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  1. This was my primary symptom, and its recurrence is how I know when I have been accidentally glutened.
  2. Thanks for the Bday wishes. My Mom is coming for Thanksgiving/Bday week. I am very happy. This is the first Thx. since 2007 that I am not sick as a dog.:>) Have a happy!!

  3. Happy Birthday Week!!!!

  4. Oh wow-- we DO have the same B-day!! ---cool!!! :>)

  5. Just love your kitty pic! Cheers, IH

  6. New Grist beer is another gluten free one. No "regular" beers are safe; they need to be labelled "gluten free" and made from sorghum, or sorghum and rice. Learned that the hard way after a fellow celiac told me Heineken was safe. It isn't.
  7. Hormel flavored pork loin with oven roasted potatoes and broccoli was last night's dinner. Tonight I am being lazy and having frozen gluten-free pizza. The Betty Crocker liveglutenfreely website is a great resource for recipes. I have used a number of them with great success.
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