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  1. Yes, good to be back. I should never have gotten out of the habit of checking in everyday. Very helpful, thanks so much!
  2. Been a long while since I have posted. Will try to make this as quick as I can. History: I had persistent brain fog 7 years ago and medical doctors and even a neurologist at the time couldn't explain it (no mention of gluten sensitivity to me, much less Celiac), so on my own I had stool sample...
  3. Horsehandsss, I felt dizzy and "off" for years before I stumbled onto the notion that what I was eating could have such a horrendous effect on not only my health, but my attitude, optimism and total feeling of well being. I never had a panic attack before I was 48, but I can vividly recall the intense...
  4. I don't think you'll get many tips here when it comes to reintroducing gluten but that's not because people don't care. They do and that decision to start putting gluten into your body again could be a major step backward for you. Before I say anything else I want to clarify that a negative test...
  5. I have tested negative for Celiac as well, but I did test positive on another showing that my body was producing antibodies to gluten, which means that for years prior to my antibody test, my body would be on the defensive anytime I ingested gluten in any amount. I had become lightheaded all day...
  6. You sound like you have a great attitude. That's what will get you through anything!! Like my father used to say, "if you LET them, the mud people will always win."

    Yes!!! Love digital art & photography, (Photoshop, etc., & I wrote a mystery novel a few years ago but couldn't get it published. Oh, well. I've always said I should w...

  7. Hi! Thanks for your supportive response to my "bailing"post. Truly appreciate it. Hey, I see we share a love of photography, writing and brain games!! I did them all to keep my sanity while I was so ill:>)

    Thanks again!!IH

  8. Since finding out I am gluten intolerant, also to casein & soy, (with 95% of my symptoms being neurological within mintues of ingesting any of it), I now have found that I cannot tolerate what I would classify as STONE FRUIT, (peaches, plums, anything with that big pit - also cannot tolerate...
  9. Just testing to see what this does