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  1. Monklady123

    The Big Loaf

    Yes! I saw this yesterday at my Costco (Northern VA -- Pentagon City). I bought two loaves, and couldn't believe my eyes...
  2. Well...if it were me I would say the apples. I cannot eat them without getting indigestion. ugh. Here's my story...
  3. Never mind food for meals...if you're staying in Alexandria you must check out The Happy Tart bakery. 2307A Mt. Vernon...
  4. Monklady123

    Pseudo Coeliacs

    These kind of people annoy me because of what it might be "teaching" the servers in restaurants. If I go out and have...
  5. This was, and still is to some extent, something I wondered about. I guess I don't come from a family that's tied up...
  6. Monklady123

    Restaurant Eating Vs. Food Prepared By Family

    Yes to "most of them haven't a clue." lol. Or, not-lol. Like the woman who gave me all the ingredients of the chowder...
  7. Monklady123

    Eat 'n Park Problems, Again

    Yes, I know the breakfast potatoes are gluten-free. I said that in my first post. That's what I had. But it was hash...
  8. Monklady123

    Ridiculous Conversations

    Good thread. I was just thinking about these conversations the other day, when I had one of them on a message board I...
  9. I posted about Eat 'n Park some time ago (they had something on their gluten free menu that wasn't gluten-free). So I...
  10. Monklady123

    Medic-Alert Bracelet

    Yes Lisa (since you were quoting me, I'll answer) -- that's why I also said in my post that it's different for children...
  11. Monklady123

    Am I Hurting Myself?

    But those "Vatican-approved" communion wafers are not gluten free, they're "low gluten". Which wouldn't be good enough...
  12. Monklady123

    Medic-Alert Bracelet

    A medical alert bracelet isn't really supposed to be for people to "take notice", like in a restaurant or something like...
  13. These just appeared on the gluten free shelf in my grocery store. I've never seen them before. The company is WOW --...
  14. Monklady123

    Is Gs Really In Our Heads?

    I'll be sure to ask my GI doc to teach me some Chinese philosophy next time I'm there. I'm sure he can do as good a job...
  15. Now this is really a coincidence! lol. I haven't been on these forums in awhile but I was thinking of coming to post...