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    My interest is learning how to avoid gluten. LOL
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Nothing too exciting about me. I used to be a nurse now I work at an insurance company. I have an almost 24 year old daughter and she has 3 daughters and a son. She married at 15. Of course she did, we live in Kentucky. I can make Kentucky jokes, I'm a Kentuckian! :P

I stopped eating gluten on Tuesday (two days ago) 5-11-2010. I gave up on getting a DX so I did my own research. My legs already feel stronger and the dizziness has lessened.

I have a rescued Black Lab named Midnight. I feed and take care of some stray cats that some fool left here when they moved. One just littered so now there's 5 baby kittens in my back yard.

I make things - crafts, shelves, weird things you can't find anywhere. I have a very creative side. In one day I'll make something very "goth" and then I'll make something with flowers on it. Guess it depends on my mood.

My symptoms came out of nowhere about 6 weeks ago, although lookin back, I think this has been going on for a long time. It just all came to a head six weeks ago. Couldn't even drive my car, very scary and bad.

But onward and upward! B)

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