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  1. I have some confusion over M&Ms. M&Ms candy contains Dextrim, but according to a post I read online, the writer, who had celiac disease, contacted M&M/Mars and was told the candy was gluten free as the Dextrim is not gluten containing. I'm curious, then, why in the bestselling book...
  2. Hi Janet My husband and I took a course on Celiac disease for our 6 yr old daughter this past week at Children's Hospital in Boston. They advised us to stay away from Fruity and cocoa Pebbles as the hospital did a study on two celiac siblings who were eating these cereals. One of them had...
  3. The ingredient "oat flour" always suggests the presence of gluten, according to Children's Hospital Boston. We just took a celiac nutrition class there this week and that was the advice we were given. They also said to be wary of seemingly gluten free cereals that are not labeled gluten free; as...