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  1. Hi all, I experimented today after watching an espisode of "DC Cupcakes" this week, where the bakers made a cupcake...
  2. Us too! Looks like our pantries are the same. It gets so much easier after several months on the diet; we've been on...
  3. Grace'smom

    Is She Gluten Sensitive Now That She's gluten-free?

    Thank you both...it makes sense to me, and I was surprised that her doctor looked at me funny when I made that observation...
  4. Hi all, I've shared before that my 6 yo daughter Grace was asymptomatic of celiac right through the positive biopsy...
  5. Grace'smom

    Help! - Biopsy Preparation

    Taryn's mom I just saw your post this morning, and felt bad you didn't have any responses..my guess is that is becz...
  6. Grace'smom

    Providing gluten-free Snack For Event

    Hi Mizzo, I just read your post...I am trying to think of mainstream,less expensive gluten-free snacks that are prepackaged...
  7. Grace'smom

    How Can My Child Can Meet Other Celiac Kids?

    PS - I just read your note again, and Grace would also love to meet Isabel, even tho she's 10. Grace will be 7 in two...
  8. Grace'smom

    How Can My Child Can Meet Other Celiac Kids?

    Hi Cathy, Wow, that would be great! And yes, we'd love to come. Since that posting in June, my daughter did wind...
  9. Grace'smom

    How Paranoid Should I Be About School?

    Hi there, As far as the Purell goes, our school has the kids use antibiotic hand wipes pre snack and lunch, but I...
  10. Grace'smom

    Experiment Or Not

    Sorry, trying to follow the part about the Reese's Pieces...are you saying they were glutened? Reese's are on a lot of...
  11. Grace'smom

    How Paranoid Should I Be About School?

    I had a meeting w/the school last week to go over accomodations that mirrored a 504 plan. Because my child's at a private...
  12. Grace'smom

    Pls Help: Need To Find Celiac School Forms And Info.

    PS - This is a great link; I did use it today and thank you and several others who provided me with it!!!
  13. Grace'smom

    Introducing Myself!

    Welcome, Becky...you'll find a lot of support and good info. here. Hope the kids stay well. Emily
  14. Grace'smom

    Emetrol Safe?

    Thank you...for some reason, its just all too much today and I finally had a meltdown seconds ago and cried from the...