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  1. Hi there forumers, It's been a long time since I last posted, and thought I'd add an update to how I'm doing. I...
  2. Marz

    Gluten Ataxia

    Oh hey, I just another look at this article, and the lady on which it was based commented an update on her progress....
  3. Marz

    Frustrated With Nausea!

    Something you might want to try - the nightshade family of veges used to make me horrendously nauseous a year or so ago...
  4. My symptoms deal with both C and D, so I usually take 1 or 2 Magnesium complex tablets for a few days after the D has...
  5. Marz

    Celiac Remission

    Hi Skylark, This topic is quite interesting to me. I actually have a colleague that insists he was severely gluten...
  6. We're seriously thinking of immigrating to New Zealand, so trying to get as much info as I can about gluten-free options...
  7. Marz

    Trying To Find The Hidden Source

    My stainless steel stuff is fine, I did get rid of non-stick pans and cutting boards. Are you sharing a toaster...
  8. So around 30 min to an hour after I had a cappuccino from the cafe at work, my stomach started exploding. With fears...
  9. Marz

    Celiac Cost Me Everything

    Glad you found a new friend May she give you many years of joy and love!
  10. Marz

    Celiac Cost Me Everything

    Oh my god Raven, I'm so sorry I started crying when I read your post, that's such a tragic thing to happen... Is there...
  11. There are laws in place, but it's pretty much "self-regulated" which makes me very wary Some new labelling regulations...
  12. Marz

    My Mom Glutened Me :(

    Oh man, that sounds bad So sorry you got hit badly, hopefully now she realizes how sensitive you are and looks out...
  13. Nothing like a bit of unintentional glutening to remind you every now and then that "Yup, definitely gluten intolerant...
  14. I think of it as "gluten poisoning" because it's not unlike real food poisoning :/ I would also use the word "contamination...
  15. Well done Sammy It can take a while to heal, but you're already seeing improvements so you must be on the right track...