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  1. I was wondering aside from beer, is there any alcohol that we should stay away from ? Thanks, Roo
  2. When would you eat focaccia bread? As a roll? As a snack? A pizza crust? All of the above, none of the above? I've heard of it and it sounds good, but I am clueless. Roo
  3. I have a few of the toaster bags in my kitchen cabinet. What exactly do I do with them? Does the bread actually turn brown in them, do you just use them in a pop up toaster? Thanks for the help, Roo
  4. I use the mixes from The Really Great Food Company. Everything I've ever made from them has been great! Cakes, Brownies, Muffins, I order their gluten-free Flour mixture. I love them. Roo
  5. someone mentioned the toaster bags...I have heard about these over and over but am not sure how they work? You put the toast in it and pop it in a regular toaster and the bread actually browns without the bag melting? Thanks, Roo
  6. E-Z Marinader is gluten-free. It is in a pouch and is made by Heinz, I just buy it in the Supermarket. I wish it didn't only come in a pouch because then you can't just use a little. But at least I found it and it's a good one. Roo
  7. my son went to sleep away camp this summer, and although they were very nice and tried to be accomodating I just felt more comfortable providing the food. It's never as important to anyone else as it is to you and there are so many nuonces (sp?). I stayed home for an exhausting day cooked 7 different meals maybe 10 in your case, did them each servings for 5 packaged them individually and froze them in the huge camp freezer. At each meal he (my son) defrosted the next one. For breakfast he had eggs from them or cereal from us. Obviously the day of cooking is tough but then it's all done and the more meals you cook the longer until you have to do it again and the more variety your Grandma will get. Good luck, Roo
  8. I have found tons and tons of recipes from a website www.glutenfreeda.com it costs $5.00 to try it for one month or $30.00 for a year. I tried it for a month at first and then I turned it into the year subscription. But if you only want to pay the $5.00 you can sign up and just look through it and e-mail all the recipes you want to yourself. There are soooo many good ones I have made a ton of the Asian ones and others too. It took a little work but I was able to find all the Asian sauces that they ask for that are gluten-free. They are pretty easy too, I have 3 kids and not much time to cook in the afternoon when school starts cause I am driving around so much, but I can manage these. I hope you try it, let me know if you want to know which sauces are gluten-free. Roo
  9. celiac3270, Could you send me a copy too? Thanks, Deblieb@aol.com
  10. We use Viactiv for women Chocolate flavor. We use the multivitamin in the morning and then the extra Calcium D + K in the afternoon. My son says they taste good. They are chewable Roo
  11. How do you know when something is injected? What exactly does the label say so that you know or suspect, so you know to look into it? Roo
  12. When we eat out we usually order things like eggs, hamburger, steak, grilled chicken, grilled or sauted shrimp, lobster, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes or roasted potatoes and vegies. As an appetizer mozz and tomato or mussles in a red sauce, steamers or shrimp cocktail. Isn't Rosoto also Gluten Free? How about shrimp or lobster salad? Roo
  13. Hey all, We will be traveling to Marthas Vineyard MA early this week for a family vacation, Has anyone been there? Do you know of any good restaurants that are gluten-free friendly? This is our first vacation post-diagnosis and are a alittle nervous about meals and choices. Especially breakfast. Thanks in advance, Roo
  14. How about using EZ Marinade Terriaki It's made by Heinz and they sell it in the supermarket. It's good. It comes in a pouch. Roo
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