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    I write, read, act, text, and paint my nails, though not all at the same time. I'm about to start my senior year of high school with the idea about going to college to major in either nutrition or business leaning towards finance.
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    South Texas

About Me

I'm Cassidy. I hated being 5.

I'm 17, Celiac for 12 years.

Google and my cell phone are my best friends; if you're having problems, they should be yours too.

I can't have strawberries (but we're thinking I've outgrown that allergy) or penicillin.

I LOVE my mom's fruit&yogurt salad, pizza, and tacos (real healthy, huh?). I bake all the time and my brownies are awesome.

I want to do something with either nutrition or finance so that will be interesting.