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  1. About ten years ago I developed an ache and dull pressure in the right side of my abdomen after taking probiotics for...
  2. Sounds like me. I don't have full blown Celiacs, but gluten and casein intolerance, which has resulted in leaky gut...
  3. Thanks. That was an interesting article. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that I will be able stabilize my gut until...
  4. Apache

    Does Anybody Eat Millet?

    I think I will definitely try buckwheat then. There aren't enough foods I can tolerate in order to make recipes, but...
  5. Apache

    Does Anybody Eat Millet?

    I meant white bread made from wheat. I was looking for wild rice the other day but couldn't find any that wasn't...
  6. I'm wondering how other people with leaky gut handle millet. I don't digest grains very well in general, but millet...
  7. The biggest problem I have with the GAPS diet is that my system is very sensitivie to bone stock and vegetables. I am...
  8. I'll start with my question about exotic grains. I can't handle quinoa, white rice, or brown rice. They all cause stomach...
  9. What are you eating on the paleo diet? What paleo foods have you eliminated?
  10. Apache

    Vegetarian Gaps Diet?

    What is it about eating meat that you are against? And what are you eating currently that is causing problems? If you...
  11. Apache

    Sick From Soy

    Don't consume soy if you're trying to heal leaky gut, even if probiotics help you tolerate it. There are too many gut...
  12. Apache

    Sick From Soy

    It's weird, but sometimes I can handle soy and sometimes I can't. I've actually decided to stop eating all together...
  13. Apache

    Low Carb Diet For Daughter.

    It sounds like your daughter is carb addicted. The things you mentioned that she prefers to eat are nothing but simple...
  14. Apache


    I do have leaky gut. I just wasn't sure if tomatoes could be doing any harm even if they aren't producing symptoms....
  15. Apache


    Right now plain tomato juice is about the only carb source I seem to do okay with. I hear a lot about nightshades being...