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About Me

Started having GI problems 3 years ago. First symptom was histamine intolerance, found that I couldn't eat avo, tomatos, spinach and especially chocolate without getting a sinus infection/cold.

Second symptom was food intolerance. I found 1 to 2 days after eating chicken, egg, turkey and goat cheese, I would get severe diarrhea and cramps.

However even after eliminating these trouble foods, I still had random and frequent diarrhea attacks.

The last straw was constant nausea, bloating and burping/reflux. I also started having panic attacks and chills/fevers at night accompaning the diarrhea. After a scope and an initial IBS diagnosis, I went gluten free for a week and noticed a huge improvement. I then insisted on the IgA anti-gliadin blood test, which came back negative. TTG IgA test a few weeks later was also negative.

All symptoms gone after a few weeks gluten free, and accidental glutenings brought back all symptoms rather badly, so in spite of negative tests I'm convinced I'm gluten-intolerant. In addition, a few minor neurological/psychological issues cleared up much to my relief.

To date still gluten free and now also soy free.

Glutening symptoms that started *after* going gluten free - dermatitus herpatiformus-like itchy rash after accidental trace glutenings, joint pain, depression/tearfulness, mouth ulcers, insomnia.

  1. Marz

    Celiac Remission

    Hi Skylark, This topic is quite interesting to me. I actually have a colleague that insists he was severely gluten intolerant (And was avoiding all gluten as it made him very sick). However, he says, after a few years as a vegetarian (and gluten free because of said symptoms), he returned to...
  2. Hi there I think quite a few suffered from it before going gluten free. How strict is your diet - any chance of small amounts of gluten getting in? Have you had follow up tests to check blood antibodies or intestine to see if you are healing? I was " diagnosed" with non ulcerative gastoparesis...
  3. Some symptoms are similar, some are distinctive. I get an itchy rash from gluten, DH-like I guess. My other food intolerances usually cause nausea after eating, maybe a sore stomach for 30min or so. And then sometimes d a day or two later - the difference with the d is that I feel fine before...
  4. Kinda pointless asking, but has anyone ever tried this? It's cream cheese in a little package, just plain cream cheese - no extra ingredients etc. But I had quite a significant reaction - was scratching my skin off a few hours afterward, quite a nasty DH rash on my foot, but no GI symptoms...
  5. Hmmm, I get this crazy itchy scalp. Never really connected it to DH because I don't get the classic rash, and my scalp doesn't really have bumps, it's just itchy like crazy. It's much worse after an accidental glutening, but I am still suffering a bit with it on a strict gluten-free diet - still...
  6. Usually almost instantly to 20 minutes later I'll have a sore stomach - I call it a "punched in the gut" feeling, and it usually induces a run to the loo, even if not D. A few hours later to a day later I'll have a bad headache, one of those vice-like grip headaches, with or without back-ache...
  7. Sigh, have had this on and off the past month. Usually around 3AM and lasting around 30 min for tummy to be happy again. Heh, can't be normal... I swear if my GI tells me it's IBS after negative biopsy I might be tempted to deck him.