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  1. It is. The syrups come from different companies though and Slurpee Canada is finding out for me!
  2. I have heard back that the slurpees from Coca-cola are gluten, dairy and soy free. Here is what they sent me: Coca-Cola: Because our flavour formulations are considered a very valuable trade secret, we are unable to discuss the source of the flavours. The caramel colour in our products...
  3. I emailed them yesterday about slurpees and they gave me ingredient lists as I had to ask about gluten, soy and milk. Here is what they sent me: Flavour Syrup Ingredients: Coca-Cola Slurpee: Carbonated Water, Sugar/Glucose-Fructose, Caramel Colour, Phosphoric Acid, Natural...
  4. I found that taking ibuprofen helps with reducing some of the inflammation and redbull helps to reduce the brain fog. Taking a multivitamin seems to help smooth out my nerves (I'm getting testing done for vitamin deficiencies- hopefully then I'll know how much to take to prevent it). I find a shot...
  5. Absolutely you are NOT crazy, it's the gluten talking and giving you all those things. I have found that without gluten I do not freak out when my fiancee doesn't call, or when he decides to stay after work for a couple drinks with his friends (within reason). Gluten free I have an optimistic attitude...
  6. Hello.

    Quick question, as it seems you've got this gluten thing down pretty good...

    Have you found your cure? Can you share one of your most important tips regarding gluten consumption related to symptoms of gas, increase in # of stools/day, etc or two?

    Please excuse the informality. :)