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  1. Hi! My husband is also super-sensitive and we wait for 36 hours after I eat gluten to kiss. I'm not saying YOU have to wait 36 hours- we don't know that shorter periods aren't safe, we just know that 36 hours is safe. So if you have any remaining concerns about the two weeks - I can tell you for sure you can shorten your longest possible period to 36 hours. I will look forward to hearing whether we can trim any time off our waiting period !! Haha.
  2. Please excuse me if this topic has been covered before ... Can you recommend a yeast free - corn free - gluten free bread recipe? Feel free to refer me to a particular cookbook - I have a bunch and also have a great local library. So far I have tried: * Celeste's Best cookbook (wonderful when it works, but not very consistent) * Essential Gluten Free Baking by Brittany Angel (dense, odd flavor) I'd like to try the ones in Gluten Free on a Shoestring Quick & Easy, but am having trouble locating safe versions of the ingredients. So, WIP on that. What else is out there? Also, are there any premade products that fit my description? (I've tried Chebe mixes and they are pretty good.) Thanks in advance...
  3. I'm looking for information on MLO Brown Rice Protein Powder: a. whether it is made in a dedicated facility, and b. whether anyone has used it successfully. The info I have found on these forums & elsewhere suggests that MLO used to make it with another gluten containing product (I think the pea powder?) but changed that formulation. The product packaging has a "made in a facility that also processes..." statement that does not include wheat or gluten. However, I haven't found a positive statement that "YES this is made in a dedicated gluten-free facility", and we've been bitten before by inferring things from the "also processes" statement. The MLO website, listed on the packaging, does not work. I contacted WorldPantry.com who handles Genisoy products (?), and they gave me a phone number that turned out to be for Johnvince foods. I waited forever on their customer service line and never got anyone to pick up. I emailed them, but am, unsurprisingly, still waiting. Side question / different approach - I'm wanting to use this product in some of the Gluten Free on a Shoestring Quick and Easy recipes, especially the yeast free sandwich bread. Has anyone made this, and can you suggest a different protein powder? The recipe actually calls for whey protein powder, and we don't have a problem with dairy, but I can't find any locally that is gluten free. I don't have a local health food store, only a smallish Kroger and a Meijer, so options are limited. Thanks for the help!
  4. These are all great ideas! thank you guys so much! @Mizzo - Bananas rolled in PB, honey and cereal are a favorite childhood treat of mine, although my bf, unfortunately, thinks that it's really nasty @Dave - I will have to try the blended bananas, what a great idea esp since homemade ice cream takes so much planning and effort! @Patti - did you have to eat the ice cream right away, or did it store ok without discoloring? I'm kind of timid after the "mushroom soup" incident... lol How about a gluten free banana pudding mix, is there such a thing? I have other issues with making homemade pudding anyway (think it's related to potato starch vs corn starch, but that's another thread).
  5. I've been making gluten free & corn free treats for my bf, who really likes banana flavored anything. Banana bread works great. Got that one. I have made homemade vanilla pudding, and blended fresh bananas into it. The pudding turned grey and nasty, looking like cream of mushroom soup. Ugh. So far, the best I can do is wait until we are ready to eat, then slice up bananas for the top of the pudding. Same thing with banana cream pie. Now, he has also mentioned he would like to make some banana ice cream. Does anyone have any suggestions on (1) how to incoporate fresh bananas into a recipe without discoloration? (2) a safe gluten free banana flavoring that I could add to recipes? (3) a way to make banana ice cream? (4) safe banana flavored products? (5) good gluten free banana recipes of any kind? Thanks!!
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