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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. The Sage test is done with blood. I had mine done by a chiropractor in Colorado Springs. You can find a web site but it was TOO expensive. Good Luck. Chronic.
  2. Itchy Throat?

    I have not had the thrhoat closing problem but have seen several allergist with no help from them. After doing the SAGE test and applying the results religiously my life has improved. This type of allergy testing tells you how foods react WITHIN the body not the skin. Give it some thought. Chronic
  3. Dear Mariab. You and I have all the same physical problems! We might be sisters sharing the same health symptoms. In addition I have severe allergy problems that had been over looked in the past. My daugher introduced me to the Sage testing method which has helped alot. The CFS has kept me house bound for 12 years==not full time but just about. It seems everything I tried has helped some but not enough to give back the ZEST for life I so crave. CHRONIC
  4. The Healing Process

    I have been bluten free for 2 1/2 years and just now have more good daays than real bad. I too discovered many allergies bia the SAGE test. Reaction to these allergies actually mock gluten reactions. Hang in there and you will learn more and more about yourself and the food you eat. Chronic
  5. Supplement Question

    This is so interesting that someone else cannot take supplements. My body tolerates nothing and yes I did try intraveineous (sp) vitamins treatments for three months. For me eating healthy works best. Chronic
  6. What Can Be Going Wrong....

    After 2 plus years of being gluten free I too continued to be sick. Granted many symptoms improved but the fact remained many more were just as bad, infact, worse. Thank God for this message board as it enabled me to ask questions , also learned additional information while reading messages from other sufferers. The latest help for me was getting the Sage Test. At the time it was in one of the messages, I had no idea what it was. This new way of testing for allergies has improved my life once all these foods were eliminated from my diet. Chronic
  7. Cd's Over 50yrs.

    Hi LIsa, I sm Way over 50 but would be happy to correspond with you. I have multiple problems, such as chronic fatigue and severe allergies. Also 40 years of trying to get medical help along with homeopathic procedures has given me many experiences but no cure. Chroic
  8. B Complex Vitamin

    I too have problems with vitiamins but it doesn't stop there. I have severe reactions from ANY supplement. I have been told that it can be a liver problem but my blood tests show no evidences of that sort. I check everything--supplements or vitamins for glutin so this isn't a problem. It makes no difference whether they are liquid or powdered. A horrible reaction every time. I know of one other person that has the same condition. Chronic
  9. Help For Dry Skin/rashes

    Thanks for all the messages concerning mouth blisters. For sure I will ask the Doctor about this problem on Monday. Sometimes my blisters act like a allergy reaction, or at least during regular allergy outbreak. Come to think about it I have both everyday so this isn't really a viable thought. Chronic
  10. Hi, I am looking for information about dermatitis herpeformis. Not being certain if this one of many problems, my question is--which medication is gluten-free free if there is a prescritption nvolved? Are my symptoms normal for this skin problem? For years lumps and bumps that itch have been apearing on the lower torso. Recently they are extending to my chest and arms.. Thanks, Chronic
  11. The bread problem has haunted me from the beginning of being gluten-free free :(2 years). Last week my order arrived from Outside The Breadbox. What a pleasure! The jalapeno was out standing. Their bagels are also perfect and I have heard their hamburger buns are the best but no personal experience on that product. If you do order from them, include the snickedoodle cookies. Another piece of information should be added here. They use only pure butter and order their flours from all over the world assuring the best available. The bakery is located in Colorado Springs. Phone 719 633 3434 Email info@outsidethebreeadbox.com
  12. Need Support!

    Hi Bmorrow. I too have many lingering problems. Probably being diagnosed later in life the disease has opened areas in our bodies that set up other diseases. I discovered that I cannot handle many of the glluten free foods because of the course rice flour. Too much dairy will also cause my body to react wth a vengance. The idea of keeping a diary might help you to discover problem foods. Sometimes I can get dealthly sick even though I have not eaten anything that hasn't been fixed in my own kitchen. This is so puzzling. Since I also have chronic fatigue that sometimes gets the blame but personally it seems there are many unanswered questions about this disease that hasn't been discovered by the medical field. If you discover a remedy, PLEASE< PLEASE share it with all of us sufferes. By the way, restaurants are scarry aren't they? Chronic
  13. To All Members

    HI, I too live alone and in a area where gluten is rarely known or understood. It has been a long learning curve but after two years of perserverance things are nearly under control. One word of warning is after being gluten free for a long period of time and then make a food error the after affects are more severe then previous attacks. Good luck and keep trying. It does get easier. Chronic
  14. Chronic Fatigue Disease+cd

    Thanks to all of you for the informative replies. I am not able to exeercise at this time but do try when symptoms let up a bit. Definitely will get back to hot tubbing again. Really having a downturn again with no defineable reason. By the way the Denver chapter has a glluten free shopping list that is wonderful in that it is a manageable size as easy to use. I have the a ddress if any one is interested. Only $7. Chronic
  15. I have been house bound for more than 10 years and discovered the gluten problem about a year and a half ago. Being Gluten free during this time has relieved some symptoms such as not having diarrhea and my swollen knee is now nearly perfect in size as well as experiencing less pain. However the mouth sores are terrible as is the extreme tiredness. Do any of you also have chronic fatigue syndrom and gluten problems also? Will any of the problems ever go away? chronic