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  1. Hello I am a Danish gluten and lactose intolerant girl. I am visiting Budapest from June 15th and hope to find some hungarian speaking people here. Could any of you please help me with this simple translation? Hello I have a special request for my food. I am allergic to gluten and lactose which means that I can't eat flour, wheat, soy sauce, starch, milk, youghurt, cream, cheese or butter. These products will make me very sick. I can eat any vegetables, fruits, potatoes, rice, meats, fish etc. Please help me to secure that my food is okay for me to eat. Thank you!
  2. I was in Venice last year and found it very easy to find gluten and lactose free foods. I don't speak very much italian, but simply said 'senza glutine e senza latte' (without gluten or milk) - I had no problems at all. Seems like they're very used to allergic visitors Have a wonderful trip!
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