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  1. Thank you so much for replying. It's so nice to come to a place to "talk" to people who know what I'm going through. My husband, bless his heart, just says things like "Don't think about it" or "What's the worst that can happen? You go in your pants? It's not the end of the world."

    Uh, yeah, sweetie, that is pretty much the worst that can happen in my opinion. hahaha

    It's enough to literally paralyze me with fear of leaving the house.

    K8ling- A friend of mine just suggested Lexapro when I called her crying yesterday. She has major stress-induced IBS and recently started taking it. She said it helped her a ton!

    Dixiebell- I don't want any more tests for this. My celiac panel was negative but I got tested by Enterolab and showed antibodies. That was enough for me to commit to a strict gluten free trial diet. The challenge was the test and answer I needed that my body does NOT like gluten anymore.

    I have taken Immodium to go out before but unfortunately it doesn't do much when it comes to the bathroom urges due to nerves/anxiety.

    cassP- I've been dairy free since shortly after going gluten free. It helped alot at first then I went downhill again after about 3 weeks.

    I'm definitely going to keep the appt with the Osteopath. And actually, the new gastroenterologist that I'm seeing next month is a DO also. That's why I chose him out of all the docs in the practice. He was the only DO in a list full of MDs.

    dilettantesteph- I've totally put one of my toddlers diaper in my pants before when I was out and needed to get home. lol I didn't need to use it, thank goodness, but it gave the peace of mind like you said!

    T.H- Wow! It's crazy how sensitive you are! I'm glad you figured it out but man, that must be difficult. Your diet must be much healthier without processed foods, too.

    Here's the quick summary:

    I have always been healthy. With the exception of the occasional stomach bug, I've had no digestive issue my whole life. Until one day last December, when I got sick. Seemed like a virus or even a food poisoning. It came on fast and furious with severe stomach pains and diarrhea that lasted a few hours. (I was going every 15-20 minutes for a few hours.)

    I haven't been right since. I've been in pain daily and dealing with a cycle of C and D for over 10 months. The only "good days" I've had were the first 3 weeks my gastro had me on Librax and the first 3 weeks I was gluten and dairy free. That's it.

    My naturopath thinks that something else is going on that cause a leaky gut, resulting in the gluten intolerance. But what? My colonoscopy was good and the Metametrix test just showed an unclassified parasite. The ND even said that it could be a transient parasite that isn't causing the problem. There is something wrong and nobody is fitting the pieces to the puzzle together correctly. Hopefully it won't be ruining my life after I get on some anxiety meds but still... why am I in pain every single day for nearly a year?

    Oh, the only other thing that has showed... the bloodwork my gastro ran in the spring showed that my TSH was low. He never said a word about it but my naturopath pointed it out when I saw her for the first time and gave her copies of all of my tests.

    My mind has been running wild. Are my intestines twisted? Is my gallbladder dieseased? Is there a tumor somewhere? I just want to know what is wrong and why suddenly, in one single day, a switch got flipped and I went from happy and healthy to house ridden with daily pain?

  2. Ugh.

    I haven't checked in on here in a few weeks. Things are worse than ever. After my 3 month strict gluten-free trial, I did a one week challenge. Yeah, definitely gluten intolerant. My stomach symptoms got worse and I had the strangest new symptom. At the crown of my head, I felt like my scalp was tightening over my skull. It happened about a dozen times a day during my challenge and I haven't felt it since going back to gluten-free. Thank goodness cause it was very uncomfortable.

    What would you call that? A musculoskeletal reaction?

    I am still having stomach pains 24 hrs a day. There's never a break, it's unending. I worked with a naturopath and had a stool test done from Metametrix. I suspected candida overgrowth and the ND suspected a parasite or bacteria. The results came back that I am + for a parasite but the exact one can't be classified. Given my symptoms, we did a broad spectrum antiparasitic. My levels of good bacteria were also low despite taking a daily probiotic, so I also took a very very high dose probiotic for a week and now I'm on a maintenance dose.

    Finished those supplements and I'm still in pain all day, every day.

    I just made an appointment with a 2nd Gastroenterologist that works at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. The gastro/hepatology dept there has a great reputation.

    My naturopath also mentioned an elimination diet cause she suspects another intolerance can be causing this. I'll speak more with her this week.

    Here's my immediate problem that I need help with.

    I'm scared to leave my house. Over the past 10.5 months of dealing with these stomach issues, I have been out and gotten stranded places, being unable to leave cause I keep going the bathroom. I guess my head had about enough of that because over the past 2 or 3 months, I give myself diarrhea if I try to go out. Even making plans to go out and getting dressed sends me to the bathroom. :( Looking up the phone number for the new gastro so I can call and make an appointment sent me to the bathroom, just because that means I'll have to leave my house to GO to the appt. It's that bad. I'm a SAHM to 2 toddlers and we stay home every.single.day. My husband even assumed the task of grocery shopping cause I'm too anxious to go.

    I had enough today when I tried to run an errand and my stomach started rumbling as soon as I left my neighborhood. I'm calling my family doc in the morning and asking about anti-anxiety meds. I don't know what else to do. I'll never figure out what is giving my digestive tract such trouble if I can't get to the appointments.

    I've never taken any things like this. It just shocks me that this has affected me so much. I made it through a having a stillborn at 24 weeks and having her twin at 28 weeks and in the NICU for 3 months better than I'm handling this. I've always been mind-over-matter but I just can't kick this. I've tried meditating to calm me and it doesn't work. My naturopath wants me to see this DO for Osteo Manual Therapy. I can't get an appt till December and I'm sure that's not something that will cure me in 1 appointment.

    Has anyone else taken meds for this?

    Thanks for reading if you made it this far. :)

  3. I just made it for the first time.

    I cooked the dough about 10 minutes longer than the directions say before adding my toppings. The top and bottom of the crust are lightly colored and crispy like a cracker. When I cut it and looked at a cross-section of the slice, the center looked dark and gooey. Is it supposed to be like this for a more chewy pizza crust-like texture or is it undercooked?

    I don't want to get sick but I want to eat it! :lol:

  4. burdee- thanks for your reply. I'm happy to hear a good review of the lab. I don't want any gut bugs but I certainly am hoping for an answer! Having stomach pains every day just can't be normal.

    I'm hoping I found a good naturopath but it's too early to tell. I was pretty happy when she rolled her eyes after telling her that my gastro also mentioned stress/anxiety as a cause for symptoms. I will be hightailing it out of there is she says that too. ;)

    curiousgirl- good luck and let us know how the appointment goes!

  5. I am gluten-free/DF and things just still aren't right. I decided to make an appointment with a Naturopath. I got her name from a woman I spoke with for over an hour in the gluten-free aisle of Wegman's. :lol: Her son is on the Autism spectrum and she keeps him (and herself, and hubby) on a diet free from gluten, casein, corn, soy and a whole bunch of other things.

    My gastro dx'ed me with post-infectious IBS and the first thing the naturopath said was, "Why does he assume it's POST-infectious anything? How can he know the infection has left your body?"

    Gastro has never ordered a stool test for parasites or bacteria or anything like that. The naturopth was baffled by that. At our first appointment, she gave me the test kit for Metametrix's Microbial profile test. She's looking for parasites, bacteria, yeast, and fungi.

    Does anybody have any experience with a Naturopath or Metametrix?

    My husband wasn't thrilled with the idea of paying out-of-pocket for things when we have great insurance but I'm willing to do just about anything at this point. Almost 9 straight months of misery!

  6. a bunch of sites talked about testing yourself at home. All of them were referring to spitting into a glass of water and watching what happens. Familiar with this?

    Does it hold any truth? Because if it does, I have a major case of candida overgrowth. :P I have the strings, suspended specks and cloudy pile of saliva at the bottom all in less than 30 minutes. Gross!

    It would make sense, too, because I've taken 4 or 5 courses of antibiotics in about 15 months. (3 for UTIs, 1 for ear infection, 1 for sinus infection.)

    I was using the contraceptive ring (Nuvaring) last fall (Sept-Jan) and prior to going gluten & dairy-free, I had a very high sugar diet.

  7. Thanks for your replies. :)

    @aderifield- Thanks for the suggestions. I should have mentioned in my original post that I'd like to heal and get back to normal without the use of prescription meds, if possible. I weaned myself off the Librax as soon as I could because I feel like it was just treating the symptoms (D and pain) without doing anything about the WHY part of all of it.

    @mushroom- I am a HUGE believer in dairy-free at least until things are settled and healed. I only felt marginally better gluten-free but when I cut dairy out also, it was a huge improvement. I'm still 100% dairy free. I did experience withdrawals when I first cut out gluten. Unbelievable headaches for about 5 days, lethargy, moodiness, etc. It got better for me after about a week.

    My next question was going to be about getting vitamin levels checked, so thanks for that! I'll add those to my list.

    @kayo- thanks for the suggestions! I've heard a little about the SIBO and fructose malabsorption on this board.

    @ravenwoodglass- I'm eating mostly whole foods and things I make. I'm not eating any food that I have not prepared. I did grab a cooked rotisserie chicken from the grocery store a few times a few weeks ago but cut that out since I started not feeling well again.

    My home is not gluten-free. My hubby and 2 toddlers are still eating gluten and dairy. Although the only gluteny foods I am preparing for them is regular wheat pasta. No baking!!

    My husband has been grilling our dinners and we cleaned our grill grate by running it at 650 for 45 min, like I read on here.

    Other than making "real" pasta for them when I have gluten-free, all of our dinners have been gluten-free.

    I have been buying Udi's bread and english muffins from Foods By George. Should I cut those out for now?

    We've been super careful about kissing. ;) And yes, I've checked my vitamins and OTC meds.

    There have been crumbs left around but I am very careful about cleaning my kitchen area and hands before preparing my food. No pets.

  8. Hi all! :)

    I've been sick with daily stomach pain, constipation & diarrhea since a night in December when I got violently ill. The only time I felt okay since then was the first 2 weeks my gastro had me on Librax.

    I am now assuming gluten-intolerance based on Enterolab results and positive dietary changes. We've ruled out colitis & Chrohn's.

    I've been gluten-free since the beginning of July and gluten-free/dairy-free since the end of July. As soon as I went gluten-free/DF, I immediately felt better and had about 4 weeks of feeling great!

    Not so much anymore. :( Could be CC or something like that but all of my symptoms are back and pretty bad. I have made an appointment with my primary doctor and want to ask him for some tests. I'm kinda over my gastro... he swears I have IBS. :rolleyes:

    I'm want to ask my primary dr. to order tests for parasites (stool test, right?), candida or yeast overgrowth, other food intolerances (blood test??), etc, or anything else that you can think of that might be the cause of my ugly digestive troubles. I'm so fed up with not feeling well!

    I need your help to know exactly what to ask for. I have had success with having doctors do what I ask when I am informed and confident. Please help me help myself.

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Quick background:

    I am blood negative, Enterolab positive for antibodies, and declined an endoscopy.

    I dealt with daily, severe abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea. I call myself gluten intolerant for explanation purposes. :)

    I've been gluten free for almost 2 months. When I started, I noticed a lessening of symptoms but I didn't feel anywhere near "good." Week 3, I cut out dairy and felt tremendously better in a day or two. It's been about 3 or 4 weeks dairy free and I have gotten 2 or 3 stomach aches. I'm guessing CC. (My husband and 2 young children are still gluteny dairy eaters.)

    I am dealing with a tightening type abdominal pain right now that is one of the symptoms of how I was feeling before.

    At what point should I consider giving something else up too? Would soy be the next thing to try?

  10. Whole Foods does not have an 800# for customer service. Ridiculous if you ask me. Their site states they decentralize and allow each store to handle CS issues. I just don't trust that the girl working in the Whole Body Department can help me decipher a label.

    Can you guys help me? Does anybody know if these are gluten-free and DF?

    If necessary, I can type out the label listing.

  11. Could be I guess but it feels the way I used to feel before changing my diet. We don't keep soda in the house and I rarely drink it at all. But I went out with some friends the other night and while sitting at the bar, I didn't want just water.

    I only occasionally drank before getting sick and now there is no way I want any alcohol after JUST getting my body back in a somewhat working order.

    It's only been about a week and a half of feeling better but man I don't miss this every day!

  12. I agree! I am not dx'ed but do feel 100% better off gluten and dairy so far.

    Maybe it's because I haven't been doing it that long but I don't find it to be difficult at all. I am actually amazed at my self control. I just have no desire to be in the pain I was in daily for an entire 7.5 month period. My life basically came to a screeching halt because I felt so bad every day.

    I say keep your gluten and other junk! I just want to feel good and live my life. :)

    And I was totally one of those people that NEVER stuck to a diet. Ever. Until now.

    That misery and feeling like my body was at war with itself is a strong motivator.

  13. Actually, my worst experience was with dairy questions. I went to a restaurant with a friend who has to be very strict about that. He asked about whether the meatballs contained dairy. The waiter said yes, there is dairy. The meatballs have eggs. (We looked at each other confused.) We asked again if there was dairy. Again, he said yes, there is dairy. "Eggs are dairy. Some people consider eggs to be dairy."

    We seriously didn't know what to say.

    I just asked this question last week. Why is it that my brain associated eggs with being dairy? :lol:

  14. I loooooove cookies. Like, really love cookies. I may or may not have frequently conquered an entire full size package in less than 24 hours. By myself. :ph34r:

    I bought Pamela's chocolate chunk when I went gluten-free. They sat in my cabinet, unopened for 2 weeks because they just didn't look great and surely they couldn't satisfy a cookie monster such as myself. Wrong! They are delish! And the first time I tried them, I had one. O-N-E. That is unheard of for me. :lol: My period is coming and the cravings are strong so I had 2 today. But I was totally satisfied with just those two.

    Like others said, lots of different ice creams are safe too. I am dairy free also now so I have Haagen Daaz sorbet in the freezer. Yum!

  15. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks gluten-free for me. I noticed slightly more energy and a very slight calming of my GI symptoms. By no means was it relief, especially of the pain and discomfort I suffer from literally 24/7. If one if my toddlers were to wake in the middle of the night, my insides are at war with themselves. :angry: Thankfully, I sleep through it every night.

    Today is day 3 of being dairy free and the difference has been significant!! You may have seen my other post but I actually went to the boardwalk with my hubby and kids yesterday. I don't go anywhere, especially far from home or anywhere that involves getting on the highway. :ph34r: I just like to be on local roads, near many bathrooms, or better yet... staying home!

    It was so nice to go enjoy an evening out with my family. ♥ I hope gluten-free/DF keeps me feeling well!

  16. Great replies! Thanks everyone.

    We had a great night. I'm glad I had my double stroller with me to carry the cooler bag I brought. :lol: It ended up being pretty heavy.

    I didn't get out to get any gluten-free bread. Instead, I made some chicken salad (chicken, celery, red onion, mayo, s&p) and then baked a batch of Rosemary Crackers to spoon it onto. (recipe for crackers from Elena's Pantry.) It was delicious together!

    I also brought watermelon for myself, and some for DH and the kids, a small bowl of cherry tomatoes (yum!), rice cakes, and a Larabar.

    I ended up not touching the rice cakes or Larabar. I was plenty satisfied with the rest.