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  1. I went to Israel last year and had NO problems. I did take some of those dining cards printed in Hebrew, although most people speak good English. But they did come in handy one time. But please don't pass on the buffet! They are SO fabulous. omg... I would recommend that right away when you...
  2. No, of course I can't "show proof" since I'm not planning to buy one so that I can send you the label. You'll have to take my word for it that the ingredients say "allergen: wheat". I'm not trying to be snarky here but I don't understand when people question things like this. Recently someone...
  3. The only one I know about is Giant grocery store chickens and they are NOT gluten free. I always buy Costco's, even if I go in just for the chicken. Yes, I've learned how to go into Costco for just one thing. The cashiers always comment on it and I tell them that this chicken is gluten free, bigger...
  4. It's Trader Joe's own brand. I'd never noticed them before at my old TJ's, but we've just had a new one open nearer to my house and it's much bigger so they can carry more. So I don't know if these are new to TJ's or just new to me because now we have a bigger store.
  5. So I posted in the thread that's still here on page one (I think) about those Trader Joe's crispy chocolate chip cookies. They are fabulous! However...the first day I had them I ate four. {blush} The next morning I woke up with that gluten headache, and then later in the morning I had a few intestinal...
  6. After reading that ingredient list I'm not sure I want a Slurpee. However...they sure do taste good on a really hot day. Which is the only kind of day we've been having lately.
  7. Yeah, true. I guess it's just the picture I have in my mind of my local Dunkin Donuts -- all the donuts sitting in the cases right near the coffee pot, with the employees always reaching in to take out some donuts, waving them around near the coffee... Makes me get a headache and cramps just...
  8. Personally I would worry about anything made at a place that has "donuts" in it's name! I do get coffee at Starbucks with no problem, but that's all they do there. (I know they sell baked goods, but the baking isn't done there. At least not at mine.) It's the same reason I'm leery of getting...
  9. I agree, I had the same worries about anything coming from Dunkin' Donuts considering how much flour has to be flying around that place! However, I've not had any problems with their coffee. I switched to DD from Starbucks a while ago because of cost. But haven't had any cc problems. Of course...