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Newbie to this site.

Type 1 Diabetic on insulin pump

Turned 50 Dec 09, thought it time for colonoscopy since aunt died of colon cancer. At 50 insurance will pay. Had no symptoms before colonoscopy 3-2010. Experiencing diarrhea, oil droplets and undigested food in stool, loss of weight, fatigue since the colonoscopy.

Ran bacteria, parasites and fecal fat on stool and they are came back normal.

Ran Blood serum for celiac & they called today 6-22-10 to tell me it came back normal, no celiac disease and no genes for celiac.

Been on a gluten free diet since 5-26-10 with improvements of symptoms, but still have a few set backs with oil and undigested food and occasional diarrhea. Think it might be an accidental ingestion of wheat. Trying to be sooo careful.

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