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  1. Anyone who relies on Better Batter products, think about ordering now. The company is facing possible bankrupcy, so now...
  2. It helps to take Lactaid tablets when you have dairy the first few months and buy Lactaid milk if you use milk. I wasn...
  3. My husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary in the Bahamas, and the all the resort restaurants took great care of...
  4. kitgordon

    Guessed Completely Wrong...

    Thanks, yes it was rather awful - but also a relief in a sense because there is an obvious (though expensive and annoying...
  5. I spent the entire fall and early winter trying to cure what I thought was DH. Tried low iodine, went crazy trying to...
  6. I wondered how the Better Batter compares to Gluten Free Bisquick. I love Better Batter flour and cake and brownie mixes...
  7. I think about suicide when I am glutened - not with any actual intent, but the thoughts come almost like they are being...
  8. kitgordon

    Rash Pics

    There are a lot of gluten-free options for cooking. Progresso's boxed broths are gluten free, and so are most of the...
  9. Welcome aboard! It is overwhelming at first, but very doable, and you have definitely found the right place for support...
  10. kitgordon

    Anyone Have Steatorrhoea?

    This was my primary symptom, and its recurrence is how I know when I have been accidentally glutened.
  11. kitgordon

    Rash Pics

    Looks very familiar. 3 years?! I am so sorry, and hope it clears up soon. I've had it 3 months and going crazy with it...
  12. kitgordon

    I Think I Have Dh

    I'm so sorry. DH is truly miserable. I get too many adverse reactions to prescriptions to try steroids or dapsone, so...
  13. kitgordon

    Iodine And Levothyroxine

    Thanks; good luck to you, too!