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  1. Hi there forumers, It's been a long time since I last posted, and thought I'd add an update to how I'm doing. I'm still as sensitive to gluten as ever - although my stomach symptoms when I get glutened are generally mild, brain/mental issues are still severe. I'm now tolerant of soy, I can eat soy-based products without any issues, whereas before I would get severely sore stomach from eating them. Dairy is ok-ish, although if I've just been glutened I'll have problems with it for a while. Generally I've been doing so very well, and I have had no problems with sticking to a strict diet. I've just moved to New Zealand a few months ago, and the move was a very good one since there are a lot more gluten-free options over here, than back in my home country. Mind you, I hear from my parents back home that the stores are *starting* to stock gluten-free options, so hopefully that continues to improve. I've found eating gluten-free baked items in cafe's are hit-and-miss however, some stores are OK, others the baked goods are seriously yuk *and* I get hit by gluten-poisoning symptoms, so now I just stay away for sure. My symptoms nowadays when I get hit : * Brain fog within an hour or so, to the point that my DH asks if I'm OK I tend to start talking slowly, slur words slightly, can't find things that are right in front of me (Shopping is hilarious in this state), can't think very clearly/fast, get agitated extremely easily. * Itching skin - between a few hours and 2 days I'll start the severe skin rash, that will last for a week or two depending on how much I was hit. Fortunately it usually is around a small patch of skin. * Stomach issues - maybe, maybe not. So I don't use this as an indicator anymore of how well I'm following the diet. * Mental issues - depression, weird nasty thoughts, suicidal thoughts. Not enough to make me worry about myself, just "Oh dear, brain has gone on a bender again" thoughts. For example, the last month or two I've really been struggling with itchy skin, intense fatigue, speech problems and some mild depression. So I've had to scale back my diet to safe items again until I've figured out what the problem is. Feeling much better this week! So for those starting out, it's a life-long work-in-progress, but the benefits are so worth it!! Still haven't convinced my Mom to get tested... My brother has now started getting constant stomach problems, but I'm so tired of sounding like a stuck record - "maybe it's celiac, maybe it's celiac, maybe it's celiac" that I just won't continue anymore..... My Mom was visiting us for a month, and I managed to convince her to try gluten-free pasta and pizza, and she noted she felt a lot better, but she just went straight back to eating normally again. She's in the "Just one slice of bread a day, and I feel fine." camp. *Sigh*....
  2. Marz

    Gluten Ataxia

    Oh hey, I just another look at this article, and the lady on which it was based commented an update on her progress. She also left her email, if anyone would like to contact her. Great news is she's slowly getting better!
  3. Marz

    Frustrated With Nausea!

    Something you might want to try - the nightshade family of veges used to make me horrendously nauseous a year or so ago. And it used to start 2 hours or more after the meal, so I never made the connection until I gave up my lunch salad and the nausea went away. When I examined my food journal I noticed the pattern. Even now and then a big salad with lots of green/red pepper will get me badly. Have you had a recent endoscope? You might have inflammation on your stomach/ulcer from whatever reason - might not even be gluten-related. You can try some home remedies for nausea when it's bad - ginger is *very* good for calming the stomach when you have nausea, hope this helps!
  4. My symptoms deal with both C and D, so I usually take 1 or 2 Magnesium complex tablets for a few days after the D has stopped to try avoid the inevitable cramping/bloating/C that follows Other than that, I've also tried Ibuprofen, and sleeping extra to sleep through the worst of it. In fact I usually pass out anyway because I get exhaustion/dizziness after gluten ingestion. Also taking it easy because I'm usually feeling pretty sorry for myself, so something to pick up my spirits can help a lot.
  5. Marz

    Celiac Remission

    Hi Skylark, This topic is quite interesting to me. I actually have a colleague that insists he was severely gluten intolerant (And was avoiding all gluten as it made him very sick). However, he says, after a few years as a vegetarian (and gluten free because of said symptoms), he returned to eating wheat and found he was "cured". He encourages me to try going vegetarian to see if it'll help me too, but 1) Because I'm aware of the reason/mechanism behind gluten intolerance, I'm in no way deluded I can be cured 2) There's no way I'm limiting my diet even further on the off chance it'll cure me! Anyway, I always wonder if he went into remission, or if he wasn't gluten-intolerant in the first place. He didn't get tested for celiac disease, and not sure how strict he was with his diet. Cheers
  6. We're seriously thinking of immigrating to New Zealand, so trying to get as much info as I can about gluten-free options. Looks like Coles and Woolies are the best, are they in NZ as well as Aus? Looking forward to making a big move
  7. My stainless steel stuff is fine, I did get rid of non-stick pans and cutting boards. Are you sharing a toaster with gluten bread? Someone in the family double-dipping knives into jam or butter containers? Pet food - possibly handling pellets and then some other food item? I had to clean drawers out carefully and fridge doors - somehow a lot of breadcrumbs got trapped in the fridge linings/drawers. I'm sure your fridge is much cleaner than mine though
  8. So around 30 min to an hour after I had a cappuccino from the cafe at work, my stomach started exploding. With fears of food poisoning, I contacted my hubby who said he was fine from our shared lunch. The coffee at work has usually been fine, maybe a bit of discomfort but nothing like this! I suspected the worst... And asked a colleague that was in front of me in the queue what he had ordered... Apparently, the coffee guy was "saving time" or something, as he served us both the same coffee mocha mix. I unfortunately didn't notice the extra sweet taste with all the sugar I normally add. I know the hot chocolate they use contains wheat proteins, so that must be the source of discomfort. So there goes yet another item I can't buy from the cafe, because I can't trust the coffee guy. I could educate him the next time I see him, but that's not going to make me feel safe playing Russian roulette with the coffee. At least I'm feeling better already, probably have more nasty issues this week but I'll survive I think
  9. Marz

    Celiac Cost Me Everything

    Glad you found a new friend May she give you many years of joy and love!
  10. Marz

    Celiac Cost Me Everything

    Oh my god Raven, I'm so sorry I started crying when I read your post, that's such a tragic thing to happen... Is there anyone you can talk to or rely on for some support until you get through the grief? And yes, pets are family, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, it's just a pity they have such a short time with us.... Sending you lots of hugs, hope you come through this soon.
  11. There are laws in place, but it's pretty much "self-regulated" which makes me very wary Some new labelling regulations were put in place the last year or two, and companies had until March 2011 to comply. Some companies just went with "Not suitable for people with celiac disease" which upsets me greatly as they didn't have wheat/gluten listed before, and I was happily eating the items before without much problems - now I can't chance it. The new law passed in March 2010 : BidOrBuy website info - not the most prestigious website for factual info, but this summarizes it nicely. I can't find the website where I found the information previously, but they specifically said they are relying on companies reporting competing companies for non-compliance. The Barley one is quite important - so many sweet/chocolate manufacturers have been hiding Barley/Malt Extract in "Flavours" and it's driving me nuts!
  12. Marz

    My Mom Glutened Me :(

    Oh man, that sounds bad So sorry you got hit badly, hopefully now she realizes how sensitive you are and looks out for you better? Hope you feel better soon...
  13. Nothing like a bit of unintentional glutening to remind you every now and then that "Yup, definitely gluten intolerant..." The worst part is I checked all the ingredients carefully, and everything looked fine, they even mentioned "maize flour" so I thought they were nice to use a gluten-free starch for once. And I was in a rush.... never ever be in a rush while shopping for new ingredients... Didn't bother to search the pack for the allergen warning label. Something that's often missing on local brands anyway, so I assumed there was nothing. When I checked this morning after a lovely chicken stew (That didn't go down so lovely) - found the warning stating "Gluten". Why don't they put the allergen warning right next to the ingredients? Why hide it in the smallest font possible on the most obscure part of the pack? Looking forward to the rash, stomach pain/cramps, nausea and being emotionally unstable for the next few days....*sigh*
  14. I think of it as "gluten poisoning" because it's not unlike real food poisoning :/ I would also use the word "contamination", don't see anything wrong with that "Glutening" is probably the kindest way to phrase it, if people are really that sensitive about the details. They wouldn't want to hear about the result of a glutening then I take it - also too scary?
  15. Well done Sammy It can take a while to heal, but you're already seeing improvements so you must be on the right track! I think the hardest part was starting the diet, staying on it once you've got the hang of it is easy in comparison. Most people don't even try, and suffer with their symptoms rather than trying out the diet. Also - I found that I was getting better every month - soon my "bad" days on the Gluten-free diet was equal to my "Good" days when I was in so much pain eating gluten. All the best, hope all your symptoms get better soon.