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  1. Yes, good to be back. I should never have gotten out of the habit of checking in everyday. Very helpful, thanks...
  2. Been a long while since I have posted. Will try to make this as quick as I can. History: I had persistent brain fog...
  3. kwylee

    What Else Are They Missing?

    Bartfull, your rant is right on the money, totally agree. You call to mind that the days are over where doctors are...
  4. kwylee

    Two Questions About Going Grain-Free

    Buckwheat is actually a seed, but if that is what you are reacting to, it proves the undeniable point that if your body...
  5. Another alternative is clarified butter (ghee), which is butter with the milk proteins removed. I am very sensitive and...
  6. kwylee

    Eating Gluten Again?

    Horsehandsss, I felt dizzy and "off" for years before I stumbled onto the notion that what I was eating could have such...
  7. kwylee

    Eating Gluten Again?

    I don't think you'll get many tips here when it comes to reintroducing gluten but that's not because people don't care...
  8. Have you considered that it may not be the lactose (milk sugar) that you are having problems with on the dairy issue...
  9. EXCELLENT INFO!! Thanks so much!!!
  10. Thanks for the input and so sweet of you to ask, but I'm OK. My question is purely research. But it has made me wonder...
  11. Yes, you are absolutely correct! The size of gluten molecules must play a big part in this, but I wonder if the gluten...
  12. Thanks so much! I'm actually asking less for culinary purposes and more for research for something I'm writing. But...
  13. I'm doing some research and have a question. If someone hard boil eggs in a pan that may contain traces of gluten...
  14. kwylee


    OK, at the risk of sounding nuts, I'll share the following: I've had that, and the burned tongue feeling eventually...
  15. kwylee

    Need Some Clever Wording Help

    If your goal is to be able to go to the banquet and not have to lug your own food, why not call and speak to the chef...