to gluten...
  8. My problem is that I have received this report stating that each of my children has inherited a gluten sensitivity gene from me. I need to tell my sons about this but I do not know if this is bogus science or if it is real.
  9. My question is about the difference between the genes for celiac disease and the genes for gluten sensitivity. I did not know that there were different genes for gluten sensitivity and I have not found anyone else talking about them except...
  10. So is it only Enterolab who calls these genes gluten sensitivity genes and tests for them?
  11. Dr. Peter Green says in his book that there are two types of gluten sensitivity. One is patients that improve when gluten is removed from their diet and relapse on re-introduction and the other is patients with positive blood tests for celiac...
  12. Should my GI take these results seriously? He is the one (also my family doctor) who said I am too old to have celiac disease. I suppose he will say it is "just gluten sensitivity".
  13. So if I am just "gluten sensitive" I can keep eating gluten and it will not harm me. They also mention "immunologic gluten sensitivity" which can be more severe with having two genes. Does that mean that I probably produce anti-ttG antibodies...
  14. I posted quite a long time ago and I decided to have genetic testing by Enterolab. I have not had much help from the medical profession. I saw the GI doc and he refused to do the gene testing and grudgingly agreed to do a ttg IgA but not...
  15. I think it just means you have inflammation of the lining of the small bowel. The lymphocytes are the troops that fight inflammation.